New Infinity UI is a work in progress, but one that has possibilities


Here's a brief look at a new Windows Mobile user interface that's currently in development. The Infinity UI is widget-based, and it very much has an Android-type feel to it. Want a clock? Add a clock. Want program shortcuts? Add program shortcuts. As we said, it's still in the very early stages, so things are a bit unfinished. But this is one we're going to keep our eyes on. Find out more and download the alpha here. And peep video of the Infinity UI after the break. [via XDA]


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New Infinity UI is a work in progress, but one that has possibilities


While this totally looks promising, it's really seems like a cutdown version of the Androkidd interface that's been around for a while.

Same pages configuration, widgets, shortcuts, contacts, etc...

I think Androkidd is up to version 1.2 or something like that. It's well worth a look (FWPPC always has the most current version) and a test drive since it's totally free!

oh common.
we don't need yet another pretty home screen replacement.
we have plenty of those already.
we need the rest of applications on winmo to look and work good. :/

I have to agree with zcarman. I've run Androkkid both on a Treo Pro & a Tilt 2. It sizes nicely to whatever screen size is needed. It's stable, simple but configurable, doesn't hog resources. It has an active community & a growing library of widgets. And, yes, Mxx, Androkkid too is a nice UI, but customizable to access what you need easy access to in ways that benefit you.

Seems like a really clean SPB Mobile Shell to me. Personally would rather see more development of Titanium on the WM side than another one of these. How about easy user customization and some supported widgets there?

in a few years, apple, android, and winmo will all have the potential to look the same on the surface

Wish I have the luxury of time to consider using the benefits these site can offer.....