Microsoft adds Windows Phone 8.1 to the platform update history page

Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 is just around the corner as the community waits for its release, unless you reside in Finland where update magic is well under way with the the Lumia Cyan firmware already rolling out. Microsoft has recently added the major platform update to the history page on the Windows Phone website, sitting on top of the three Windows Phone 8 updates.

This move doesn't mean much apart from Microsoft now publicly lists this upgrade as a "past update" for the platform, leading us to believe the wait is almost over for everyone. As always, consumers will have to wait for the update to pass through both manufacturers and mobile operators. Who's excited for Windows Phone 8.1 rolling out or have you all been enjoying the new functionality by using the Developer Preview?

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Microsoft adds Windows Phone 8.1 to the platform update history page


I seem to remember getting lumia black on AT&T about 2 months after Verizon released it. The wait wasn't as bad as android phones, but still not great.

I've been considering it, but then I have to deal with the new Xbox Music app. I rely heavily on having my own music collection.

? I still have access to my own music collection... Why would the app take it away? There is also a link to the old music hub in the store.

It certainly wouldn't "take it away". But WP8 has the built-in Xbox Music player which functions better than the store app as of right now. But you're right, I could simply use the old music hub link app.

I misunderstood then. Anyways I agree that the built in Xbox music is waaaaaaay better. I put a playlist on the start screen that I created from within the built in music hub and it is so fast compared to the new one. Unfortunately one of my favorite features was the currently playing artist on the live tile and that is not available now.

Feel bad for you Americans :P You have 2 year contracts AND you have to wait for updates. Also, you have to pick a character based on coverage, while we have the freedom to pick any carrier we want :D

Its not a firmware update its an os update. Unless you are talking about cyan. Then u may have a few weeks before that rolls out.

Yea I know.. What I'm saying is that because I'm already on the 8.1 DP, what I'm really looking forward to is the firmware update. Looking forward to unlocking those hidden gems that it'll enable + the enhancements to the camera.

Are you one of those people that used Android and answered "just root it" as a fix for everything, regardless of its actual relevance to the issue or question?

Unless I'm mistaken, telling someone that stated they are running the developer preview, to "get the preview" doesn't solve their issue with being unable to get the Lumia Cyan update right now.

Windows 8.1? Well, if I can interpret this, you just need to update to Windows 8.1 Update 1.

This is how it goes for windows itself. Unless you have msdn/technet you dont get major updates(service packs) @ the same time enterprise customers do

Oh yeah, I have unlocked 1520 that I recently put on o2. Will I get it or are unlocked phones just left out.

It depends if you have a carrier unlocked phone or a factory unlocked phone. You didn't say. Carrier unlocked phones are not treated any different than if your phone were not unlocked. You get the update at the same time as everyone else from that phone's original carrier.

We're like the testers for all of the customers who want a neat polished finished version of the product. We gotta deal with all the bugs but we get the cool stuff first, reporting all incidents and then be ready for next update ;)

Will be interested to know what is actually in Cyan... Have been loving the 8.1 DP, could never go back to 8.0 - oh, would like to have Cortana in Australia though!

I did the region 'hack' and it runs fine - even have the date format working mostly correctly to (I set language to Aus but left region as US) - my friends have also done it for their phones as well.

Now we just gotta hope that Telstra/Optus/Vodafone pass the main update through quickly.

Thx for that. I've been running the DP since release but always had language set to US thx heaps I'll change language now ;)

You meant Region Format aye coz wen I changed language I lost Cortana but just changing format keeps her???

Yeah that's it - sorry my bad. I checked again and Region/Country - US, Regional Format - English (Australia)

Your guy's carrier names sound cool! Here in the U.S. we have AT&T, U.S. Cellular, T-mobile, Verizon(only one that sounds cool).

OS version: 8.10.12359.845, 8.10.12382.878, 8.10.12393.890, or 8.10.12397.895

So according to that page, i already have the latest version of WP8.1? So only Lumia Cyan is missing?

Really really hoping the Cyan firmware solves some bugs and smothens thing up.

Blessed is the day i decided to buy an unlocked lumia 920. Carrier phones NEVER AGAIN!!

Thank God we dont have to dea; with those Carrier business here in the Middle East. We want a new phone we pay full on LOL

I observed it's system-wide. Even notification sounds sometimes I hear piping sound, especially when your using earphones. :(

I thought it was only my 920 that was having a seizure lol. Thx everyone now I know it's not just my phone bring a biatch

For my T-Mobile Hungary Lumia 520, the Black Update came almost half year (or 3-5 months) later it got released... so I'll get Lumia Cyan in December! Hurraaaay!


I'm wondering what it means for people who're already on Windows Developer Preview... True that once the final OS rolls out, we will get that update. But how would Lumia Cyan work?

There's a lot of difference not only on the part of performance but also on another fixes; so we do requires final OS.

It has been two months since the DP. My enthusiasm for WP8.1 has waned. I don't even remember the feature set other than Cortana. When will Microsoft learn that this is a crappy way to release consumer devices/software?

How is it crappy to release it to devs/enthusiasts 2-3 months before it's RTM? Sounds pretty non-crappy to me.

You have your facts wrong. It RTM'd and was "launched" two months ago. Since I don't want to be a guinea pig I have not joined the DP program. I currently do not have WP8.1 and haven't received official notice that I will get it. This is why I think this "launch" is crappy.

the crappiest way is that it took this long and it was not even a large chagne. seeing how android L is shaping up to basically blow the doors in terms of API changes, one wonders why MSFT can't even get lock screen apps 18+2 months later.

you will be hard press to find a bigger WP fan. But let's be honest here, seeing the IO keynote was painful because you know MSFT could do the same if they would just get rid of the executive team holding the talent inside redmond back.

i wen tot windowsphone.com and it show 8.1 is available but depend on carrier, i hope verizon get it very soon

specially with the 1020. it was slow and now it is downright useless. I have seen from a cold boot the camera app taskes 4-8 times longer than before. it is simply unnacepable.

I am loving 8.1 DP on my 925. I occasionally fire up my old HD7 just so I can remind myself how much things have progressed. I just need Cyan and hopefully a radio firmware update from TMO US as well. C'mon 'uncarrier' do the right thing.

I installed the preview yesterday. Got fed up waiting for official release and now most bugs are ironed out seemed like a good time to do it. Loving Swype keyboard. Used it on my old android phone and it is on my Galaxy note tablet. That is my favourite feature. Easy texting.
Made some new apps as I registered through app studio. Love it. Made one about Big Brother UK to link to my fave forum. Made one about my cats. And a couple of others. I love that i can make apps I want and need. True customisation. My phone is amazing and windows phone is amazing.

Twitting following to raise WP8.1 awareness :-p

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Do join the party by copy and pasting above in your Twitter and Facebook asa new post :-)

Hopping to see WP8.1 globally within next couple of days.

#Using #too #many #hashtags #is #considered #spam
Really, Twitter can flag you as a spammer for doing that. This is not Instagram! :D
Have a nice day and be patient!

When will I get rid of "other folder" and WhatsApp will save all the stuff in it's folder and I can pick the same and attach in some other mail or message using other IM??

Can't wait for cyan, then I can finally use the treasure tag that has been sitting here in the box, collecting dust.

I've been running WP8.1 on my L1520, two L920's, and a L520 ever sense the preview was available. Showing my phones to whomever asks. I've gotten a few to switch.

I don't understand why the dev preview devices can't get cyan. windows 8.1 just sucks without a badly needed firmware update. the lag, instability, freezes all seem firmware related to me.

Because 8.1 Dev Preview was made by Microsoft ... They make it & release the RTM (which is the DP) to the manufacturers (HTC, Nokia, Samsung... Etc) ... The Manufacturers optimize it for their devices & test it to make sure it runs smoothly ... Then the Manufacturers release the new Firmware to take advantage of 8.1 ... Cyan is the name of the Nokia (now Microsoft Mobile Oyi) 8.1 Frimware (successor to Amber & Black).

that doesn't answer my question. why can't MSFT the company that is now directly responsible for CYAN release it in the dev channel? I get it, they can't get samsung's firmware, or HTCs, but are you telling me billions of dollars didn't buy them the power to push out a firmware update to dev-registers phones? sorry but I don't buy that for a second. seems MSFT still running around like a chicken with its head cut.

Been enjoying the DPs since they came out & my 8X runs smoothly ... However, I'd love a new Firmware update or most importantly, an update to the HTC app which is my favorite app... 8.1 broke the clock.

I've been using my L1520 for about a month now, and must admit that I struggled against the temptation of installing the Win Phone 8.1 Dev Prev. Just decided to play it safe and wait for Lumia Cyan to roll out, without the risk of having major bugs to spoil the new, magnificent experience.

Actually, the 1520, with its modern SoC, helps a lot. Don't have many bugs. At least in my experience. I have two 1520's and neither act any crazier than any other platform. Nothing will be perfect, even with Cyan. Tis the way it goes.

I just wish a localised Cortana experience was bundled with the update. No offence to my American friends but I'm sick and tired of my phone being regionalised to the USA......my Cortana news headlines are about people, politicians and sports (baseball, basketball, etc) that I have zero interest in. And I want my weather in Celsius dammit.

Yeah about Celsius... Why can't Cortana show temperature in celsius on live tile? On Bing, however, if we type "beijing weather in celsius", it shows correctly in the outstanding result. (even in Cortana's weather and web search view)..

When I get my 1st PD update 8.1, it was ruined my 1520 and I recovery tool my phone back to 8.0, then PD again.
And this time it works great on every features, totally different with previous PD even still the 1st update of PD. That's confused me.

Wow.... That's good to hear. I really hope I can get the cream update as soon as possible for my 920. I'm still waiting for the improvement from Nokia

Good news if you live in Australia & are with Vodafone Australia, as a few sites are now reporting that Vodafone Australia now have the 8.1 update for testing. So hopefully a rollout of the update shouldn't be to far away.

Guys you've all got a long long wait. The roll-out is going on the 925 in Finland ONLY at the moment.

Rollout in the UK will happen in Q3 of 2014. I have heard this directly from Nokia UK.

8.1 is really very good all with the exception of that piece of crap XBOX music. Had I known how bad it was and that I would lose the music hub app as part of the upgrade I would have reconsidered. 

Microsoft is all set with their first gdr update for wp8.1 and still no firmware update for wp8.1! This is where Microsoft is lagging!!!!

Well I've been enjoying the developer preview. Showing off a lot with Cortana every where. The mall, at work, at the library "Turn Wi-Fi on".. I'm looking forward to the official release. Lumia Cyan is what I've been waiting for.

please make it available for wp7.8...Developers are concentrating on developing apps for wp8 .what about wp7.8?? We too need updates we too need apps.these apps are good to use .. we bought our phones at high costs yet we aren't getting any good apps for wp7.8..we are suffering even after spending lots of money on phones(wp7.8)..please make good apps like these availible on wp7.8.please