HTC Titan II appears to be headed to Australia

HTC Titan II heading to Telstra

It would appear that the HTC Titan II has made its way south to become Australia's first 4G  Windows Phone. Rumored launch? Early May.

Reports have demo units of the 4.7" Super LCD screened device landing in selected Telstra stores. You are also seeing the Titan II (listed as the HTC Titan 4G) featured in the new Telstra consumer catalog.  The catalog listing makes note of the Titan II's ultra-impressive 16 mega pixel camera.  A feature we also believe is ultra-impressive.

There are no details available as of yet on pricing or plans for the HTC Titan II. Speculation has the new Windows Phone running on a $79AUD monthly plan and the outright price being in the mid-$800AUD (about $875 US).

Still no word on when or if Australia will be getting the Nokia Lumia 900 but it's nice to see the Titan II working its way into other markets.

Source: wpdownunder; Thanks, Sheeds, for the tip!


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HTC Titan II appears to be headed to Australia


Rumour has it our largest telco will be picking up the HTC Titan II and advertising heavily due to its 4G capability (only the 2nd phone in Oz that can do that). This largest telco in question is also the only one to HAVE 4G in Oz.
So this will be really great for Windows Phone.

Actually it's the 3rd phone after the HTC Velocity and the Samsung Galaxy S2 4G. Still, a 4G WINDOWS PHONE in Australia is awesome!

Nokia are working on finalising plans for the 900 in oz expect to see it on all carriers in june

I thought the international Lumia 900 was going to be removing LTE? Therefore, it won't work on Telstra's 4G network, but rather their older NextG network.

And then again, NZ still gets all GSM variants. Explains why no lumia 900 or Titan II in NZ because apart from how much the phone would cost, 4G would still be useless. And also wanna know the latest smartphone here? Lumia 800! Which was released last year, and now with 900, its just hopeless. General question is, NZ is the 2nd country to see the sun shine yet where's all the future here?

This is a wonderful phone. I'm glad I chose it over the 900. The camera really rocks and, because of the larger screen, I'm not missing not having a physical keyboard.

I bought a 900 and swapped it for the Titan 2 and absolutely love it. I prefer the larger screen size (without adding much physical size) and the camera is a ton nicer.