Deal alert: Save big on a Windows Phone from AT&T

Nokia Lumia 1520

There’s nothing like saving a few bucks on a new smartphone. Have you been ready to upgrade to a new Windows Phone on AT&T? Then you’re in luck, because prices are slashes across the board for devices like the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 1020, and Lumia 1520. Details below.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these phones. From svelte frame of the Lumia 925 to the eye-popping 1080p display on the Lumia 1520, you’re good to go. Head to AT&T’s website and you’ll see prices (on-contract) down across the board for all these handsets.

The prices above are listed as “web price”, so it doesn’t look like you’ll be finding these deals in physical stores. Anyone thinking of picking these phones up? Let us know below.

Source: AT&T

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Deal alert: Save big on a Windows Phone from AT&T


Yes!!!!!!... Well, I'd have to disagree.. The best budget phone would still be the 520/521 with all the discounts now that there's the 525... Whatever.. Lol❕

Agree. 520/521 can easily be found for $60 or less. I think you would have to be crazy to pay twice the price for basically the same exact phone, except it can use a few more apps.

Amen bro! Picked up a white 1520, and I am on 7th heaven since then! Now I'll never be able to go back to smaller screens.

Yep.. You're stuck. So, I hope Microkia has another one in store.. Actually, I want an even bigger screen next time around.. I can handle it longer, but not too much wider.... And, I don't want to hear any "that's what she said" jokes❕.. Lol..

The only reason I wouldn't get the 1520 is because it's missing 21 extra MP goodness.
I couldn't go for anything less than 42 at this point but I'm sure you feel the same way about the screen size.

I feel you on the camera but its a better phone and it has a pretty great camera with 32 GB and SD slot 1080p screen which is amazing I just got it but if I had got the 1020 I wouldn't be ready to upgrade anyways

So if your smaller hands can't handle it one handed then the world should not consider it a smartphone... Think about what you're saying, dude.. I have average size hands, and I use my 1520 one handed all of the time.. Even my girl uses it, but her hands aren't typically small.. Its just a little harder to reach the q,a,s,Z, and e, that's all.. No big deal.. Everything else is, well, much better than a smaller screen.. As a matter of fact, typing is overall much easier with the keyboard being so big.. Especially in landscape mode... The 1520 is just all around bigger and better, and I would've never believed so if I didn't have the balls to try it out.. Just like you I had my doubts, but now I would never go back by choice...

I have 1520 and I can do things with one hand but after awhile using two isn't going to make some bit impact on your life I never wanted a 6inch phone but I adjusted to it like humans tend to do

I actually fond myself wanting a larger screen after I got the 1520.. I don't want it as bad as when I was using a 4.5" screen, but now that I see the huge advantage of having a 6" screen I would like a 6.2"-6.5" screen on my next device... The only thing is that I couldn't use a device that's very much wider, although I could go taller.. I've found that the length of the 1520 is actually much better for making phone calls, with the earpiece, and the microphone, being further apart.. But looking at the 1520 you can see how Microkia could make a device with a larger screen and not increase the overall size...
Oh well, I guess I'll have to stick with this tiny ass 1520 till a successor comes out...

Yeah, they need to give you guys some special promotions very frequently... Indians would eat WP up❕❕

At this point, its easier to just wait to see the next flagship which will most likely be done under Microsoft.

I don't think so... All the devices that are slated to come out in the first three quarters of 2014 have got to be Nokia devices.. If it matters, these devices are, and have already been in development for some time, and way before the purchase is complete.. If I'm not mistaken it would be illegal to badge any of these devices as Microsoft, or under any other company, because that would violate the terms that Nokia was to run business as usual.. Making devices for the future MS device division would not count as "business as usual"". We'd be lucky to see a device under MS by 4th quarter, and it most likely would be some time in 2015.. But, I could be completely wrong about everything I've said here.. Again, this is just my understanding..
Nevertheless, I get your point.. People might want to wait because new "Microkia" devices are going to be unveiled soon enough..

I agree, erzhik. At this point I feel is better to play the waiting game.


Specially since AT&T decided to be a-holes and remove QI wireless. If for the next flagship they haven't added it back I will probably switch carriers and buy an international version of whatever the next phone is.

Dam man. 1520 for $125????? This must mean they are cleaning house for new phones coming up. MWC around the corner.

^^This!  And this is why I'm going to exercise a crap load of patience.  Besides, I already have the best Lumia ever made. The Nokia Lumia 920.  Booyah!!

Yes 1520 is the best 920 second best 520 third but my 520 gave me a lot of problems so I threw it out my pickup truck at 70 mph on the freeway so now I have the 2 best.

Unresponsive screen, the screen went completely white a few times, I had at least 6 random resets a day. One moment I'm listening to music the next its frozen. Very bad experience.

That thing got wet! You can't be taking your phone to the strip club.. Leave it in the car, dude❕❕❕

this is very tempting especially if the Lumia 1520 at 125.00. I will wait and see what Microsoft has to offer. I am thinking o n switching to T-mobile but I will not do so if the guarantee that I will have a flagship phone especially when I plan on paying full price for the new phone. Still the price is very tempting.

I want unlimited data under $80 a month. I am tired of paying ATT $100 for 3GB. This is not enough for me anymore.

I'm doing that, I purchased a 1020 off contract, already have it unlocked and am leaving ship to T-Mobile soon.
I think MS should work with T-Mobile more, the uncarrier and smartunphone...or something...

If I was eligble for the att next(have to wait till April), I would so get the Lumia 1520 in 32 gb in yellow if it existed.

I'm almost tempted to go for the 1020 again. I hate my red 1520 lol

I'm tempted to upgrade from my 920 to the 1020 on the "NEXT" program, so i can use it to take pictures at my sister's wedding in march...

I don't think its Microsoft's fault or any WP OEM, its t-mobile, go into there stores and they will just offer you an iPhone or android even if ask for that Nokia phone in the corner.

Still under contract with my 920 and im still loving it! But I can't wait to see what's be released this summer/holiday season! I say summer because I believe with att you can upgrade your phone 2-4 months early from when you started your contract.

When will At&t let go of the 920? Share the damn love! I wish this device division deal will hurry up and get through around the world.

I'd be tempted to buy a 925 off contract if it was 32GB. I still have zero problems with my 920, but the bulk has gotten old. I hope I don't have to wait another 12 months before Nokia / MS release a normal phone.

If they release something that is 4.7-5", 20MP without a camera hump, has 32GB, and shoots DNGs; I'd be set.

So, basically a 5 inch 1520.

I'm with you here. And throw in one other cool futuristic hardware feature like gesture control to get me through another two years.

wwwoow, I am not even excited. I guess I already have windows phone 8.1 in my mind and a new device. Don't get me wrong, it is great that we are getting it that early but I have mmy eyes on bigger stuff aka WP8.1 and shinning new device.

Bought a mint ATT 925 at Christmas off of SWAPPA to check out the lumias again.  I like the 925 better than the 1020 I had for a week.  Wish it had at least 32GB.  Waiting on the new round of Lumias on ATT coming this year!   

I am probably one of the few that is not excited over the 1520. It is just way to big for my needs. 4.2-4.5 is the screen sizes that I prefer. Great prices for the devices listed!

so with the price slashing are we making up for the disappointing Christmas sales? Or are we clearing house for next gen devices?

I am thinking the 940 would be duel core, lower power, better graphics, same height and width but with a bigger screen and less bezel. Much thinner with the camera baby bump. Probably still 32GB of storage but much faster chips, paired with 2GB of LPDDR3 memory. 12-16MP camera w/ raw capability and OIS.
No wireless charging on the ATT variant. And probably no SD card slot to reserve it for the bigger brother devices.

Anyone else care to take a guess?

My guess is poor sales.  I got the 1520 32GB for $53 (AT&T Premier, on contract), and this is what, two weeks old?  You don't cut prices this much when a device is this new, unless it is due to poor sales.  Plus the 16GB is only 2 months old, there is no way they have an updated version ready to go into production to discount it like this, especially this early in its infancy.

Att does often and its for a lot of phones....including high end android right now so everyone needs to relax


Off contract prices are the same that I paid a couple of weeks ago.   I am certainly digging my new RED Lumia 920.   The battery was acting real weird after my first couple of uses of my new DT-900 but a volume/power soft reset cured that.

I can confirm if you have Premier they hare offering discounts mine has them sale price -$50 ( on 1520) and 1020 being free.

If I was on AT&T, I would be eating these deals for breakfast.  A Lumia 1020 for $49.99???  Are you crazy?  You gotta love Windows Phone.

I'm done with subsidized phones. My next phone will be contract free, preferably unlocked, and transferable to other service providers.

The contract stuff gets a bit crazy in a family plan, especially the asinine requirement that you have to get a data plan with a smart phone. My wife's contract and mine overlap by a year, making jumping off a bit tricky.

Depending on where you live, the TMo deal is great. They don't have a 1520 but the 925 is a terrific phone. And if you opt into the Jump! program, you're eligible to upgrade after 6 months. Hopefully they'll have a high end WP by then. ;-)

You might not be able to go to an AT&T store and get these prices but my experience is that the Microsoft brick & mortar stores will match pricing plus you can get the excellent warranty coverage for $100 for two years.

Just ordered the L925. For some reason was not able to get the offer price online, had to call att and order.

AT&T give u better opportunities, for getting the 0 down payments, however u can get more option in T-Mobile carrier.

Price showing $199.99 and $299.99 respectively for me on the 1520. I either missed the sale or I'm just missing something all together.

The 920 may not be the newest kid on the block, but it's a great phone. ATT is also waiving activation on these! WOOHOO! I just added my daughter to my MobileShare plan and ordered her a 920 in black. $24 for taxes and $45/mo. Best deal in town.

Hmm $610 for the 1020. Or increase my plan from $45 / mo. to $90 / mo and spend $1080 more over the next 2 years to get it for $50... tough choices :-)