Epocrates working on bringing their medical app to Windows Phone


Epocrates is coming to Windows Phone. That's what we've just learned from the official Epocrates Twitter account. As you probably know, Epocrates is one of the most popular names in software for the healthcare field. Physicians, nurses, and others in the medical industry use various apps from the company to quickly look up drug interactions, drug information, diagnostic information and more.

Here's what Epocrates (www.epocrates.com) said when asked on Twitter if they had any plans to make a Windows Phone app:

"We promise you that we're working on it! Thanks for reaching out."

The medical apps category is one area that Windows Phone and Windows 8 could use a little more work. Securing Epocrates on the platform could help signal to other key healthcare companies that it's time to develop mobile apps for Windows.

Anyone in the medical field looking forward to Epocrates hit the platform?

Source: @Epocrates

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Epocrates working on bringing their medical app to Windows Phone


The only apps i miss epocrates and medscape.and i was thinking of switching to iphone,just because of lack of medical apps.now we need some good ecg applications.

They definitely did. I wonder if that's why they took so long to come out with the WP version. Perhaps they are a bit more cautious about supporting a new platform since they put in some effort on webOS and got nothing back for it.

That was actually the first thing I thought about when I read the headline. Love Windows Phone 8.1 but I miss the hell out of webOS.

And its a gift for a medico like me... Hope it ll b free and quality app.. Windows store lack quality medical apps... Any developer here, plz make a good quality app for medicos...

We would, except that most of the well-known apps rely on copyrighted/licensed data. The only apps I could make would be facility-custom.

That's because the photo above IS their website :p

There's no Windows Phone app to photograph yet. But it'll probably be a web wrapper when it comes out lol

A small request to the writers. I certainly have in mind that you guys are busy working on serious stuff for the website but please be active in the comments section too. Maybe off topic but still. Thank you.
P.S. Should have quoted "some more active" sorry. Didn't mean you guys were never active.

Excellent. Epocrates was a go to back in residency. I did miss it when I got my L920 a couple of years ago.

I have been waiting for this app to come to windows phone! I'm a doc and when I switched from my iPhone to my Lumia 920 I seriously missed this app. The mobile site was not optimized for internet explorer so I had to use medscape which was workable but no epocrates. Now I use drugscape which is functional but still not as good as having epocrates. Can I get an amen!

Sure but I like the Medscape logo on my homescreen much more than a screenshot of the webpage. Especially with mini tiles like I like to use. Also I like having the navigation buttons on the bottom. 

Amen! EMT and relied on Epocrates in the old Windows Mobile days while on ambulance calls. Used the 3rd party app that was out for awhile. Glad that they are working on this. Long time coming. THANK YOU!

This app is one of the reasons I had to switch to iPhone (to be efficient at work)... And there are numerous other small reasons (apps for Canada)....

My 2 cents.

There is only drugscape,it contains combined data from medscape,bnf,micromedex.otherwise there is severe drought of medical apps.

Excellent news! I used ePocrates on my Palm when I was a paramedic in the 90s. This is a step in the right direction to resolving complaints of no medical apps on Windows Phone.

The ONLY reason a couple of my friends are on Android is because of the medical software.  They are doctors and they access this info daily.  I showed them how well windows phone works with windows 8.1 and they would love to use it, but cannot due to their need for medical software.  Now that WP has made headways with a lot of mainstream apps, MS needs to make it's push BACK into the enterprise world.  iOS and Android have grabbed a lot of the specialty industrial world, something MS used to dominate.  Said doctors above I mentioned use to be on WM6, but the medical software companies abandonned windows once WP7 came out.  Hopefully they all come back one by one. 


A lot of people will just use the phone that does all their tasks.  If a windows phone can do their specialized enterprise operations, AND fulfill the mainstream consumer usage for them these people are off work, then people will have no reason to NOT choose WP. 

Any site or service that I visit that offers iPhone or Android apps, I always use their feedback methods to request an app or ask if one is in development for the Win8/WP8 platform. If everyone did this, we might could show that there is a dedicated WP base that use and enjoy this excellent platform and deserve consideration in their app development plans.

It's really needed , there are certain medical apps that's is there long time ago on Android and IOS like , medscape And Qbank and I'm looking forward to having them on my phone... It's just they don't seem excited about developing any WP app ....

First of all it should be free n fully working for all countries. It's would be useful for all medicos. Let's see what they offer. Kindly let us know whenever this app ready for windows phone. Thanks.

Sounds to be great news. I'm a doc, and not having any decent healthcare app is one major drawback I felt since switching to WP. Anyone here who can suggest any such app that I might have missed yet?

It's kinda funny how epocrates which began as a palm pilot app abandoned both palm and windows. At medical conferences, it's 70% iPhones & 30% droids, windows is no show so I see they have no incentive. They nearly went belly up last year because no one pays for their service, everyone uses the free app. The business model is shakey, most EMRs have their features already built in.

Yep, and unfortunately EMR vendors only support iOS, and maybe some Android. I haven't seen a single one that supports any Win/WP apps*.

*Apps, not (desktop) applications

This is definitely good news. The lack so many high quality medical apps for WP is a big issue for some of us. This surely is welcome news...every little helps.

UpToDate has a nice WP app. Not as quick access to drug interaction info probably, but lots of information. Does require subscription access

Medical professional apps are one of the weakest and most important areas lacking in the Windows app store. Good to see one of the best out there is coming to WP. I'm hoping more follow.

Finally. WP did a big disservice to itself and it's users by focusing on teeny boppers, hipsters and the apps they use like the plethora of photography and social apps. Instead they should have tried to woo developers to build professional apps... U can do without silly casual and social apps and games but professional apps are a must have for that particular profession and not having them is a deal breaker.

I know two doctors who said they would never consider Windows Phone because it didn't have this app. They said every doctor, nurse, and med student uses it.

It's about freakin' time!!!!! On my phone I use MPR, but I miss my epocrates. We need more medical apps!!! I've felt lost ever since I had to lay my Palm and WinMo devices to rest. Where is the love???

We need Medscape. It is available on Android and ios. WP lack of good medical apps makes me real sad. I hate to see so many books downloadable for android and nothing for WP

I would love to have more Medical apps. It would be nice to have apps for Epic EMR, Cerner EMR and Mckesson. The hospital I most often work at went with Epic and it has an Ipad app, however I am able to use my SP3 via Citrix for a superior experience compared with the Ipad app. Since I recently moved from my L1020 to my 1520.3 I would love to have a phone app as well now that I have more screen real estate. I wish MS would really start working on enterprise integration with Hospital EMR companies so that all my Windows devices would work seamlessly.

WOW!!!!  This is some really great news.  My wife will be pleased at this news.  Thanks for the update.

I keep my 1520 in my left pocket and an iPod in my right - the iPod is there only for Epocrates (pretty much).  Turns out the iPod is also serving for Audible Books since the WP Audible App won't restart at the stopped place from one session to the next.  I just hope they write a credible app for WP.  Tired of the junk - it is a serious problem.

Will need epic haiku at some point. I email them every once in awhile, but they specifically said the market share is too low to be worth the effort.

OMG!!! I can't wait. That's the app I've hoping for because it's the best free app for drugs which I used extensively in the health field. I've been regular emailing them for WP support and it's always been "not at this time" stuff.

I emailed epocrates asking about estimated release date for the windows phone app and their response this morning was "Epocrates does not currently support Windows Phone and there are not any plans at this time to support Windows Phone in the future." .... What's going on? Was this all a hoax?