Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro, a twelve week diet plan that curbs the calories

Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro

If you are struggling with a good weight loss diet there's a Windows Phone app out there that could be of help. Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro is a twelve week diet plan designed to help you lose weight. Coupled with an exercise routine, the app claims to be able to shed up to sixty pounds.

Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro has a simple interface, weight tracking, a BMI calculator and a wide range of recipes to get you through twelve weeks of dieting. You can even create a shopping list to stock your kitchen pantry will everything you need for the week.

The app comes across as a well rounded Windows Phone fitness app that could help you reach your Fitness Month goals.

App Layout

The layout for Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro is extremely straightforward. The main page of the app lays out your twelve week diet plan and at the bottom of the page are four control buttons and the customary three-dot menu. The control buttons cover your weight tracker, a Windows Phone Store rating button, a Live Tile button and a share the app button.

Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro Main Page

Up under the three-dot menu are options to set your profile, follow the developer on Twitter, contact developer support and view more apps from the developer.

Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro Profile

Your User Profile information includes your name, sex, current weight and height along with your desired weight. Once you enter this information a BMI (Body Mass Index) will be calculated to determine your current weight status. As you progress through the diet plan, you can update your current weight from the profile page.

The Diet Plan

In tapping on a diet plan week from Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro's main page you will pull up a daily schedule of meals. The plan is based on an 1800 calorie meal plan that lists all the nutritional facts for each day's schedule. Meal plans consist of three meals and two snacks for the day.

Meals include Tomato and Basil Omelet, Spicy Turkey Sloppy Joes, Grilled Eggplant Pita and a Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl. You also have your customary diet meals and snacks such as a cup of almonds, dice chicken breasts, fruits, plenty of turkey and more. The variety comes across as healthy but not so boring that you feel as though you are starving yourself.

Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro Meals

At the bottom of the daily menu screens, you will find three control buttons, one to go back to the main page, one to view the recipes for each meal and one to generate a shopping list for the week.

Recipes are what you would find in a typical cook book with bare bones instructions. The shopping list is a little overwhelming but remember, it is for the full week not just one day.

Overall Impression

Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro may not be everyone's cup of tea but if you are in the market for a set dietary plan to lose weight, this Windows Phone app is worth looking into. The app has a user-friendly interface, a wide selection of nutritional meals and can track your progress towards your desired weight. The app even has a Live Tile that will deliver motivational messages to help you stay on track.

The only question I have for the app is what do you do after twelve weeks? I would have liked to have seen an About Page that offered up a little background on the diet plan and advice on how to create a maintenance diet once you have achieved your desired weight.

Nonetheless, Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro is an attractive Windows Phone diet app that should go a long way towards helping you with your overall fitness goals.

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*The app is currently free for a limited time only. After which the price will jump to $.99.


Reader comments

Fat to Fit Diet Plan Pro, a twelve week diet plan that curbs the calories


I have lost 50 pounds in 5 months on Nutrisystem. No joke. They don't have a WP app, but whatever!

Is there an option to substitute ingredients if you're allergic to something on the plan (or just simple don't like something on the plan)?

I'll answer this myself - yes, it has the option to use metric in the profile so you can enter your height and weight in cm and kg. BUT all of the recipes and food plans make heavy use of oz instead of grams so it's a headache having to convert everything to a standard unit of measure. I don't understand why people cling to a backwards system when 95% of the World uses metric.

Nothing really new there. A lot of countries made the switch in the 70's, but the US is still lagging. They complain about the expense, but it actually gets far more expensive the longer they wait. It shits me that they call them "meters" instead of "metres". A meter is used to measure something (odometer, pedometer etc) but a metre is a unit of measure for distance (10 metres)

They also seem to have a Veggie version if you search the store (that's how I found it).  I'm a carnivore but they seem to have realized that's not everyone's cup of tea.

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