Nokia Lumia 920 Low Light Comparison

While we have seen first hand how well the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone camera performs in low light, we are seeing more signs that the Pureview Camera really shines when lighting is limited.

A Lumia 920 prototype, like the one we saw in the iPhone 5 video comparison, was put up against the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 in a low light test. Lights were dimmed to 5 lux on a static scene. Generally speaking, a city street lamp illuminates the area with about 10 lux. So five lux isn't much brightness.

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Not only did the Lumia 920 shine in the low light conditions, it also captured the test image sharply and with little noise.

Nokia Lumia 920 sharpness and noise

Even outside the controlled conditions of the test lab, the Lumia 920 shined in low light conditions when compared to other smartphones. Seeing comparisons like these just makes us want the Nokia Lumia 920 sooner than later.

Nokia Lumia 920 low light comparison

Source: Engadget; Thanks, Johnny, for the tip!