Clear Windows Phone discovered in Microsoft Lab

The Verge was granted access to Microsoft's model shop where super-top secret prototypes are created. While the 3D printer used to create these prototypes is really cool, towards the end of the video (around the 3.36 mark).  It may not be an actual working Windows Phone but the clear case is definitely an attention getter.

The clear Windows Phone was created to highlight the screen and likely never got any further on the drawing board.  Still, how well do you think a clear cased working Windows Phone would go over?

via: 1800pocketpc source: The Verge (YouTube)


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Clear Windows Phone discovered in Microsoft Lab


Shouldn't be too hard. As I understand it the Lumia is made of polycarbonate. The visor on my motorbike lid is clear polycarbonate.

I think a clear phone would be extremely cool, although I am not sure how the screen would work, obviously it could not be transparent too, at least I don't believe it could be.

clean phone won't work just... looks cool on paper but you have a lighting, and heating problem. even if they made a clear case it would be still dark. look at your current phone right now and picture a clear case on it what woudl you see? nothing screen would take up 98% of the view on the sides you'd barely be able to make out an circuit board and on the back you'd just see a battery. not so cool after all right?

Bleh. Reminds me of the 90's when a lot of electronics were see through. CD players, the N64, electronic toys... Very unattractive.

I can't seem to watch this video on my Titan straight from the website.  I can launch other YouTube videos just fine though.  It says something about not having correct video format and lacking html5 support.  I thought IE for wp7 supported html5.