HTC One M8 for Windows headed to T-Mobile US this fall

The HTC One M8 for Windows is coming to T-Mobile in the US later this year. The carrier has announced that the phone will be available to customers this fall. T-Mobile is the third carrier to announce availability of the M8, following Verizon and AT&T.

The HTC One M8 for Windows was announced last week, with Verizon being the only carrier mentioned. It's essentially the same device as its Android counterpart, though of course powered by Windows Phone 8.1. It has a quad-core 2.3GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage, which can be expanded to 128GB with a microSD card. Those wanting to be notified about when the M8 is available from T-Mobile can sign up on the carrier's website.

Will you be picking up the HTC One M8 for Windows from T-Mobile? Sound off below in the comments.

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HTC One M8 for Windows headed to T-Mobile US this fall



This fall probably means sometime in December before the winter solstice on the 21st, but hopefully closer to the beginning of October.

That's a fail both sides are firm on dual boot or anything along those lines u want Droid u buy Droid version u want windows u buy windows

Yes, I'm planning to replace my 1020 because m8 has 5mp ffc, SD slot, and RF sensor. Also, don't like how slow the 1020 camera is.

Hey, not sure if you know, i didn´t until last week, but i changed the default camera from the nokia camera to the windows camera and the difference is HUGE! really fast!

Every one is making such comments,but must not know or not be considering that it was Microsoft that supposedly approached and worked closely with HTC on this version of the phone. The One M8 was already on these carriers,so having them pick it up probably wasn't that hard. I agree that Microsoft/Nokia needs to release a high-end Windows Phone and make it the same and available across at least all of the major carriers simultaneously. I've been saying that for a while. However it's not just left up to them,the carriers are probably more to blame. The McLaren Windows Phone was supposed to be that phone. Too bad it's reportedly cancelled for now. :(

Wouldn't surprise me if the Sept 4th 830 announcement is another carrier exclusive. Likely AT&T but one could only hope that Microsoft/Nokia would try to get this on all carriers (that means you Sprint)


I like the 521 still. But I like to have a high end WP. But the M8 may not be the right model since the camera is not up to par and I don't like the back.

I've been in a struggle over this phone for a while, the one M8 is my favorite phone with everything but the camera, I debated going to android for it a few times, then it came to verizon, and I almost switched, i refused to pay that much when I'm paying $30 on Tmo with unlimited talk/text/data and 2.5gb 4G LTE... now that its coming to tmo.. now im torn between the 830 (which would essentially be a slight upgrade from my 925 with an SD card) and the m8... im truly torn I'm leaning very heavily towards the m8,  reality.. I dont know if i really should care about the camera as much as I do.. the m8's camera isnt bad, it lacks mp, but it has a nice senseor so its pictures dont turnout BAD, but it doesnt beat my 925.. and im almost certain the 830 is gonna have a pretty beast camera... IM SO TORN

I had a Surround that I flashed to 7.8 and yea, HTCs support for their phones is crap but the phone was awesome. The only issue I ever had with it was it was heavy as hell.

I owned the HTC X8. I know exactly what you mean. Moved on to 925 and thought I'd never look back... But 5" full HD is pretty attractive.

Exactly. My wife jumped on the 8X because she liked the look of the device and the specs at the time. That thing had so many issues that it became comical. id HTC handle these issues? Not in the least. HTC has a hard time supporting their devices.

If HTC cant support their phones, then I can't support HTC...no matter how awesome the M8 is.

As a former big box electronics salesman,I'd say don't right a company of just because of a bad experience. All have their good and bad,and all can change from good or bad or vice versa. Take a look at what a company has done most recently and take it from there. Things have a way of changing for the better sometimes but if you just write it off without looking into it you may be missing out on something you'd enjoy.

I think the problem was demand. HTC didn't sell enough to care. With the specs of this device I believe it will sell better thus result in better support... I think this is what others are hoping for too. Its a shot in the dark, nonetheless. But what in life, isn't.

This brand is like any other. Individual user (or groups of users) experiences aren't a good measure.  I manage my family's phone lines and so have bought everything from original iPhone (and iteration through 4s) and Windows Phone starting on Focus WP7.  That said, I have used (and handed down) HD7S, Titan, Titan II and an 8X.  All really well made phones in that they survived us all just fine.  You can argue specs and support and that's a different story, but HTC does make some good phones. The Titan II and the 8X were my favorite.  I moved to 920 and 1520, since.  But I'm afraid that after almost a year of use the 1520 is simply too big.  I deal and cope because it's easy to ignore the size when it's so dang functional.  I would just appreciate something a little smaller. Now that there are phones in between 920 and 1520, I'm anxious to get my hands on one.  Like most of you, however, we are prevented from doing so because of the DAG-NUMB EXCLUSIVES.  :D  More products equals more choice. Hopefully these options will bring people who need to differentiate themselves or that don't care for Nokia into the fold.  We've all read the numbers for WP lately.  While numbers don't mean squat to use actual users, it means something to the platform.

Exactly. Experiences will vary. My gf had a few HTC Android phones as well as some of my friends. I had Samsung Android phones and always wanted one from HTC. When I saw the 920 I ditched that crap from Samsung. They keep breaking easily and freezing up all the time,like my old Blackberry.. lol My gf had moved to the GS3,when I came home with the 920,she ditched it and got a 920. Now we both have 920s and 1520s. Love them. The only thing I think that would make me switch at the moment is a replacement of the 1020 with new high-end specs,with a 4.9 inch to 5.5 inch screen if the phone is designed comfortably or a device such as the ill-faithed McLaren.

The BEST phone I've ever owned was an HTC.  The HTC HD2.  And I've only ever purchased two name brand phones (with my money) and they are the HTC and Nokia branded phones.  I also have the HTC Radar 4G another awesome phone.  But I sure can't speak for the HTC 8X.  But for HTC branded phones I've purchased they've been GREAT!  And yes, I sill use them.  I always loved the weight of the HTC phones.  They feel substantial.  Well made.  To each his/her own I suppose.

Fair enough. I'm hoping HTC really wants to support WP again and not repurposing the Android unsold stock as a Windows branded phone. :/

It's nice to see HTC show Nokia how it's done. Hopefully if Microsoft can fix Nokia's incompetence and Microsoft helps the M9 be a dual-launch, next year could be a very exciting time.

Actually I'm tempted to think it is Microsoft's incompetence. Ever since they bought Nokia, it seems like Nokia is slowed down.

920, Icon, and 1520 (a.k.a. their entire high end line up) were all exclusive. HTC and Samsung have usually been on as many networks as possible. 520 and 521 were exclusives when they should've been the same phone on both carriers. Actually, the 635 is at least on AT&T and T-Mobile, so Microsoft taking over actually made their US line up less terrible. Sorry buddy, it was Nokia lol

And other OEMs have sped up. Microsoft does not want to make hardware, they are only making it to fill gaps where necessary.

Hopefully it draws some attention from the Android fanboys who don't even give WP a chance cause it doesn't officially support anything google other than Gmail through the stock mail app

Hopefully we will see the HTC One M8 for Windows all over the world come Fall.  Excellent to hear other carriers picking it up.  A huge plus for Windows Phone.

If I didn't have forty-eleven wireless charging pads I would be seriously interested in picking this phone up.  I saw one the other day and was extremely tempted.

A little too late?? But better late than never. Microsoft/Nokia highend phone lineup is completely missing so far. With so many OEMs signed up I was optimistic, but alas. Come on "Let it rain Windows Phone!!"

This little too late excuse people use is pointless. There have been many WPs so far. The Microsoft\Nokia relationship just scared manufactures and slowed them down. Idk why everyone can't see what Microsoft's doing. They have slowed their Lumia offerings except for lower end to try to bring other manufactures back to the fold. Just like any tech, it constantly changes every day and doesn't make anyone (late). Companies evolve as consumer demand\technology evolves

Exactly. Why would another OEM manufacture a phone when Nokia has 90 or so percent market share. It's actually a good move by Microsoft.

Microsoft's biggest concern right now is selling its services, which is why it made the move release mobile Office on IOS and Android first. Concerning Windows Phone, their primary concern is getting the OS on as many devices as possible, which will do much more to increase WP's market share than if they just pushed their own devices. Microsoft really isn't trying to compete with HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc in phone manufacturing, just the same as Google. The Lumia brand now I think just serves mostly as a reference design for other OEMs just like Nexus for Google.

Interesting.  This might keep me with TMO.  I'm actually more interested if I can get get an unlocked version that supports TMO LTE.  Microsoft Store?  I'm done with relying on TMO to support my device.

Literally just bought my Moms the Lumia 1320 unlocked from NewEgg for her Birthday.
I was thinking the HTC M8 would've been the better choice due to screen size and camera but with no release date forthcoming from T-Mobile I had to get the Lumia 1320.
I'm still happy T-Mobile is getting this soon.

Switch back when the phone comes out under someones ref using the $50 plan and get the truly unlimited $80 plan for 12 months.  :) 

I'm on tmobile and have been for awhile and get excellent coverage wherever I go. Only place I've been that didn't have good coverage was north Alabama but then again, no ones service works there except ATT and that's only because they bought out a network from a company called Otelco that had the area locked up.

T-Mobile performs very well in the places that matter -- cities where people actually live.

I'd rather get a 75% cheaper bill and unlimited LTE rather than "coverage" of some god-forsaken flyover-country hamlet with only one carrier that works (with data caps) for 4x the price.

I feel sorry for people who live in parts of the United States that are so remote, underpopulated and irrelevant that they don't enjoy the fast, unlimited LTE that T-Mobile offers.  Those poor folks have it bad. :(

I couldn't use T mobile because of the service in my area, but saying crap network basically implies that it sucks everywhere. I actually hear that the service is very good in the bigger cities.

yup, live in mentor Ohio, and i almsot always have 5 bars, and on the way to sandsuky it only lost service twice for about 3 minutes each.

If you got the dot view case, then you can have glance with the M8. So nothing is really keeping me from it. Once it hits att, ill use the dreaded next program to upgrade. Screw it.

yea! its about time we got one! last one we had was the 925.. and they EOL'd that like 2 months ago!


also, interesting thing to note, I talked to the sales person in a local T-mobile store, and the lumia 830 came up, he said he doesnt think there gonna get that one, would kinda suck... but it would make my dilemma a lot easier (no lumia 830? no choice but the htc one m8!)

This is awesome. This is what's need. Get phones on board with all carriers.

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All nice and all, but still no official word on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 for HTC8X. Their support really sucks. It's like a waiting game to find out if you will get it or not and when.

Good to see a same device in more than one carrier in the US. I think this can help WP there.

Off: I can never make a nice wallpaper to put behind the tiles. Would you like a as beautiful as that of the image. :P

Yup hopefully the Lumia 1525 follows.  I believe it is Verizon, ATT, and T-mobile.  No Sprint support but honestly no one is getting windows phone on Sprint. 

I'm on T-mobile with a Lumia 925. Should I make the Jump to the HTC M8? Camera perfomance is really important to me, not sure which one is better!

It's a usable camera the pictures are pretty small though since it's only 5 MP

If you want a bigger picture there will probably be something out by Nokia before this is released on T-mobile. 

That's a welcoming news, I do have the L925 and is considering the M8 unless MS-mobile can come up with same specs phone and r bigger screen, I've used HTC from way back when it was windows mobile 5.0 all the way to windows phone 7, I was really disappointed with the 8X line cause I know they could've done better seeing that they had high end phones that were doing well on android, they should have taken that approach from back then what they doing now, there build quality is good, I even have my HD2 still in like new condition.
I'll see how long T-Mobile takes to bring this phone to life.

Knew you were going to say that, I really want the one M8 but I'll just have to see both of them before making a decision.

Nokia has the proven realibility.....no need to take a gamble on the HTC ONE. IF it manages to sell well, they'll properly support it MAYBE. But only if.

I'd definitely taken proven WP over maybe :)

I don't know about that, I've had to get my 925 replaced because my MIC stopped working and now my replacement 925 has overheating, screen flickering, delayed touch and stability issues. The earpiece is also bad, I have to use my speakerphone in order to make calls. My 8X only broke down on me after a year of use and I was shoveling snow in below freezing cold that day but when I had it, it was far more stable than my replacement 925.

Sorry out of topic.. Does any body know? Why my apps such as whatsapp, line, skype, twitter, fb, etc. disapeared from my notification-action center list? How to bring back them all?? Please help.. Tq

I live HTC, and am on an 8x right now. But literally the only thing that causes me pause is that there's no *#&$Ing dedicated camera button. Definitely feels like a deal breaker for me right now.

I feel ya. I removed the camera tile and only use the physical button. It may open a tad slower at times that way but its faster because I don't have to hunt for it. Also I like to hold the button for a few till I lined up correctly. Can't do that when you touch the screen, as far as I know.

I'm sorry to say but DING, DING, DING - give the guy a prize. No doubt it's not all Nokia's fault and a fair amount of the blame is on the carriers themselves, but some of Nokia's decisions seemed quite problematic.

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Damn, I JUST upgraded to a 920 from a 520. Wife will kill me if I try to get a new phone, but I sure do want one.

I've been using the 925 since it came out on tmobile. If nothing is released Lumia-wise this fall in going to have to go with this. I really don't want to leave Lumia but I need an upgrade!

This is not the Windows Phone I want to replace my 925. MS, hurry up and release the rumored 1525 or something new to replace the 1020. :)

Is there any way to check out the coverage maps for T-Mobile? I'm considering advising my family to move to them after all they've been doing (that unlimited music streaming is awesome), but I've always heard their coverage isn't the best on highways and remote locations, and with two of my brothers in college in middle of nowhere NY and NH, it's important they still get reliable service.

Switching from Verizon would be really expensive though, especially since we can't bring over our phones iirc. At least they would have this beauty waiting for my brothers and I to look at, along with all those unlocked GSM Window Phones.

Check out the coverage maps on RootMetrics. They reflect real world customer reporting through their app and paint a more realistic picture of what you can expect. You can also quickly overlay coverage from other carriers to see how they compare.

That two week exclusive of the Android M8 on Verizon held true for the Windows Phone version as well...

*Called it*

Good move, HTC, but I'll never buy another T-Mobile branded phone of any type again. I'll stay unlocked, thank you. After what happened with the T-Mobile 8X (portico only) and the Lumia 810 (Amber), they won't get anything more from me than my monthly service.

Ex-810 user.

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Before my 8X broke down I got GDR2 officially along with two other firmware updates. I'm not sure if it got GDR3 officially.

Don't know 'bout that unlocked thingy. All my phones have been unlocked and I've always been one of the last to get updates. Heck, I'm still on WP 8.0 GDR1 as we speak....well, not technically as I'm running Dev Preview, which by the way bricked ma phone. Argh...

At least when it comes to t-mobile, either you've paid outright for the phone, so you can sell it easilly, or you're using Jump!, you can swap after a few months when that 830 comes down in price if the HTC isn't holding up. I was due for Jump! upgrade middle of July, but no use trading in a 925 for a 630(635?).

I might even pick up the M8w and not use the trade-in part of Jump to keep the 925 as a spare/gps/media player.

I'm in the same boat. I got my 925 last July and was when it came time to upgrade the only windows phones that were available were in the low/mid-tier range.

This it's awesome. Possibly the first WP device to be release on all three major carrier. Hopefully this will pave the way for all future WP devices to be release in the near future.

I'm going to keep my 925 and hold out for it. Between the 925 and the surface, I'm doing good. I just want that larger screen.

Finally T-Mobile steps up to the plate! Our first non-watered down(yeah I'm looking at you Lumia 925) premium Windows Phone for our carrier. Now it's Nokia's turn to announce the 830. If it will be coming to T-Mobile, that will likely be my next phone. If for any reason the 830 is a carrier exclusive, I'll gladly sell my Lumia 1020, purchase the HTC M8 for Windows, and I won't have a problem carrying my Samsung NX1000 for more serious photography needs and utilize the M8 for casual settings. This has at least taken a lot of pressure of being let down next week with another carrier exclusive deal.

Im getting this phone unless theres a 1525 on Tmo, im sick up these mid range and low range phones. MSFT needs High End Phones.

I totally agree as well but they seem to going towards the trend of using the low end devices to drive sales but I truly believe they compete against iPhone 6 and Galaxy Notes and LG G3s with 520s and 635s.

I'm genuinely surprised. It might not be the phone for me, but the wife might like that duo camera; she's always gravitated toward HTC. I'm going to wait and see how the 830 pans out.

Cricket's service has been great so far. Maybe I will pick up the ATT version eventually. Unless Nokia/MS comes out with something better.

You forgot an "all" in that sentence. The 1520 already has an SD card, and is definitely a flagship phone. Would definitely be nice if something with a smaller display had it too though.

ahh, yes i forgot about the 1520. I guess there are now serveral falgships depending on size these days.


I was sort of referring to the 930, and the 925. Memory is always the killer! 32gb is just about acceptable but to really stand out we need SD slots. This is a feature Apple will never have and with the price you pay Apple for storage it must certainly be a deciding factor when choosing a new phone! I for one could not justify paying apple that much for an extra 32gb when memory cards are so cheap!