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Order & Chaos Online now free on Windows Phone

Rise from your gwave!

Exclusive: Order and Chaos Online returns next week

WWII action

Brothers In Arms 3: Sons of War due out in December

More webs and bad guys to shoot them with

Spider-Man Unlimited update adds levels, 512 MB RAM support

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Cars: Fast as Lightning now available for Windows Phone


Cars: Fast as Lightning game launches for Windows 8.1

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Asphalt Overdrive Windows Phone impressions

Gameloft's first endless racer

Asphalt Overdrive due out on Thursday

Spidey all day

Spider-Man Unlimited is here!


Order & Chaos Duels released for Windows 8.1

Windows Phone Games

Modern Combat 5 is the best shooter you can find on Windows Phone

Windows Phone Games

Modern Combat 5 hitting Windows and Windows Phone this Thursday

Windows Phone Games

Dungeon Gems is the latest free Gameloft game for Windows Phone and Windows 8

Windows Phone Games

Blitz Brigade also launches on Windows 8, opening up the action on the big screen

Windows Phone Games

Gameloft brings the big guns in Blitz Brigade for some Windows Phone carnage

Windows Phone Games

Gameloft releases 'Order & Chaos Duels' free card game for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Games

My Little Pony brings love and friendship to the realms of Windows and Windows Phone

Windows Phone Games

Heroes of Order and Chaos from Gameloft does battle on Windows Phone and Windows 8

Windows Phone Games

GT Racing 2 speeds onto Windows Phone with impressive visuals

Windows Phone Games

Spider-Man Unlimited coming to Windows Phone in September

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Gameloft brings medieval battles to Windows 8 with Rival Knights

Rival Knights

Rival Knights has just launched on Windows 8, bringing with it medieval jousting. The game was recently released for Windows Phone and is well-presented with immersive 3D graphics and dynamic camera angles to create a breathtaking environment where players battle ruthless foes and rival clans across 5 leagues to seize their castle and thrones. It's as good as it sounds.

If you thought battling it out on horseback was awesome enough on the smaller screen, just wait until you fire up Rival Knights on your Windows tablet or PC. It's a sweet game and one we strongly recommend to those who favor action focused titles. Players can also unlock 120 mounts, lances, armors, helms, and other items. It's possible to upgrade armor at the Blacksmith to gain an edge and use temporary boosts – who wants to fight on a fair battlefield?

QR: Rival Knights

Reader comments

Gameloft brings medieval battles to Windows 8 with Rival Knights


Actually a very fun game. At least until it's almost impossible to beat your opponents.. You know the todays standard "pay to win" games.. Man where are one the normal games.. :) Good news that's it on Windows for sure!

actually you only need the cheat engine to hack the money system and then you can play along. I know cheating is bad for your gamin experience but then again, if I paid for the game once, why would I want to pay more just to be able to play further. If they can cheat like that I can to! This is exacly what almost made me give up Asphalt 8. You earn so little for racing that it's impossible to get through the game. If you hack the money system you can play the whole game just for the prizes and achievements. I dont want to pay any more money just to be able to drive the same tracks over and over again. 

The game is actually well thought and you dont need to pay to win. The key is multiplayer, not only the same tracks in single. It's actually challenging to win with other players and collect win streaks. Anyway when you farm yourself enough to buy a top car the game gets easier

I want to play this game. I ready installed on my lumia 520. But when i run this game it say my memory not enough. I have 282MB free space on my internal memory. How much free space need to play this game? Sorry for my bad english.

When you downloaded RK, it takes more than 110MB of storage in your phone. This means the .xap file was unpacked and installed the total unpacked data to your phone/sd. (Storage sense)

After installing, when you start the game for the first time, it downloads additional data for the game (possible texts and audio).
A separate download is needed for multiplayer.

Be advised you need a lot of storage for these types of games.

This game drains the living sh*t out of my memory card. First I had 1,5Gb free before the install. Afterwards i only had 35Mb :') Directly uninstalled it.

one of the best game for this platform...but now it doesn't connect to internet anymore...keep showing timeout error...sometimes crashes but never goes further the loading screen....i hope dev will fix whatever it is...missing this game