Catorize jumps onto Windows Phone 8 from Android and iOS

Attention, cat lovers! There’s a new game that you might like. It’s called Catorize. It has been available on iOS and Android, but now Windows Phone users get to play it too. You play as a little cat, jumping onto platforms to collect colored stones. Avoid falling off, touching spikes, or getting near scary creatures because this cat doesn’t have nine lives.

Head past the break to watch our hands on video and gameplay.

Catorize is a physics-based puzzle game that reminds us a little bit of Angry Birds. You launch the cat by dragging your finger on the screen. There’s a guide on screen that shows the general direction of your jump. You’re not here to knock out pigs or break down walls, though. You simply have to collect colored stones located on different platforms. The levels are completed after the last stone is collected.

Catorize screenshot

You can control the power of jump with one click or finger touch. This is also possible while you are in midair. You can change directions as you please to collect those stones. At the end of each level, you get rated with up to three stars. If you are able to collect the stones in the minimum amount of moves, you'll beat that level with three stars.

Catorize screenhot

Levels get harder as you progress. Variations show up as well, so you won’t get bored. New elements such as bubbles, sand, gum, spikes, or spiders appear in certain levels. You’ll need to adjust your jumps to adapt to these new elements. For example, sand stops the cat from bouncing, while bubbles help the cat float.

Catorize is a free download from the Windows Phone Store, however it is ad-supported. You’ll see ads all over the place except when you’re actually playing. There is an in-app purchase available for $1.29 that removes the ads. Have time to waste? Check out Catorize and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Ajay!

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Catorize jumps onto Windows Phone 8 from Android and iOS


Makes you wonder, eh?  In the App Store and Play Store the publisher/developer is Anima Locus Limited, but in the Windows Phone store the developer is Arthur Semenov.


Admittedly, I do look for the same publisher across the board when it comes to downloading games/apps supposedly being ported over from other platforms.

I don't think there's an issue there, I think the Windows Phone store uses the developer's account's name so sometimes if the name isn't the company name but released under one guy there's a different name. For example, the publisher of popular game Robotek is Hexage on Android and iOS stores, whereas it's David Peroutka in the Windows Phone store.

Whenever I see the title written jumps onto Windows phone from android and iOS I feel that the app or the game has left idroid is coming to Windows phone. LOL

Fuck ios and android games i want halo fps shooter fable gears xbox blockbusters not flappy bird or catorize coming "from android and ios"

So you can turn your phone into a hand warmer and blow the battery in half an hour? Phones were made for casual gaming like this not storage and power hungry monsters best suited to consoles.