Congrats to our HTC One (M8) for Windows winner!

HTC One Windows

Last week we ran a little contest to celebrate the launch of the HTC One (M8) for Windows. We had a post where you all you had to do was comment, and you were entered to win the new handset. Time to find out who won out of the 13,000+ comments.

Congrats to Windows Phone Central users rendell ray on winning!

Check your email inbox for an email from me.

Didn't win? No worries, we'll have plenty of other contests coming soon. Right now you have a few days left to enter the AdDuplex August challenge to win a Lumia 1520. Plus we'll be giving away whatever Microsoft announces next week at IFA.

You can also enter this week's photo contest to win stuff!


Reader comments

Congrats to our HTC One (M8) for Windows winner!


Anyone got word if this is coming to Telus in Canada, need a new phone sooner than later. Come on 1030! Come on anything!

Yeah Canada really needs more WP's, all we have is 520 and 635. I managed to grab a contract 1020 from Telus right before they took them off the shelves. Sad times

13,000 to one odds are not good at all.  Probably good for selling advertising on wpcentral but that's about all

You have a one in 175,223,510 chance of winning the California Powerball lottery.

I'd say your odds are better here... but then again we aren't giving you hundreds of millions of dollars :P

Maybe that's the problem Sam. I think that would be an excellent way to build traffic for WPCentral personally :)

Think about all the future WP users you guys could create by giving us hundreds of millions of dollars!

Nah I don't think so. He's just realistic about the odds. At the end of the day it's a promotional tool to increase traffic.

I started to believe that I'll never win in any contest no matter what... I better win that 1520 , otherwise I'm quitting for good

The bad thing about chances is they are random. Flipping a coin is 50/50, so you should get heads one time, tails the next time, but it doesn't always work like that. If there was a prize for landing on heads, I would get tails 100 times in a row. xD

I hope this has gone to someone that really needs it. The Surface Pro 3 competition was a great one as it ended up in the hands of a nice guy from Albania (poorest country in Europe).
So yes, hopefully this is going to someone that wouldn't otherwise have been able to buy such a phone.

I think he was from Kosovo (but i am not 100% sure), and Kosovo is even poorer than Albania, so, the Surface Pro 3 went to the right person (morally speaking) :)

I just got email titled "Meet new Windows" but from Microsoft, not from Sam, have to admit I was like Yay lucky me LOL!

congrats who ever u :)

but im good without the contests at least online ones. i never win though lol 

plus im NON USA so meh ... 

imma still try once or twice maybe my luck can change and ill get a flagship.

How the hell did i miss this contest? Oh well, it doesn't matter after all, since this was USA Only contest and I am in Macedonia (Europe). If i am correct, Verizon is CDMA, right? So even if I won this thing, there will be no use for me. :)

But hey, I am still IN for the Nokia Lumia 1520 :)

Sam, when the winner will be announced for the 1520? End of the month? Does that means next day after August 31st? Oh boy, whoever wins the 1520 is lucky SoB :)


Heh thanks. Wish you good luck too;)
I got the yellow one. Ideally I would want to win green, but since it is AT&T only , as far as I know, I would rather want either red or black. Well, or white. :D

What? I didn't even get a notification about this contest on my 1520... Bummer. Was it worldwide at least or US-only?

Excuse me Sam, hate to be a bother, but I believe you spelled "SwimSwim" wrong. It's no big bother, we all make mistakes, and I look forward to reviving my HTC One very soon.

In all seriousness, congratulations to the winner! Well played, enjoy your new device!!!

THANK YOU WPCenral and people in this comment section. When I got the email from Sam, I slapped my face a couple of times to check if I was dreaming. I actually didn't think that I'd be chosen as the lucky winner, but then again I always thought that I'd never win stuff from giveaways. Right now, I have the htc 8x and used that beautiful phone to comment(the phone must be lucky 'cause I have never one a giveaway in my life). Way back then, I had the galaxy s2 then I saw the htc 8x on at&t and to be honest, it was the design of the phone that got my attention and since I'd never tried a windows phone before, I chose that instead of an iphone and the phone cost 99 cents with 2 year contract(no complaint there). I loved it and never went back to android. I guess I'm gonna have to get a sim from verizon for my new htc phone :)  Thanks again.

Congratulations to the winners. I couldn't take part as it was not worldwide. I try not to miss any of the worldwide contests. I may win a WP these days. Fingers crossed.

i wasnt informed about this contest.  and im a wp regular.  why did you hide this post from me!!