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It looks like Microsoft may be turning to Miracast to allow Windows Phone users to share and beam their phone's screens to a nearby HDTV. Miracast may bring to Windows Phone some of the screen casting and sharing functionality that rivals Apple and Google offer through their "TV" experiences, and it looks like Microsoft may be working on its own dongle to allow the connectivity to happen.

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After taking the helm of Microsoft, CEO Satya Nadella had laid out a vision that would see the closure of the Xbox Entertainment Studios division through layoffs and cost cuts. However, as it turns out, the studio, which would be responsible for exclusive video content for the Xbox platform, isn't quite dead yet and there may still be some life left.

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Say what you will about Microsoft – and you can say a lot – but the company is certainly trying all avenues to find its way in 2014 and 2015. Whether it is acquiring a phone division for hardware, merging its operating systems, streamlining the workforce for quicker responses or putting 'One' everywhere, the company is trying to reinvent itself for the modern consumer.

A new poster purported to be circulating inside Microsoft, features some new tag lines linked to ' Threshold,' the major revamp of Windows due next spring. Threshold is Microsoft rebooting the much-maligned Windows 8 OS to bring it back to desktop users and tone down the radically forward-thinking UI changes that Sinofsky wrought.

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Although all eyes are focused on the imminent release of the HTC One (M8) for Windows, Verizon is expected to get also get a mid-range phone dubbed the Lumia 830. The Lumia 830 goes by the codename Tesla/Superman, and as the model number suggests, it is a 2014 replacement for the aging Lumia 820.

Over at TK Tech News, a site that is making waves recently with some of their leaks (which they shamelessly pay for), a new photo reveals a Windows Phone lit up in the dark, and it is supposedly the Lumia 830 for Verizon. The image in the video is unremarkable as it could be any Windows Phone, but the phone is being sent directly to TK Tech News who will presumably do a full hands-on if it proves to be accurate.

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The Lumia 730, known internally as "Superman," is a forthcoming successor to the mid-range Lumia 720 from early 2013. Yesterday, the first photos of the device came forward, along with the new firmware, codenamed 'Debian Red.' At the time, the one piece of the puzzle missing came down to specifications. Luckily, we now have some more information to connect the dots.

According to our source of the original photos the Lumia 730 looks to be the ideal mid-range Windows Phone 8.1 device, as the specifications (if accurate) should please most at this price range.

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New photos of Microsoft's next mid-range phone, codenamed Superman, reveal a bright green Lumia 720 successor is being developed, along with new firmware.

Two new Lumia phones, thought to be the 'Lumia 730' and 'Lumia 830' are reported by the Verge as arriving in the next few months. Recent images leaked of the Lumia 830, which is thought to have the codename 'Tesla.' Now, the first photos of what is understood to be the Lumia 730, codenamed 'Superman' have been obtained by Windows Phone Central.

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