Here's a sneak peek at Lock screen apps on Windows Phone 8.1

Lock screen Apps

Lock screen apps have been long awaited since their unveiling alongside Windows Phone 8.1 at Build 2014. Last week, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore took to Twitter to tease that we'd be seeing those Lock screen apps in the near future - potentially as soon as this week. Here's a sneak peek at some of those apps you'll be using soon.

Watch that YouTube video above to preview those new Lock screen APIs in action. Those are animated Lock screens that will apparently be published sometime soon this week and you'll be able to nab.

Joe Belfiore also informed via Twitter last week that the Lock screen app will be in English and require 1GB of RAM at launch.

Watch the video and let us know if you like Classic, Clock Plus or Stripe. Personally we're digging Clock Plus.

Thanks for the tip David!


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Here's a sneak peek at Lock screen apps on Windows Phone 8.1



Yeah cause you lil minds thought 512MB was a good idea when you bought your phones :)


820 the phone that delivers with the least amount of noise

if just lockscreen needs 1 GB RAM then this lockscreen app is crap......it should work fine even with 256 MB RAM


Like 1Gb games......  If you want ALL WP users have the same experience, accept the fact there 512 and 1Gb phones. OR start selling 1Gb phones, so there's no discussion.

Remember, Nokia was the one who started selling 512MB phone even thoughts it's outdated.

Same response as before...

Make ALL 1Gb phones available for a 512Mb price, or make everything available for 512Mb ;-)

We don't want to - or cannot- pay for the mid- or highrange phones, so 512Mb it is for a lot of people.

I can appreciate what you're saying, but I can't run PhotoShop on my 4 GB laptop with the ATI Radeon HD 3650 graphics card. I'm not blaming Adobe or demanding they reduce the functionality of PhotoShop.

I'm thinking I need to live without it until I can afford a new computer.

Were you happy with the phone when you bought the phone? If not, then you can grumble that you made a bad choice. If you were, then new features and apps shouldn't matter.



But if MS wants to go against Apple, and Android. They NEED to make it the same user experience.

Not a cr*p fest of hit and miss regarding apps because one has a 512Mb phone.

Buyers DON"T CARE about that.....

If I don't have a front facing camera on the phone, I can understand Skype is going to be a bit difficult to use. But a buyer shouldn't have to wonder about RAM and apps. ALL apps should work, period.

This is why iPhone users never wonder about stuff like this.

And a phone or tablet isn't a pc, people don't expect them too. You see an app, you install. It's THAT simple.

If not, people move away to iPhones or Androids, because.... no hassle.....

And yes, I dind't feel coughing up another $150 for the next model in line.


So call me cheap... ;-)

Let's see... Apple has 2 or 3 models on the market at any given time. All of them overpriced so they can afford to stuff memory and other hardware in them.

Apps for Android may or may not work on your phone depending on the OS version you have. Which is dependent on the device and the carrier.

Nokia opted to build phones for a wider range of budgets, just like automobiles. I can buy a $13,000 Hyundai that will provide transportation. I can buy a $65,000 Hyundai that is luxurious and has every creature comfort except a chauffeur (well, I can't afford either one, but figuratively speaking), or there are several models in between.

I'm sorry that your phone is not the beast you want it to be. I would not call you cheap, but I'd suggest that maybe you have a phone that does what you need it to do, can do some things you want it to do, and next time, maybe you'll be able to get a luxury phone.

Nerdy.. i want to tell you: BRAVO!  Very, very reasonable answare! I'm sorry that most of the users just don't get this...even after reading your post. But, in this world we are living and there is no escape from that :)

LOL. Glad you liked it Andreja.

Channeling Mick Jaggar:

You can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what you need.

You're not understanding how it works. The lock screen must be kept in RAM at all times, in addition to the OS. It occupies that RAM at all times, even when the device isn't locked. That is necessary so it can respond quickly and smoothly when needed. The OS itself is already over 300MB large. Considering all the other things that must constantly be kept in memory (the the app you are using, VoIP clients, and enough reserve for background agents, etc) there are barely any MB's left to squeeze something like this in to. This lock screen app will require a MB or two at most, but they just aren't readily available on 512 MB devices.

Are you always so ignorant to the outside world? Step out of shell and look outside.

A lot of people bought the phone at the time when 1GB phones were in the mid range and when we couldn't afford it. Not everyone is just trying to leech their parents or showing off their income. Me for example am just a student and needed a phone. This phone was the best chance I could have at that time.

Sorry for not matching your idea of the world but a majority of share of wp is of low end devices like 520 and 720 (512 MB you see).
Without this the share of WP would not have been half of what it is now and you would not be getting those apps you boast on your phone. See everything is connected.

I blame Nokia. Seriously tho, as an ATiv S user, i can't grasp why nokia persists on releasing 512 MB models.. Since clearlky, the 1 GB model doesn't effectively double the production costs or something. They should have released the 512 MB models wth one GB and made them 10 to 15 dollars more expensive, instead of releasing crippled phones.

Mine too.. But if you check the specs, i don't get what Nokia seems to be doing putting devices on the market which are crippled by too little memory

It's not about cost. That extra 512MB RAM costs roughly $3. It's a market segmentation strategy, just like Apple with storage, where an extra 16GB of storage costs around $7, but the price increase at retail is $100. It's how they earn money, as you can't really earn anything selling the low end devices.

Yes that's nice and all, but storage doesn't effect the smoothness of the OS what so ever, or limits what apps a user can't use. (granted; u won't be able to install aps that are too big with 16GB storage - but i can't recall ever seeing an IOS app even coming near let's say 10GB.)  Also, storage is something ENTIRELY different from memory.

By selling 512MB devices, you are making sure some users can't use certain apps, which is imho bad advertisement for the OS the phones are running. Since this is the ONLY OS Nokia sells nowadays, this doesn't seem smart to me. Just give your budget phones 1 gig of memory so everything runs smooth and is available for the end user, and leave other options like better cameras, more storage options, 4g etc etc etc to your higher end products. This way, you are not purposely crippling your products which hurt your end users and your ONLY software platform. My 2 cents.

Sorry I don't live in the 3rd world where any device is seen as something great.


Do a little bit of research before buying a phone.

Then we'll get less whining about 512MB fails.


You really really thought ahead when you purchased your 512MB phone now didn't yah.


Enjoy being mindless, too eager and ignorant of tech.

A lil patience and saving of moolah and you would not be in this position........

Shame you are of the "I need it now majority"

Do you see yourself elevated as you denigrate others or what? 512mb does most things just fine. I paid less than $60 each for two 521 lumias. My kids love them even with the limitations and lack of a few games, and they tend to complain about things if they think they're missing out on something. Dirt cheap and reliable has benefits outside the third world. Like making a phone worry-free because it's easily and cheaply replaced, even on a low-priced cellular plan. Cheap phones also encouraged a father to get all his kids phones because the cost was so low, and the phones were easy to use. I've since replaced 4 Android phones with 4 WPs.

Well said. No one has the right to denigrate others cos they own a Lumia with 512mb ram or live in a third world country 512mb devices run many apps just fine. I know many ppl in a third world country who owns all the high end Lumias out there

Thats how you think.

Simple point do some research otherwise stfu with your low IQ bs


You spelled it out perfectly.

They are good phones for kids!!!!!!

Low IQ? So you can judge my IQ from a comment? You must be onto something. I also have a judgement for you. Your colleague hate you. With that attitude even your family members would. Rich brat with free flow of money from parents.
I hope your attitude would help when you find yourself struggling with problems which others face.

It's amazing how stupid you can be. Please don't let reality hurt you much when you walk out of that room after everyone is done unfriending you on social networks which you enjoy on your 1520 I suppose.

Read up simpleton I have a 820.


Don't let that low IQ hold you back. You obviously cannot understand simple english.

Friends like me cause

1. I don't BS

2. I don't suffer stupidity/ie the masses

3. I don't take shit esp from redneck cops (I.E. I have big balls)

Big balls can hurt twice as much.....

But be nice now......my phone is bigger than yours so be careful that i don't slap you over the head with it ;-)

Yes I cannot understand english. I just wrote that in blabbaldoodle which you seem to understand fairly well. WOW

Friends like you? Who told you that? Your friends? (o.0)

BS? Bullshit? Please spare. If what you are speaking isn't bullshit I don't know what will.

Studpidity and you called most of people stupid? Even a 4th grader would be able to tell that you have a big ass ego which you probably did nothing to achieve and you probably think you are better than everyone else around you.

Redneck cops? What? Big Balls? I don't know how thats relatable here but good for you i guess. Would hurt a lot while having them kicked right?

Now look here with the candy ass threat. Kickin me in the balls if u could get close but being a marketing clown I doubt u can back it up. Enjoy your 512MB and the wait while the rest of us with a clue enjoy using apps upon release. Suckers

But I thought Windows Phone was not a fragmented system!!1!!1! Or are you fanboys just contradicting yourselves again?

You don't live in 3rd world that's why your brain seems to be missing something important. Ability to understand situation from other people's position.

You go on and on about how big of an idiots we are that we bought a 512 MB device but did it ever occur to you that a major portion of society consists of individuals who do not know what most of these specs would do? Or don't you? For them having a phone at that budget and is good. Yes some of them would ask for features and why shouldn't they? If the maker doesn't have a problem, I'd like to know who died and gave you task of judging people?

I very well knew what I was getting into when I got 512 MB device. I don't need idiots like you tell me that I am whining about it. I happen to have a fair amount of knowledge here in this field and being a management student I know where to put my money in. I wanted to try WP. This was the best start I could have with that amount of budget. And asking for apps isn't a bad thing. Ofcourse microsoft can make it. If it doesn't they'll shut up but I don't see why do you have that big of a problem.

Ability to understand whiners that bitch about apps not being available to them because they fail to understand hardware/software.


Gimme a break simpleton. Go back to marketing. You obviously can't understand electronics.

I suppose you blab about things even without reading. I said I understand tech.

I'd gladly go back. Arguing with you does me as good as banging my head in a wall. Seriously.

Roflmao electronics is not tech in your world I gather.


Keep on giving me ammo child.

This is too easy.....

I am not even offended. You'd be the last one who could offend me. Moreover internet bullying? bahahhaa Thats the most absurd concept ever.

Easy? Yeah sure. Carry on!

I get why people buy low end phones.  But I also don't understand why those same people insist that the experience of the higher end users should be restricted and/or limited because they had to save money.  I have a high end gaming PC and can play everything on max settings.  My friend has an old laptop.  He doesn't get upset that game makers are creating games that tax my system.  He understand he has made financial choices and other things are more important.

Complaining EVERY SINGLE TIME something comes out that requires 1GB of memory is really getting old.  Guess what, I have an Icon.  I can't wait for things to come out that require 2GB of memory and utilizes the Snapdragon 800.  What will you say then?

Sure, you didn't have the money.  But you still made a choice and put priorities on other items to spend your money on and that's fine.  Good for you.  But people with high end devices shouldn't have to deal with low end software because of your choice.  If you don't like it, upgrade.  Or don't and live without new features that did not exist when you bought your phone.  It's not like you bought it because this lockscreen app was coming out.  Get over yourself.

I agree with you. I understand the limitations. I understand that my phone will never run some things.

I never whined about why I cannot run some apps. Though I protected the entire mass from opinion of a rich brat who doesn't understand that there are people who cannot afford something above that.

But that doesn't restrict them from asking app. They are just posting on a forum ment for all. Some might not know why it wouldn't but that doesn't make them stupid.

I agree, and I don't think they're stupid at all.  It was simply a choice.  But every time a cool app or game comes out that requires 1GB of memory the entire comment section is hijacked by people complaining about lack of 512 support and "+520's" and the like.  It's irritating.  This is a really cool app I'm looking forward to.  If I had a 520 I would read this, think to myself "well, that sucks. I'll get it when I upgrade next time".  I wouldn't fill a comment section with something that, if you're a WPCentral reader, you should well know is an issue you face.

And those "sub continents" are directly attributed to the success we have seen with WP.  I wish higher end devices were more popular, but they're not.  Still, not all apps can be available for the low end.  I don't see the point in insulting people with the low end phones, I even know a couple, but I also don't see the point in them complaining that a low end phone can't do what a high end one can.

Nah man check it out. It's pretty obvious but maybe u need to go to school to work out percentages.

And without the low end phones it wouldn't be even at 5%.  Total marketshare doesn't change the accuracy of my statement.  Good try though.

I first loved the 620.. But it took too long for it to come to the market... Steadily I saw 820 and I loved it but it was 26k at that time... Then I heard of 720 which was much better but 512mb turned me off.. And suddenly there was a price cut and 820 was for 22k... I went and purchased it and I am very happy with it...
+820 - Apart from battery life.. It is a very underrated model..

Thumbs Up!!!!!

If more people had your patience there would be a 95% reduction of whinging in comments and the forums.

When I was looking for a new phone 720 with gorilla glass and better camera was better for me than 820. I do not play games so 720 apart from 920 or 925 was only choice for me. It was Nokia's fault that they didn't offered same features in 820.

820 still clicks better pics and gorilla glass.. It's just a gimmick.. Even gorilla glass breaks... 820 too is scratch resistant .. My phone has fallen almost more then 25 times and that too from,different times.. 2 times it was submerged in water still working perfectly fine.. No flaws at all.. And spec wise it is better then every aspect then 720...

I just don't get it, people keep raving about how the 720 is better than the 820. 

Apart from low light clicks the 820's camera 8MP cam is very good.

Yes, the 720 has better battery life and a better front-facing camera and that's about it. Better processor, AMOLED screen, 1080p recording and the 1GB RAM makes the 820 superior!

Actually almost all apps and games can run on 512 MB RAM devices. I am immensely happy with my 520 and 8.1 right now.
Also, cant wait for Classic Lock screen.

Shut up man..!!! Except u no one creating nuisance in comments. We low end device holders love to have goodies for our phones so we demand for it .!! Nd u have 820 no one cares .!! Its the most unpopular and not so good looking device. Show it to anyone and no admires the design of urs 820..!!!!

Haha you shouldn't really judge. Not everyone cares enough about front cameras, glance screen and all that other stuff with higher end phones. Cheap price, satisfying features, doubt they'll spend a ton of extra money just for an app or two.

@pich sovann - +520 i think you are absolutely right... Because people using 512 mb ram phone have to just wait wait wait ..... So their impression about WP & MS is not good. So they will never consider WP while purchasing a new high end device.

Only dumb people go to college.  If you were smart you wouldn't need to go to college.  Maybe it's genetic.  Blame your parents.

Well that's rather uncalled for. The majority of low-end phone purchases aren't cheap, it's just what they can afford. Not everyone can get mid- and high-end phones with the best and latest tech so you should feel fortunate you can.

Ya? Everyone don't spend a month's earning on some phone so they can shoot better photos or they while away time on social networks... Everyone afford what they can unto their requirements.. So mind who you call cheap ...

I don't see why they don't give it to 512mb ram devices. The first lock screen doesn't really look like it was hard for a phone to keep that in mind ...

I bought a 512 ram phone because I had an android where 99 % of apps work normally on 512 ram so why is my fault on this ?

It's fake. It's this app: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/animated-lockscreen-preview/aed8fa1a-6cc4-4c57-830a-702e30fb458a

You can tell it's fake by looking at the "home screen" which doesn't move or change. Both the tiles and time are identical/static for all three "home screens" (time is 19:16) while the "lock screen" is about 32 minutes later for the first "unlocking" and 33 minutes later for the last "unlocking".

Basically the app just creates a fake animation of a background with time and text that reacts to a upward movement of the finger to reveal a screen shot of a home screen.

So... it's a fake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qKcJF4fOPs


Ok what you need to understand is some people have a life outside phones. I have an Xbox one, I have nice clothes and I really couldn't care less if I can't play some shitty phone game.... I have a console for that. So maybe you splashed all your money on your phone and wear rags to work and still on the Sega genesis, I don't know maybe you like that lifestyle, but don't start calling people cheap because their phone is worse than yours, it's the most pathetic argument I've ever heard. Some people like nice looking phones and don't want a bulge in their phones back. Well fucking done, you know the difference between memory and storage you must be a tech genius. It doesn't take skill to use Google. I rarely ever rant on here and sorry if I come off as bragging because I'm trying not to but its the only way I can phrase it for these idiots.

Bragging about what your console???? C'mon is that the best u got? Splash in out on a 820, check the price man. U can google that one can't u genius.

"Splash in out"... Correct yourself when you've finished contradicting yourself, then I'll get back to you "genius" :)

Nice, can't wait.... I imagine that's Rudy hands... They need to come on wit it..
WWhat really excites me is the prospect of other developers getting their hands on this functionality... The possibilities should be endless❔❔❔
Nevertheless, my 1520 is so messed up with the DP its ridiculous.. I hope some update fixes it.

I hope so... I probably should just revert back to 8.0.. But, I'm not sure how long I'm gonna be stuck with it..

DP? not sure what you mean by that (probably shold though). My 1520 runs like a swiss watch with the 8.1 update. Loving the new features.

no they changed that info only the ones being used with corporate accounts, they are going to start the latest update again soon 

Not all of them. My 928 at least is great. I think there were specific scenarios that were bad

They need to put his hands on my lawnmower... I want that dude to hook my yard up!!!
Edit.... Wait a minute..

You're not crazy. I know what you're saying. My 1520 is crazy with the DP. My brightness and lock screen is all wacky and my camera will randomly turn on when it's just lying on a table. I'm hoping Cyan clears up some of the issues.

Lol!!.. My camera won't work now, and I've tried multiple apps.. It started working for a minute yesterday, but now nothing..... Im in the process of doing a custom bike right now, so I need my camera to document progress.... Damn!!!

Stripe is pretty bad ass! I don't think they showed that one at BUILD, so that's a nice surprise! I can't wait until this is released!

Hey those look great! I am a personal fan of the stipe variant. Belfiore mentioned that the "Clock Plus" version was called "Tokyo" at BUILD, guess the naming might be changed up.

Not bad, I personally like the first one best(not a fan of the clock look). I remember reading something about users could make their own? Maybe it was a comment of hope, but that seems like something that would be nice to have.

yea, its an API, meaning any app can add one, facebook for example, if you give it permission to (and its updated to support it) could change the lockscreen, I'm excited to see what apps like lockmix come up with!

What if: We use the lock screen API to write widgets and populate the store with them. No reason to buy Android or IOS any more. Maybe custom lock pads would be possible, like the "connect the dots" lock from Android

Why? It wont change your battery any more than the normal lock screen would.. let me break down how this works since there seems to be a huge mis understanding of how this works..


basically all the API's are there, meaning, this feature is already IN the OS right now, its already running. Basically, you can think of it like a CD player, the phone is the player, and this app is the CD, by running this app and selecting a new lock screen, all your doing is removing the old CD (the original lockscreen) and putting a different one in its place, theres no reason it would kill your battery. I don't understand why everyone is claiming battery drain here, this is pretty damn simple in functionality, sure you can argue that it will be a little more battery intensive... for the brief second that you have the lock screen up.. which... might shave... 1% off after a full day? And thats assuming the current lockscreen isnt already in the same format as these new lockscreens, which is a strong possibility.


TL;DR: This will NOT have a noticeable negative effect on battery life if it does at all.

Actually, using RAM has virtually no impact on battery life. Some? Yes. But for the most part: Unused RAM is wasted RAM. That's why apps can be tombstoned with almost no affect on performance or battery life, because they're just idling in the RAM. Now what does kill battery is using the CPU, but hopefully these lockscreen apps won't be using the CPU for much. But we'll just have to wait and see!

This. Using RAM is pretty much no different than using it (besides, the OS uses it with or without this), actually having more RAM eats battery. The apps shouldn't be using the CPU much at all before you actually turn on your screen.

And who told you this? Apple? Because Apple has also told us for years that 3.5 inches is the PERFECT size for a display, and any larger makes zero sense.

(Not denying that it is ideal for some people, but Apple tends to force feed their customers...)

You are right, but RAM -usage does not have an impact (or at most a minor impact), it's the having of extra RAM that consumes energy.

Indeed it does. However, it's so insignificant, you're not going to save much battery.

If Apple /really/ cared about battery life, then they'd actually put a decent sized battery in instead of constantly trying for thinnest + lightest phone.

Sure, those are nice claims to fame, but it doesn't matter how thin or light your phone is if it's out of power. But don't worry guys: Apple to the rescue by reducing the amount of RAM in their devices!

Looks a little laggy, I don't know if is the video of the phone

I hope the final version will be smoother