More tests of Lumia 920 camera against competitor hardware

Lumia 920 Camera Comparison

Test Mobile.fr have got their hands on a Lumia 920 and took it for a ride around Helsinki, Finland. As well as trying out the stabilisation in PureView to compare the camera against the iPhone 5 when recording, the team also looked more closely at the photography aspect of the Windows Phone. Namely, low-light capturing.

Comparing the Lumia 920 to the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, and Nokia PureView 808 (the Symbian handset with the 41MP camera) the Test Mobile.fr team managed to capture the above photo, which was taken by the Windows Phone, and compare the quality and light to what the other handsets produced.

It's clear to see how the Lumia 920's Pureview camera technology improves results, and we've seen this difference shown in previous tests, but while we wait for Windows Phone to launch and the Lumia 920 to be made available for purchase, it's good to be reminded how the flagship Nokia Windows Phone is in front of the competition.

The Nokia PureView 808 sports similar technology, and results show it to not be too far behind the Lumia 920, but the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 and HTC One X are equally 'good enough', but nothing to get excited about. It's by no means a scientific experiment, but it's an accurate test with common consumer conditions.

We've seen Nokia challenge those with competitor handsets to take on the Lumia 920 with a low light camera test where participants would attempt to take a photo of a vase inside a dark room, through a hole in the wall. The Nokia employee would do the same with the new Windows Phone and the results would be compared. The Lumia 920 came out to best each challenger.

But can the advanced functionality and hardware sell the handsets for Nokia? Only time will tell.

Source: Test Mobile.fr; thanks, Alex, for the tip!


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More tests of Lumia 920 camera against competitor hardware


That is indeed very impressive.

Something I'm keen to see though is a comparison of the cameras in the Lumia 920 and the HTC 8X. I know I'll be getting a WP8 handset so, while it's nice to know the 920 is better than the current iPhone and Android devices, I'd really like to know how good it is in comparison to the other soon to be released Windows Phone devices.

I agree.  Finally we are seeing good cameras from the other two platforms.  I think the 1x takes 2nd place in how much light it gathered in.  I'd be happy with the 8x camera.     

I know megapixels aren't everything, but I'm suprised the 920 performs better than the 808. I've seen other tests too, and the 920 is better.

Yeah. But it is nothing to suprise for. The tech in lumia 920 i newer then the one i 808. And optical image stabilisation in 920 makes it "better" in temrs of using it as an average consumer.

There is no reason to be surprised since nokia themselves has already explained how the 808 what optimised for high resolution pictures and lossless zoom while the 920 what optimised for low light and stabilisation. Therefore when there is good light the 808 will still take better pictures (especially if you choose a resolution higher than 8 megapixels) while the 920 will always take better pics in low light conditions

I'm impressed by the One X!  Not bad at all!  Hopefully the 8X will shoot just as good.  But the 920 is the best.

Still, the vase challenge revealed the 920 to be miles ahead of the competition. I wonder if the difference becomes really obvious in ultra-low light challenges.

If the 8x takes the same quality of pictures as the One X, then it looks like both Nokia and HTC wp8 owners should be quite happy.

"But can the advanced functionality and hardware sell the handsets for Nokia? Only time will tell."
Why such a tepid closing.  Why not say something to the affect with this camera and the ability to use a glove on the screen this phone SHOULD sell many handsets.  Consumers should highly consider this device.
Ok. Let’s make this clear. If the iPhone was this technologically advance the tech writers would be fraughting at the mouth exclaiming how untouchable the IPhone is. But it's only Nokia running the Windows OS so the loud exhalations of gratifying acknowledgement of Nokia's remarkable phone is muted or at least given measured comments.

Honestly the majority would prefer apps over a low light camera. Also, I tried my trophy with leather driving gloves and it worked. Not sure about this super sensitive stuff. That said, if the 8x and Ativ didn't exist the 920 would be my #1 choice. The apps will come eventually.

The sensitivity on our phones is high, I can use a few odd objects on my trophy sometimes, but for the most part I can't. The 920 would allow you to use objects all the time. Try using a cold spoon on your trophy and tell us how that goes.

Yes, the 920's camera (and all those Nokia apps) SHOULD sell tons of 920s. Unfortunately, tons of people will not have the 920 as an option when they go shopping at their carrier's store.

I would buy the phone in a heartbeat...if it was on more networks in the US. Also I rather have the camera than more apps

Certainly pretty bright with low noise however anyone noticing the low saturation levels?
I don't know actual scene but my guess is that the building should have pinkish hue.
Hopefully we'll see a full test from dpreview.

The building is pink in the 920 photo, it's perfectly fine. Meanwhile the competitors have a red hue all over the picture, which is typical phone camera underexposure.

How about the 920 verses the 820, 8X, 822, and ATIV?  I have seen some independent photos from each, but not a comparison collage like the photo set above.