Mobile Nations Special: 2012 Mobile World Congress Kickoff

Mobile Nations Special: MWC 2012 kickoff

Phil, Simon, and Alex have splashed down in Barcelona and are ready to assault Mobile World Congress 2012, Mobile Nations style, and bring you back absolutely everything Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, (and even iPhone and iPad if they can find it!). Listen in!




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Our music is pROgraM vs. Us3R by by morgantj.

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Mobile Nations Special: 2012 Mobile World Congress Kickoff


You just asked my question. Hosts from everything exept WP...im not trying to slam on anybody, but complete WP coverage seems a bit of a stretch?

Well I am new, but hope to get into the routine. I can't wait to read the WP news. I heard a rumor in the forums that some variant of the 900 is coming to Verizon in the near future.. Any comment on that Daniel?

I think it's defiitely safe to say Verion will get the 900 at some point. But to expect that tomorrow? Tough one..mostly Euro here. We'll keep an eye out though.

I hope they are getting it, because I'm growing tired of my trophy. As much as I hate to say it, of Verizon doesn't get another wp7, of they get the note for work and the 900 as my personal. I guess VZW is forcing fragdroid on its customers or iPhone (I don't want none of these, but I have to pick a new work phone)

Yes. Explain to your readers how there are no WP Central representatives going to the most important event for Windows Phone this year. Monday brings significant Nokia news and Wednesday brings Windows 8 (desktop, tablet, phone) news. I know where I won't be going for my MWC info.

Seriously? Two Android reps and a Blackberry rep? I'm sure they will do justice to the Windows Phone coverage.

Erm... wait. Daniel will be there? *puts away pitchfork* I take it all back. Hmm.. my nuts feel numb for some reason...