CrackBerry's celebrating its 7th birthday with a giveaway… and it's not a BlackBerry!

CrackBerry's celebrating its 7th birthday with a giveaway… and it's not a BlackBerry!

Our friends at CrackBerry are celebrating their 7th birthday this week (as if they needed a reason to celebrate this week), and they're doing it by giving away a batch of cool stuff. Oh, and it's cool not-BlackBerry stuff.

"What kind of cool not-BlackBerry stuff?" you ask? How about this:

Entering this contest is as easy as you might think: just leave a comment on this post on CrackBerry.com saying which one of those seven prizes you'd like to win. Entries are open until Sunday at midnight Pacific Time. Commenting is easy — as a member of WPCentral, your Mobile Nations Passport account already logs you in to CrackBerry. Just click on over and enter away!


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CrackBerry's celebrating its 7th birthday with a giveaway… and it's not a BlackBerry!


Shouldn't they be giving away BB10 devices as prizes instead? I won't mind winning a Z30! :)

Wow! This is a copy-pasted article! Without any edition for WPcentral.com

Just read the last paragraph... 

"...Commenting is easy — as a member of Android Central, your Mobile Nations Passport account already logs you in to CrackBerry."

I'm pretty enamored by the sonos systems and planned to get a few soon as I moved into my apt. I would love to get the sonos play 1 and bridge to get things rolling!

I wasn't being harsh, just surprised that they could read the entire post to know what was up to be won but miss the paragraph and first comment that said not to post here ;-)

> The Nest Learning Thermostat, because who doesn't need a connected thermostat in their life.

Me. But I'll gladly take one of the other prizes. Maybe the Fitbit, to encourage me to get off my lazy butt to adjust the thermostat, like we did in the olden days.

I hope BB pulls a miracle and comeback, or become a close partner w/windows phones.

Their knowledge of the enterprise and Gov space is vast and intimate. If anything, I'd like to say thanks for all my BB memories!

I guess it's my turn to question the relevance. What does this have to do with WP? Do any of those prizes even have a WP app?

I can understand posting about Nokia X, AT&T, and Microsoft products in general because there is some minor relevance but I don't get this one at all.


Promoting a contest at a sister site, with cool stuff for the winner.  Not relevant to WP but I just went over and entered.

They're sister sites. That means related I.e congratulations on their seventh birthday ain't that weird

I am now a Lumia 920 user but I still have fond memories of my Bold 9900. Other than the app selection and overall ecosystem I could do much more on my old BlackBerry than I can on my current Lumia barring any help from 3rd party apps.

Are you serious? My ex had a bold 9780(I know its older) and honestly we never really found anything special about it besides the keyboard

Attach and download anything to email, read receipts for email, calendar crushes WP, user selectable snooze for reminders, word substitution, default calendar settings, custom ringtones for each app, custom volume for each notification, BBM, mark text messages as unread, and I can keep writing for hours. Bottom line is I used it for business and a good business phone needs good email, calendar, and notifications. BlackBerry crushes WP in these categories. So while I love my Lumia and will be with WP for the future to be honest if BlackBerry had the ecosystem and app selection that WP has I would go back in a heartbeat. Hopefully WP8.1 will change my mind as it looks to fill many voids that are currently present in WP

Seems like tech events and promotional review item leftovers, and I'm still interested!!!

So... A bunch of stuff that has a sub-par experience due to lack of official apps for Windows Phone? No thanks...

Happy B-day crack berry. And congrats on a mini come back for bumping MSFT off the Ford embedded Systems. Kind regards. Oh I almost forgot and thank you for bringing BBM to Windows Phone. Thanks for the love men.

Oooh,I'd really like to win a pair of them Jaybird Bluebuds X headphones. Happy Birthday Crackberry.

I'd like a pebble smart watch cause its the only smart watch not tied to any particular mobile OS and its successful.

No offence to those who wrote here what prize they want because they believe here is the place to write it. Honestly people seems to read and either do not understand what they read or understand what they want to understand. I think it couldn't be more clear how to enter the contest but people still write here what they would like to win. Makes me think that i shouldn't take so seriously lots of comments for any topic, in any forum...

+1 its clearly said where to post, also Derek wrote a first comment explaining once again and linking Crackberry contest site... XD

I entered, I never win anything but, still cool. Even though BB is dead for the most part, still Happy birthday to the site...