The Nokia 3310 to get a Windows Phone refresh, but only if you dream hard enough

3310 PureView

The Nokia 3310 is an iconic phone. Nokia released the mobile phone way back in the fourth quarter of 2000. It went on to sell over 126 million units. The inability to run Windows Phone is by far the biggest drawback of trying to use the Nokia 3310 today. Which is why we’re pretty stoked that Nokia is giving the 3310 a modern refresh. Live tiles and 41-megapixel sensor? Sign us up!

Nokia has stayed true to the original design of the 3310, but has added a few modern twists to the internals. Inside you’ll find the same camera power that you get in the Lumia 1020. How about a 41-megapixel sensor with Zeiss optics and Xenon flash? Baller.

Here’s Juha Alakarhu, head of imaging tech at Nokia, on the refreshed 3310:

“I’m really excited that we’ve found a way to marry our innovative PureView technology with such a beloved device. With its durable design and iconic look, we think even more people will enjoy our signature PureView magic.”

Of course this is an April Fools’ joke. But it’s pretty hilarious. Head on over to Nokia Conversations for the full specs of this fictitious phone.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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The Nokia 3310 to get a Windows Phone refresh, but only if you dream hard enough


Hey guyz there is a Chinese website who leaked developer preview for wp 8.1 and you can download the same using nokia care ..... I am downloading now

I'll take that rather than "Cherry Blossom Pink" which sounds really gay (no offense meant for LGBT :) )

Nah, I am using cyan L920 free from any carrier. Bought it from Jordan. I think it is available only in Europe and MEA.

I really hope that the Lumia 930 not making it in time for Build is an April Fools joke too, cuz I'll be like ha ha. 

Cyan is kind of an old color now. It was made to introduce the L900 sporting windows phone 7. But with the introduction of windows phone 8 , Nokia decided to go with yellow to represent WP8 . I wonder what's next ?

It would make more sense if they use the deep blue color as the new face because its gonna be called windows phone blue

Well, the next firmware from Nokia is called 'Cherry Blossom Pink' but that doesn't mean that we're gonna see a pink Lumia lol. But who knows :)

But it will pick charges electrons from thin and you will never need it to plug into wall socket.

Wow, did not know there was an WPC App for the Xbox One.   I don't own one yet, and while I knew that there were apps for it, I did not know how developed the app market was for the Xbox One.   Unless that's a April Fools prank as well.

God I hope I get a job soon so that I can buy one.....

Lumia 3310... "It started of as an April's Fool joke... Then, Microsoft (our cash cow) bought us and we dare to dream again"

Lol I nearly fell for it ... :D, the screen design looks so impractical that it made me wonder if its fake

I bet if this came out, especially in the European and Asian countries and with a decent price, it might sell well. I remember the days of aftermarket car stereos switching to electronic buttons but never caught on as old fashion rotary nobs were well loved. One day phones like these will come back and even phones with qwerty keyboards will be a hit again.

I believed the headline. How stupid of me even after knowing its April fools day. Didn't expect to be fooled by wpcentral..:D

But the idea is good. No need for 41mp, a little inexpensive Amoled, iconic shape, a decent camera. Nokia could sell millions if the price was right.
I like the shape of the Aprils fool design... Screen could still be a square.

I had one of these phones. It was dark blue. It was my second phone. My first phone ever being a Nokia 2110i. It had the extended battery so it was a brick. But man did I love holding it between my cheek and shoulder (while driving)and biting on the antenna to pull it out. Those were the days.

Just the screen shape and tiles alone are hilarious. I bet whoever mocked that up was laughing his or her butt off. :)

Come on guys, here's how April fools jokes work: you can't throw the joke and say it's a joke straight away, in the same article.

Awww this made me miss the days when phones have bold and unique designs. Every smart phone now has common design core.

Where are those guys that will comment on the bezel? where the eff are they? where are the guys who says seems faster? where the eff are you!?

Lol you know...this phone, if they managed to make it true, could very well be Windows Phone's best chance of ever reaching double digits and even become the number 1 OS. I can't count the amount of Android and iPhone users I know that say they wish they'd bring the 3310 back.

So perhaps Nokia's R&D team should pick up this joke and try to make it real...lol

That's pretty darn funny. I remember having one of those guys, back before Nokia exited the U.S. market and everyone here forgot who they were.

April fools news are so childish and stupid...If you take into account the time and work it takes to put together the fake article, you'd think they are wasting money. I wouldn't do these in a site of my own.

Nokia should have released a 3310 carbon copy, but with S60 3rd (like what we saw on the E5), a 2000 mAh battery, a crappy camera, and a Cortex A5 processor. Dreaming is free, but that phone could have been a beast, even with Symbian.