New comScore data shows no growth for Windows Phone OS in US


comScore has released its latest report on the smartphone industry market share in the United States, this time for May 2014. The new info shows Android remaining on top of the smartphone OS industry with a 52.1 percent share.

Android didn't show any growth or loss in its share between February and May, but iOS, while still the number two smartphone OS, saw its market share rise from 41.3 percent to 41.9 percent in the same time frame. Windows Phone was third, and its share remained the same at 3.4 percent. BlackBerry is fourth and saw its share drop from 2.9 to 2.3 percent. Symbian is fifth, dropping from 0.2 to 0.1 percent

The leading smartphone OEM in the US continues to be Apple, with 41.9 percent of subscribers in May, up from 41.2 percent in February, Samsung is second with 27.8 percent, up from 27.0 percent. LG is a distant third with 6.5 percent, followed by Motorola at 6.3 percent and HTC at 5.1 percent.

169 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones in May, up by four percent compared to February, according to comScore. Facebook, Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, Pandora Radio, Google Maps, Gmail, Instagram, Yahoo Stocks and Facebook Messenger were the top 10 smartphone apps used by U.S. residents in May.

Source: comScore


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New comScore data shows no growth for Windows Phone OS in US



Bleep!, its because the flagship icon\930 device goes to Verizon and very few Verizon stores stock any. Best buy doesn't carry a single WP device.

Agree. Very limited availability makes growth nearly impossible, hopefully Microsoft changes that in November though

It's actually the other way round. Stores don't buy as much windows phones as you'd want them to since they're not popular and would burden the stores if there's too much of supply. The demand must always come first, before the supply can start rocking.

BestBuy in my region carries the 1520 and 630...In my experience the carriers have been a huge hindrance to the WP growth because every carrier I have gone to always push Android and iPhones...When I ask about Windows phones, they say they have them but they don't know much about them! EVERY carrier i went to said this!!! When I show them I have a Lumia 930 and actually show them the features and apps not to mention the video, they always say, "I didn't know WP's did that, or had that feature!!! Seriously! The phone is right in the store! They have access to it, but alas they are told to push Apple and Android! WP will build its presence outside the US and then we will finally get it in this country only after its popularity is worldwide.

You are 110% right!!!  There was not a single WP at the kiosk at Costco and the guy was so clueless about it.  Microsoft has GOT to increase the coolness factor or something!  Give them away to high schools, middle schools and colleges.  Add free access to their music service.  Do ANYTHING to get them into the hands of people.

I think the biggest problem is they are always locked to the carriers, and people don't want to risk buying a phone that they will be stuck with for two years if it doesn't turn out to be a good one.  An iPhone is a safe risk.

Costco and Bestbuy have no WP where I live (Texas). Walmart has one WP (Lumia 521). You can't increase sales if you have no phones to show.

sadly the do that at all the company stores as well, ive met 1 rep at my t mobile who knew anything about windows OS when my phone started freezing up and that was more in the city than my area. as i watched and talked to him they sadly steer people towards androids and iphones because they are told to push them because they sell more....
well yea because you guys know nothing about a product in your store so you can not sell it anyway when you know nothing about what it can do other than basics and what it has in the store. poor rep i gave him such a hard time about his company lol i told him it was very bad that i knew more about my phone than even he did and he used one for a while apparently as his own phone. 

we do however need more brands than the nokia/microsoft, and htc that limits people as much as the carrier exclusives, i was happy awhile ago to see with 8.1 upcoming more brands are at least thinking or plans on making windows models in their line ups, as well as hopefully getting more offical apps for whatever reason seems to draw a crowd (i like the 3rd party apps better myself).

also to have universal updates like apple and android would be a huge help as well, its quite frustrating to wait for phone 0s updates and fixes when your carrier gets to control when it will happen, which doesnt happen to much with either of the other brands unless they dont plan on updating that certain model. 

we can only hope for better service and training though when it comes to store reps! 

Regarding the first sentence of your last paragraph...can you explain what you mean by universal updates? From my point of view,, I don't know how you could say that Android phones on any carrier could fit that description.

Are you implying that like Apple iPhone, when Google issues an OS update, all Android users get it right away? Because that couldn't be further from the truth.

Android devices are notorious for not getting updates in a timely manner, what with having to go through OEM, then carrier modifications/customizations.

Exactly. Carriers are either Android or Windows phone fanboys. I said this before, but when I bought my 925 from T mobile, the person just said it has a nice design and good camera, and a week later criticized it for not having "true LTE" when my brother bought his xperia z1s, whatever that means. I'm assuming it means the 20+20 network.

My friend works for t-mobile and says they get a higher commission for pushing ios and Android. I went to Verizon recently asking for a Lumia 928 and they said it was discontinued! Went to a second store, they said they had none! I went online and bought 2 on eBay for me and my girlfriend. She happily left Android for a Lumia, won't be going back!

Why would they pay a higher commission to push samsung and Iphone? The carriers have to give a higher subsidy to bring those phones down to the $199 price point. They would make more money if a customer bought a lumia or a mid range phone.

Yes, went into ATT stores twice in 6 months to get WPs. One for my wife and one for my mom. Both times they tried to talk me into an Android phone instead. I had to insist that I wanted a Windows Phone and make them sell it to me. If anyone is remotely curious about WP, they will be steered away.

Yeah, if Microsoft could release a high end smartphone with the 41mp camera and everything else that's great about the other Lumias, and release it on all the carriers, that would be great. I'm tired of this carrier exclusive BS, which is actually BS because on T mobile, the 521 is just the 520, the 925 got "stolen" by ATT, the 635 comes out on both, and the 810 is forgotten forever. Why do they even bother with exclusives anymore?

It's not that simple, most sales associates work off commission and are evaluated on a scorecard. Accessories are one of those items on the scorecard, which more accessories (especially high end cases) are compatible with iPhones and Android devices (especially Samsung). Also, accessories like FitBit's, Jawbone Up's, and other "smart" accessories are also more compatible with iPhones and Androids. This alone is a huge incentive to steer people towards these devices. Plus, if everyone in a family has an iPhone, it's harder to steer Mom towards a phone that no one in the family can 'help' her with. It's a sad thing, but this is the reality of the retail sales world.

Exactly like my mom stuck with her LG Optimus G for Sprint. She only minutes how to use it to make phone calls, text, take pics, and go on Facebook. Other than that she doesn't use it for anything else because quite frankly she doesn't know how to customize her Android phone; same goes for my mother in law with her Samsung Galaxy S3 that she just received, had no idea how to use it, just got it because the salesman at the Virgin Mobile site told her that it's on sale and that is ready to use.

MS could just buy one or more of the major carriers. Instead of opening a MS store, just convert all Verizon stores into MS stores.

I see that as MS' fault. They have their own section in Best Buy and their own stores. They could provide every model compatible with every carrier and a few bucks extra they handle getting your phone activated on your carrier.
If the networks refuse, sue the shit out of them.
At the absolute minimum they should be putting universal radios in them like Apple does.

On a lighter note, my son came home from camp, and said he wants a WP because "I guess it's the new thing... Some of my friends had them.. They are cool"

I had the same problem and ended up buying two 928's on eBay! I was literally holding up $400 cash at Verizon to buy a 928 and I was totally ignored! They must get a really small commission to sell WP. How do you like it? I Love it, so does my girlfriend.. She left Android!

It's crazy. I was told by the person selling the phones that those phones stuck I don't recommend them to anyone. This was last month and they still don't have an icon for sale. Booo target.

Canadian market is just as windowphobic I guess most people here dont buy on contract so the carriers here hate that & say it doesn't sell more like it doesnt get people to commit to a contract

No the problem is Tmobile America's Largest W8Phone base doesn't have a flagship device. Tmobile added more customers last quarter than Att and Verizon combined. Yet not one had a W8Phone option.

I'm a huge WP fan but this is like the linux guys always saying it is one thing or the other that made "the year of linux desktop" not be it.

let's face it guys, WP is the linux of our time marketshare wise and I'm affraid unless MSFT fires its executives responsible for WP, things won't change.

Lol after looking at how WP is doing. I, a long time ago said to myself that WP is the Linx of the smartphone world. The way I feel about WP is just the way I feel about Ubuntu. I love them both more than the current two (Android, IOS, Windows, Mac OS). I think I'm just like this. I like stuff that are new and different.

Except Windows Phone has actually grown to double digit market share in Europe and is growing in Latin America. Linux did not have a corporation the size of Microsoft promoting it and selling it. The comparison doesn't work.

But almost zero Best Buy retail stores have them...not even a dummy display model. Seems ridiculous considering Samsung has a huge section of their galaxys. You'd think they would have their ativ s. Now you know what we are talking about...

I agree! Locking the 930 into Verizon was even more stupid than the idiotic idea of locking the previous phones into AT&T. I sincerely believe that whoever is making these decisions at the executive level is clueless of the impact it has at the customer level. AT&T has done no favors for WP! I've gone to our local (Eastern Washington) AT&T and Best Buy stores to see if anyone will try and sell me a WP. Not only do they never mention them and push iOS and Android, but even when I specifically ask about WP, they usually try and talk me out of it because they use an iPhone or Android themselves. I've had the same experience across the state as I visit other stores while traveling. This latest move to Verizon is ridiculous! I'm locked into a family plan (like almost everyone else I know) and we don't all renew at the same time. I'm interested in the 930, but I'm NOT going to switch carriers to get it. Microsoft better offer a solid upgrade for the 1020 on AT&T soon, or they may be losing some customers in the near future.

not everyone chooses to ignore reality! after 4 yrs, the app gap still exists, market share has not increased, and MS continues with carrier exclusives that don't work. every time the OS is updated, MS seems to break something else.

FYI the carrier exclusives were the work of Nokia. They just couldn't have had the leverage to not concede to that demand.


Notice the HTC 8X released on almost all major US carriers? They had Android exclusives to use as collateral so-to-speak.

Microsoft has all their services in the US, the country with one of the least WP market share, while other countries that have a lot of WP market share have very little Microsoft services. I feel bad. :'(

And still no impact on US share. Doubtless they'll have to change, probably they'll bring Bing Rewards, trade in cash back, Cortana and MS stores to Antarctica next. Might be the only way to reach less customers.

They have no growth because they haven;t released any new phonse here.  Verizon has the Icon (930) for what 8 motths and thats about it other than some low end garbage.  You cant expect growth when they dont release any new phones or depend on exclusives to make a quick buck.  I'm on tmobile which hasn't seen a high end Windows phone ever and I'm probably not going to switch carriers for a phone.  Its on Microsoft to get their production team moving and stop with this stupid carrier exclusives.

"They have no growth because they haven;t released any new phonse here.  Verizon has the Icon (930) for what 8 motths and thats about it other than some low end garbage.  You cant expect growth when they dont release any new phones"

Let's get the snark out of the way first.  Please use your spell check.   Other than that your analysis is correct.   I'm not as focused on the carrier exclusive as I am on the fact that MS has a MAJOR update to their mobile OS with significant new features and has one or two new phones to launch with it.   I realize that their assimilation of Nokia's Devices and Services department most likely interfered, but this lack of sales was absolutely to be expected.

Dont, we are used to it, we are also used to paying a LOT more for the same tech in the UK, damn that 20% VAT.  The Only thing id like to see is Microsoft opening stores in other countries such as Apple have done.  There are soo many offers I see for US customers that are in store exclusives.  I read news tittles and click only to read at the bottom its for US only :/


Come on MS show us a timy bit more love!

Those who want MS products don't have access to them.... and those who don't care, MS is trying to please them... and you expect Windows and Windows Phone to grow..... better you grow up MS.... before its too late

I agree with you.... No offences but there is great difference between better knowledge and better decisions

+1520... And some off their decisions just doesn't make sense like updating android and IOS apps while not showing any improvement on WP.

Its alright... no in-video playback, cant view comments on shared video posts and can't change the cover photo. Also chatheads is still missing.

The beta sucks too.... Can't see photos in comments, still get sent to mobile website when clicking notifications. It only looks better still doesn't function well.

America is stuck on Apple and Google as the "favorite media darlings". That's why their market shares continue to rise.

Microsoft will always be seen as the "boring work enterprise" company no matter how hard they tired to change that with Windows 8.

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I don't think its that rather than the very, very limited availability of wps in the U.S. Hopefully Microsoft changes that in November though

well, that AND:

-they shipped late

-they are still shipping late

-and did I mention they still can't ship anything that is not late.

while what you say is true, MSFT only has their slowness to blame.

case in point: google shipped a weareable SDK faster than MSFT even gets around to anoucning if they even care about wear gear. google shipped a car SDK faster than MSFT even gets around to saying SYNC isn't dead. google shipped a tv sdk even as MSFT doesn't give a rat about the public xbox SDK.

realistically buddy, MICROSOFT SUCKS!!!! because they SUCK!!! at shipping on time.

Meanwhile outside the US, people are preordering their unlocked Lumia 930 in retail stores, and soon all carriers will be selling it.

Said it countless times, move the entire WP division to Europe where the love and support is. Twice as much market share over here vs the US. The product is being strangled by the carriers, the phone stores and the marketing. Launch Cortina here first too :¬)

Honestly the WP market has been pretty stale lately. The 1520 released back in November only on ATT and then the Icon released only on Verizon and then the Ativ SE only on Verizon.

WP needs more flagship devices released across carriers and also better released from other OEMs.

That's the key, with no new devices for 6 months, no marketing, virtual silence surrounds the platform, so lack of growth isnt surprising.

Other companies are updating their flagship phones on a yearly cycle and somehow Microsoft didn't get the memo.

Same thing I was thinking. Relase more hardware, get more sales.

I have a friend who wants to buy a phone within the next 2 weeks on Verizon. He's not interested in the Icon, wants something brand new, and nothing has even been announced much in the pipline for release. He's an Android user who wants to convert but is unlikely to do so since there's nothing shiny and new. That's one of what is bound to be many examples of users who will ride out another 2 years with a different OS because MS isn't doing a good job of keeping Windows Phone in peoples' faces.

Icon and ATIV SE are competitive with the best smartphones in the market with any OS.  If he's not interested in those, then there's probably no satisfying him with anything.  He just just sit tight and wait.

Yep there is no hot windows phone around. L920 and L1020 were the last that got some kind of hype. They got nothing now. How can you grow this way lol.

America loathes new devices with lots of gimmicks like finger print scanner and heart rate monitor. They're also into super specs. When it comes to photos though, they're so mute.

I'm into photos. That's what big social networks is all about. But this fingerprint and heart rate scanner causes a stir! I don't get it? Now we got McLaren with this hovering tech. I honestly don't know what I can do with it that value to usage. Something I'd really like to see is a true dedicated music player/mixer. Instead of the trash Xbox music. Oh and dual windows.

I think the gap is due to the Nokia takeover.  Now that its done (or nearly done) they will start bringing out grat tech, maybe at least 6 months to a year away as they merge/stremline the different teams and direction.  I can imagine how volatile it is at MS - lots of change (which is good) its just that the market waits for no one.

+620 Seriously, WP is doing great in India. I see 5 people using WPs in every 15 people I meet. If we had better Music and Video apps and Bing Rewards just like US, very soon WP will go head to head with Android in India.
PS: Most WP users I meet are still using WP8.

Yes it's true.MS concentrate in India ...bring more models...maintain frequent gap in between the release of new models..and importantly release on same time as you do USA.We are here to understand and appreciate.

There's barely any new devices for the masses, no OS update (officially) and no advertising.

Pretty good news!!! WP may not have shown any growth, but they didn't lose anything either. Solid performance, or consolidation if you will.....

Which I can understand. They didn't release anything at all in the US. How long have we (the consumers) been waiting for a decent phone o on T-Mobile?

Where is the flagship replacements for the Nokia 920 and 1020? I refer to same form factor size and design. If Nokia or Microsoft release a genuine replacement for either of those they have my money.

The Windows Phone promotion went down a bit. I think it coincided with the acquisition. Nokia used to make waves but they probably didn't bother since it was selling off their phone business. Now it's in Microsoft's hands.

Wow... Seriously... How long before Microsoft starts trying a bit harder... They're not doing anything for us WP users... 8.1 was cool looking, but nothing new under the sky really.

I would really expect a WP centric site to not dump on their target audience. The numbers basically show there is no movement at all. Horrible choice of working but maybe it's because mr Callaham is not know for his sense of journalistic vision and/or interpretation geared towards target audience.


Facts are the US is the only major market where Apple is real strong and they have the market more or less locked up with Android. That will only change when Apple makes a major slip up or goes out of business (whichever comes first).


It's sad to see Microsoft seemingly wanting to continue to focus on the US market when there is much easier targets around the world which will greatly enhance worldwide marketshare. But then again MSFT is not know for having a truly global business sense

As a WPCentric site they have the obligation to show all aspects including the negative. We don't live in a sunshine and rainbow universe and theres always a negative for a positive. Get over it. They're not gonna fluff the facts, and they're not going to hide facts about a subject you come here to read about.

Flagz -- spot on mate.

Also, think the world is overrun by too many media outlets -- with hidden agendas -- always trying to bend the truth, for their own benefit. Therefore, I'd say it was pretty good journalism by Mr Callaham and WPCentral -- respect.

Ricardo Dawkins -- you seem to be implying that the title is "Click Bait", because the article was written by Mr Callaham. To me the title and story is pretty truthful, wouldn't you agree? ;-)

This is a fan site, not a fanboi site. Numbers are numbers and facts are facts and it would just be ignorant to ignore them. Regardless of whether the news is good or bad it's still Windows Phone news and that's what this site is here for. Grow up.

Shocking, never saw that coming. You know, with the lack of new releases and all. Amazing how that works. I mean, nothing screams growth more than squandering the 1st bit of momentum you had. Ball was completely dropped, kicked, popped and run over. Complete mismanagement from top to bottom.

There is no love from Microsoft for India. Its the app developers who are supporting wp platform and releasing official apps in India. Talking about efforts to India we are still waiting for cortana still waiting for Microsoft offers which are released for US only. So I don't see any effort from Microsoft for India.

I totally agree. I see apps from India all the time, and I know from some co-workers that WP is really popular over there. If i was MS I'd be pouring resources into serving that market.

No, I am sure they are aware and am working on it.  MS has never been super quick nor immensely competent.  It takes them a while and they may make mistakes doing it.

But no doubt they are well aware of the India market.

Now repeat after me "The US is the only thing that matters. No need to focus more in outside the US than within. The US is the only thing that matters".


If you've successfully repeated this mantra without laughing, congratulations! You have a place within Microsoft's leadership structure.

U.S is one of the biggest markets, it does matter.  Throw in lack of growth in China as well? that is a big problem. 


that's cause it's been relatively quiet for WP as far as new hardware goes.. and WP 8.1 is taking forever to drop. 

1, Lemming: "As soon as I save enough money, I'm getting an iphone or galaxy S."

2, Non-lemming: "Why only those two."

1: "All my friends have one or the other. OMGDZZZ!! They are the best."

2: "There are other phones too, you know. Have you done some research?"

1: "Psh, they are not as good as iphone or galaxy in any way. Just ask my friends/read X website. They have corez and HDz displays and sensors, FINGER PRINT MAN"

2: "Yep, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your way of thinking. /S"

Most people don't care about the tech stuff, they just want to have the same platform as their friends and family. I don't begrudge people that, it makes perfect sense.  Smartphones are social devices, so it's logical to want the same platform as the rest of your social circle so you can have more in common and share experiences.

Most people don't care about the tech stuff, they just want to have the same platform as their friends and family.

 Which is called following the herd and making uninformed purchases.

Smartphones are social devices

According to whom? Text and facebook addicts? I thought we bought phones to stay in touch for planning and doing stuff and not twitting "Now I'm eating a coffee ice cream." That's the whole problem right there.

so it's logical to want the same platform as the rest of your social circle so you can have more in common and share experiences.

It's the exact opposite of logical. Again, it's called following the herd. Share experinces? I call it bragging and "me too" rights: "Look, I got an iphone/galaxy S".

P.S. I don't begrudge them, as you wrongly put it. It's just sad to see people making choices without doing any reseasrch and comparing different models on their own. Do people also buy houses, cars, etc. the same way?

Its funny how research says that if you fill the store with lots of various products people get overwhelmed & leave with nothing. I dont think thats entirely true anymore & people just blindly choose or allow others to like sales staff

Apple does not need new phones, their customers are so stupid they will buy a dead mouse if they shave an apple in the fur...

My dad is dying to get a brand new WP on AT&T. They have to release 8.1 ASAP and new flagships to replace the 920 and 1020

This wont change for a long time if ever until there is parity in release of new apps.  Ios/Android has an advantage on WP because there will be breakout apps out of no where, most likely it will be on ios and/or android.  Those breakout apps will never happen for WP because WP will never get or get it a long time from the initial release.  Until there is parity, expect to see stagnant growth in the U.S. or any other major market. 

The universal app is something that could change all that.  MS has been spouting for years that somebody could make a tablet app and change 10% of the code for phones or vice versa.  Still, that was too much of a hassle, with universal app that can essentially hopefully bridge app development cross platform, that is a key advantage because developers can tap into not just a small wp market, but also the PC/tablet and potentially xbone market.  Problem is, is it too good to be true?  Is unviersal app vision really create once and port to all?  Kind of hard to believe, but we'll see. 

Ios/Android users are already engulfed in the ecosystem, it makes it hard for them to move away to another platform.  Especially when new apps come out on those platforms first. 

I've stopped caring about market share. I love my phone and the share has grown enough to attract the apps that I use. Stellar hardware too. Good enough for me.

One thing I would do is give the hardware away "figuratively speaking" and make my money back on the backend.  All windows phones should be $200 no countract and the Surface should be $300 and the Surface Pro should come with a keyboard and be at least $200 less for every build option.

They need to stop playing apples "oh look how much it cost to own our divices...they must be good". Give the people what they want and the money will come.

Can I be CEO?

the problem is the stupid rep thats work in verizon att and tmobile stores don't push windows phone. Most of them are a bunch of losers that push iphones and android base phones such as the galaxy s series.

our edumakation systm is the beast!   Our politkal system is the beast one can buy.

wut u mean stpud?

Is simple, no new phone. No growth. But this will change once the cheap lumia 635 becomes available

Microsoft progress report
Overall windows- monopoly
Windows phone- slight growth
Ms office- monopoly
One drive- highest market share
Internet explorer- highest market share
Skype- highest market share in video calls
Xbox- low market share
Bing- low,but increasing market share

But they need to expand more European countries like Russia,France,Portugal and asian countries like china,Thailand,japan korea

Before we get carried away lets remember Android had no growth either and they had plenty new phones. what was their problem. 

It's a pity actually, I have used all the three platforms and have found that WP has the best usability, but the US is a different market, unless carrier exclusivity goes awayi don't see change happening.

Two words: OFFICIAL APPS. This is always the first issue out of anyone's mouth when I mention WP. A lot of them even LIKE the OS design. Hopefully Joe keeps on his promise to bolster the app store

The fact that in this year there havent been new wps except Lumia 630 till now and 930 coming. Need to launch budfdt more budget wp devices

Yeah they need to release a Lumia 830 mid range and a Lumia 1020-like "1030,1025" and a another high end phone which. Is the Lumia maClaren

Of the top apps, we only have four right? Should Google play really be considered an app? Why isn't Apple's App Store in there then?

Do away with this exclusive Sh!!!!t. That's what hurts. It's stupid. I want a 1020 on the Verizon network, but no bueno BC its an exclusively made device. Visa versa ATT ppl want an Icon. (which I have and love)

Ditch USA and focus on other countries means rest of the world.
Funny to see MS keep providing it's best to USA and Americans keep throwing that away.
If MS done even half what they done in USA in some other country they will be number 1