Machinarium for Windows Phone

Machinarium gets a vital update on Windows Phone, also coming to Windows 8

When Machinarium arrived on Windows Phone last week, the news was bittersweet. On the one hand, Machinarium is one of the greatest traditional adventure games I’ve ever played. It creates a totally unique world filled with living robots, tells a compelling story using absolutely no text or voiced dialogue, and looks utterly beautiful. On the other hand, the Windows Phone version suffered from a show-stopping crash quite early in the game. You couldn’t enjoy it for long.

As it turns out, the crash resulted from an earlier test version mistakenly being published as the full game. Once developer Amanita Design discovered the source of the issue, they quickly set about publishing the correct version. Machinarium has now been updated on Windows Phone and runs without crashing! What’s more, we have exclusive news of Windows 8 and RT versions as well.

Escape from prison

Machinarium for Windows Phone

The fun-killing crash occurred just after the scene in which robotic hero Josef escapes from a boiler room in which he’s been trapped. He then spies two conspirators in the process of brewing an evil plan. No sooner does Josef realize their intent than the villains capture him and throw him into a prison cell. At that point pre-update, the game crashed like Rob Ford when his dealer goes out of town.

Machinarium for Windows Phone

After updating the game, the story now progresses as normal through the prison sequence. Josef awakens in a cell with a partially disassembled robotic smoker and must figure out an escape plan. It’s a challenging sequence that will tempt you to utilize the in-game guide. One bit of advice I can give you is don’t forget about the light bulb in your cell; surely it will play a part in helping your cell mate.

Having escaped from the cell, Josef will eventually make his way out of the terrorists’ hideout and into the city itself. I had a tough time putting my phone down at that point and starting on this story. Machinarium’s world just teams with imagination, possibility, and intrigue. Now that the game works properly, I can dive headfirst into it and start preparing our upcoming review.

  • Machinarium – Windows Phone 8 – 224 MB – $4.49 – Store Link

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Coming soon to a tablet near you

Machinarium for Windows Phone

Machinarium started life as a Steam game, so Windows 8 gamers already have an avenue for playing it. But the Windows 7 version is not touch enabled, nor does it benefit Windows RT users (who can’t run non-RT applications).

Luckily, Amanita Design has revealed to us that both Windows 8 and RT versions of Machinarium are already in the certification process. These will look and play just like the phone game but run at a higher resolution. If all goes well, the tablet versions should launch sometime in April. We’ll let you know as soon as they become available!


Reader comments

Machinarium gets a vital update on Windows Phone, also coming to Windows 8


I didn't think it was too spoilery (especially since this happens right at the beginning of the game), but I have adjusted the text to be less specific.

There is some tutorial text, just no story text. The story unfolds via animation and cartoon voice bubbles as shown in one of the screenshots above. It's a point-and-click game, meaning you tap different parts of the environment in order to interact with it.

You can see the game in motion in this trailer:

I'd like to buy it but I think I'll enjoy the amazing artwork better on a tablet, so I'll wait for the Windows Store release.

Indeed, this game is a good candidate for an Xbox Live game on Windows Phone and Windows 8 via ID(at)Xbox, if only that program were on WP8 and W8/RT. Tell Microsoft to make it happen so that indie developers can make WP8/W8/RT Xbox games. Details on #SaveXboxWP are here.

Not really, there is no social interaction and all the acheivements would just be story based/time runs. It could have its own acheivements and it'd be the exact same thing as the other aspects of Xbox Live don't apply to it.

There are plenty of games like this that are Xbox games with achievements. Having achievements on it's own absolutely would not "be the exact same thing" as Xbox Live integration. You're completely missing the point of Xbox Live: it makes games with 'no social interaction' socially interactive by enabling friends to see what achievements you got, track your progress, compete against you in completing the game, etc. Any game can benefit from Xbox Live because it makes any game social.

I just watched the video.  IS THIS WHAT THE GAME IS ABOUT??  Man, I am buying the hell out of this when it drops on RT/8.1. I dig these kinds of games.  Reminds me a lot of the game The Neverhood.from the Windows 98 days.

The Neverhood! Great little game. I miss all the classic adventure games: Grim Fandango, Kings Quest, Monkey Island, Myst, The Longest Journey, Gabriel Knight, etc.

I got it on the Vita, but since I practically never even have that thing charged, I will probably have to get it for the tablet. Yes siree.

Going to grab this when I get a tablet :P. My L920 is filling up fast with these awesome games lol i 13gb in apps and most of it are games which i play occasionally.

I bought this game yesterday and damn it is one of the most frustrating games I have ever played. Trying to play this game on a small screen is extremely difficult. It takes me two or three touches on the screen to get the robot in the right position and trying to use the tools is even worse ! I should have waited for the W8 version.

Ended up deleting more than a few apps, and bought the game.  Ended up being cheaper than the Steam version... quite proud of myself.


Great game but still has some issues further in the game play. Crashes when attempting to open walk through or shows an empty walk through screen...