Bill Gates discusses Microsoft’s new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 strategy

It’s always nice to hear chairman and former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates share his thoughts on the company’s new strategy. And although he has left day-to-day operations of the company to Ballmer, there’s little doubt that he still has regular input on strategy, design and direction.

The video interview, conducted by Steve Clayton, shows Gates talking about how Windows 8 changes things for the company (he even calls it “Windows 8 Phone”, so yes, it’s a common mistake).

Nothing shocking is revealed but it’s still fun to watch the man talk about Microsoft and this bold, new direction in which they are heading.

Source: YouTube


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Bill Gates discusses Microsoft’s new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 strategy


there you go we did a pole and it was unanamous it just natural and saved alot of double referencing windows phone 8 phone from the man himself

Aahhh, it's Bill Gates. He doesn't have to know. He's been there and done that. Actually, he's still there... everytime we buy any MSFT product, he still gets paid.  Actually, you can buy an Android phone, he still gets paid (thanks to patents).... so, why should he care Windows 8 Phone, Windows phone 8, 8 Windows phone... It makes no difference to him. I can hear him now doing a Dave Chappelle, "I'm rich, bitch."  LOL

Correction: Dave says, "I'm rich biatch!" beep beep!!!  Wouldn't it be great if someone could "doctor up" a film clip of Bill Gates saying that?

On the other hand, It seems he finallly got a half-decent haircut for the first time in thirty years. Maybe he was to told to go metro to keep up with the company's new image?

Except Bill is a better man than you and uses his money to do great philanthropic work across the world instead banging slutty leeches. Think bigger my friend.

Did you notice how he said "point at the screen?" I wonder whether he was talking touch on the touchscreen, or whether he has some application of Kinect in mind. I know, it's tea leaves, but it's fun.

I noticed that as well. The thought that popped into my mind was perhaps some special software using the front facing camera.

And you guys wonder why trolls come here and bad mouth MS. This topic had nothing to do with Steve Jobs, yet you all managed to ruin a perfectly good topic by going off subject to something completely unrelated. And no, I'm not an Apple fan, but do think they deserve a little techno-courtesy. Growup guys!

I'm a big Bill Gates fan, so I mean no disrespect, but did he just finish lunch or something, because there seemed to be plenty of cover-your-mouth burp swallows going on there.