Nokia EOS 41-Megapixel Windows Phone camera caught on tape, optical focusing in tow?

We have seen a boat load of leaked images on what is believed to be the Nokia EOS Windows Phone.  The phone is reportedly in the early trial phases at AT&T, code named Elvis, and rumored to launch sometime in July.  While the still images are nice, we now have video of the camera in action.

The fifty second spot reveals a good bit about the camera and leaves us wanting more. It shows the lens cover open and shut plus it shows the camera having optical focus. You can see the front element of the lens move back and forth as it focuses.

You see the lens cover close as a shutter sound is heard. Some see this as the EOS having a mechanical shutter but I think it's more of a sound effect as the lens cover opens or closes.

The optical focus is a really nice feature and should allow the EOS camera to take sharper images. If all holds true, combined with a 41MP Sensor and image stabilization, Elvis should definitely rock the house.

Source: Vizileaks; Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Nokia EOS 41-Megapixel Windows Phone camera caught on tape, optical focusing in tow?



If you DO get a boner from watching this video, you are simply an unattractive nerd with absolutely no love life, and no hopes of having one.

"No life," are you calling him a vampire?! Maybe a zombie?! Seriously, I don't understand that comback, unless you believe in people who are dead, but still walking among us - hmm, I guess that's a life too, nevermind.  What exactly is a "no lifer?" because from what I can tell, no matter how we all live it, we all have a life, even you who doesn't realize that there are upmost of 7 billion people on this planet, and not everybody is the same.

I just don't get why such a big hump for that small lens? Maybe if it were in the middle it would make more sense but idk....

Maybe there is no space left in the phone to put extra processing chips required for this and rest of the hump is actually use to house extra chips...just guessing...

Its not a huge bump for small lens, its a huge bump for Monster badass sensor. I guess you obviously missed 808 PureView and N8, both have bumps and are smartphone camera kings of respective era. This thing with mechanical shutter, OIS and Optical focus is going to blow 808 PureView out of water, especially in low light.

PS: That bump is relatively small to what you can find on 808, so I can say Nokia has done good job reducing it.

Well it can't be worse integrated than Nokia's "Here Maps" on a 920, which if you want to use Maps from the launcher sends you to Nokia's app, but if you want to use Maps from a search sends you to the hidden Bing Maps which has an entirely different GUI from what you're used to using... :D

Yeah but Bing maps does have a button to send you directly too Nokia maps with a single press so its not the end of the world. It would be better if they had a default application config screen like windows where you can pick your default apps for certain file types and other stuff

When this comes to Verizon. It'll be bigger, look at the 822, (I think it out sold the 920) So, Nokia hurry up a release this to Verizon. I don't like carrier exclusives.

Get rid of CDMA BS and it can be had tight away across the board across carriers. Of only their LTE network carried voice, SMS, and Data and was prevalent throughout the country, I might consider switching.

FYI: Verizon plans to get rid of their CDMA network in the coming years...

It is also mentioned that all 4 major US carriers will share the LTE spectrum.  -I'm not entirely sure if that is correct or not, but it has been mentioned within the last year. 

What other kind of focus is there? If it were digital, you should be able to change the focus after the fact, eliminating the need for Lytro type cameras. I'm surprised that they mentioned this, as this is common place in almost phones nowadays. I looked at the lens in my 920 as it focused, and could see the front lens element move in and out.

Agree with you. All smartphones focus the same way. Only the shutter is new. It doesn't seem to be a sound played by the phone though. It looks like the sound of the shutter itself.

Am I the only person who isn't the slightest bit excited by this device? My 920 will suffice very nicely for now. I can't see the point in infinite MPs with a tiny lens aperture

Thank you for pointing this out, MPs aren't the answer put in a bigger sensor (such as a full screen sensor in a DSLR, I know that'd be a bigger phone) but that'll be the day. I'm happy with my 822.

Though the 808 does not have a DSLR-sized sensor, it it the largest sensor stuffed into any smartphone. The pixels on the 808's sensor are the same size as those on the iPhone 4s, and the 4s is no camera slouch. And the mp count is not the amazing part of the sensor. The amazing part is the software that goes along with the sensor. With so many pixels, the phone is able to use oversampling and combine pixels in order to get a more accurate, brighter pixel. This size sensor also allows for lossless zoom when in the correct mode. So yes, you are right; mp aren't everything. But the quality of the 808's pictures speak for themselves. Lets just hope the EOS can be as good or better than its predecessor.

I'll still say that's a great camera for any phone. Even the 928, and 920. But I prefer a "real" camera over any phone camera. But they are getting better and better. This one seems like the best out there. And it should be.

You're right, the 920 and 928 are great camera phones by any measures, though I wish the images were sharper on the 920. IMO, camera phones are now comparable to most mid-range point and shoot camera. The only thing camera phones are lacking is the optical zoom. But I'm sure that'll come into play in the next year or two.

well if it is, i would take a phamera like this over a phablet any day!! at least i would be able to fit it in my pocket xD

People wont buy this other than serious geeks. That round bulge is awful. Not to mention Nokia ditching wireless charging. All they have to do now is release it in 16gb and its well and truly fuc#ed!

People will buy it. What you really meant to say is people wont buy it in huge numbers, which was true of the pureview 808. It is a niche product but a good one, choice is what we want not phones that are all exactly the same.

I couldn't agree more! Where's my landscape slider??? Typing on this phone's soft keyboard should be interesting with that hump in the back.

Who knows, it might be the biggest selling lumia yet....

If we are going by reactions on various tech blogs and articles so far....

Sorry, as much as I love this the tech blogs are going to shit all over this thing and spread as much FUD about it as humanly possible. Why? Nokia/Microsoft.
If the same exact design was in a samsung or android device it would be praised to the end of time. Apple, and a temple would be built for worshippers.

I guarantee you the whole point of what this is will be intentionally lost on those who can't help but write with their prefferences, and prejudices showing. I hope people actually understand what this device is all and make their minds up based on that. Otherwise, if they let the same bloggers who continue to talk about the 920's weight and size while dismissing it's benefits, or can't write a credible article without fitting in a blurb about "lack of apps" then this thing will be doomed.

"People", i.e. Joe Smith, will buy it beacuse "Wow, 41 megapixels!!!". Geeks will buy it because they will know just how advanced it is.

I have to disagree with you, I find that round bulge totally BADASS.
If Nokia doesn't fuck up pricing, I will carry this mofo in my pocket like a boss.
This or rumoured EOS2 for sure.

I wonder how the battery will hold up? My 920 is kind of finely balanced for how I need it to work already...

I'm really starting to dig this phone, but I dont think it has 41 megapixels. It says XX which means twenty.

I'm gonna say it for the millionth time. The XX is just a placeholder. Now look up placeholder in the dictionary.

XX is a Placeholder.  It is put there on prototype phones so people who see it wouldnt know how many megapixels it is

I agree that it's probably not 41MP only because Windows phone 8 currently doesn't support any hardware that could handle a sensor that large. However, even with a ~20MP sensor this thing should still be a beast (20MP being the limit of what the currently supported hardware can handle). Very excited for this phone either way.

Post link for your claims, or else tell me what you're smoking cos I would love to have some of it. Windows Phone 8 runs the NT kernel it is more than capable of handling anything you throw at it.

Nice try but where in that link did they mention 20MP limitation? Stop making up stuff you can't back up. Also like with the LTE situation Nokia has inside access to remove any such limitation if it even exists. Also any such limitation will be due to the chipset and not WP8. 

He is right. S4 pro supports only up to 20MP. Qualcomm 600 and 800 are only SoCs that suppprt up tp 41MP. just viait Qualcomm's or Nvidias page.

OMG, will you read the comment below...

or simply go look up the 808 setup...

I seriously hope you guys never become Nokia engineers one day...technology will never get anywhere if you do. 

How about the product brief directly from Qualcomm: the wp8 exclusive chipset provider.


I'm not denying that Nokia might have some exclusive rights, but without anything definitive I have to base all my judgments on what Qualcomm and MS have defined. They may have indeed allowed Nokia to add an additional gpu but without proof of that Icorrect ake any assumptions. Until GDR3 comes out Windows phone 8 only officially supports dual-core processors. If I'm wrong I hope Daniel will correct me.

2 words: dedicated GPU

If it is a direct port of the 808, with a dedicated/seperate GPU (where digital processing and rendering is done solely by the GPU) it will be able to handle it.

Go read up on Broadcom videocore GPU's.  A lot of phones/tablets have dedicated GPU's so that the ISP on the SoC doesn't have to work so hard (which ultimately consumes a lot of power -thus causing massive battery drainage). 

Stop injecting logic into this conversation. I'm from the camp that says "Hi, we're Nokia. We always advertise stuff we can't deliver because we forgot to read up on the specs. I mean, that 41 MP number is just something we threw out there because it sounded awesome. We didn't know it actually had to deliver 41 MP. Jeeze, that's just Cray, man."

What couldn't they deliver , Its 41MP sensor as in it has 41Mpixels , They used the 41 pixel area to create your favorite photo aspect ratio 4:3 / 16:9. and thus the drop of MPs in the resulting pictures, and even the drop they suffered isn't close to what 8MP loses try doing a 16:9 on your Iphone5 8MP ... it won't be 8mp does this mean they didn't deliver too ...
Sorry dude you are either being ironic or an idiot.

Don't forget that we're talking about Nokia here. They could customize WP anytime they want (clock, double tap to unlock)
Now if it is HTC/Samsung/etc, then yes, it (41MP) probably won't happen.

Exactly. They could have modified it a lot more than they actually did but they opted for universal experience in all devices.

This is one god awful device! Who wants this bulge! Who needs a 41mp camera on a phone! Seriously, this will only sell in very small niche pockets.

My wife enjoys the bulge in my pants. ;-) And finally a camera I can afford, with a phone and computer attached. What more can you ask for?

Bingo!  This IS a niche device that is meant for a specific crowd. Soooooo, what's your point, and what's wrong with that? 

Really? Can you provide the link that shows that Nokia sold 15 million N8's? I've seen 5million sold, but even that has been disputed.

I will be thoroughly enjoying showing off my great bulge. Now, where can I find a small "Niche Pocket" that's selling this phone? Is that like a Best Buy, or something?

I am not sure about the EOS.  Don't get me wrong, I want one and most people on this site will want it but will the general public?  That huge circle and bump on the back does not fit the sleak designs we are seeing in the cell phone industry.  This phone will probably knock the socks off of picture taking but will its apperance scare people away from buying?
Feel free to send your hate mail my way for posting this.

You're bang on! This is a niche product. Im waiting for the next gen 920, hopefully due out in the fall!

i have had uglier phones that are thicker than this, and there are weirder phones out there. I think this will sell well imo.

There are some UGLY!!!! phones out there. I still like the look of this one; slightly awkward but not ugly to me. I would carry it but I am not sure a Galaxy of iSheep would

Perhaps this will buck the trend and put function over form in the mindset of the average idiot. One can only hope.

IDK why the buldge would stop anyone. Have you seen the nasty, overly-bulky covers on just about every iPhone? They make my HD7 with extra large battery look trim and sleek by comparison.

NOSHIT!!! Best comment yet. And some of you are worried that other people, besides yourself, aren't going to like this phone because it's too bulky? Here's a clue, don't buy it. Save your thoughts or go post them in the "Why I hate Nokia" forum.

Is there a "Why I Hate Nokia" forum? I would love to read that. 
On a serious note, I think any WP fan loves Nokia and this phone.  My comment was about the overall good of the platform.  We need phones like this but we also need phones that will appease those that want what the "other guys" are doing too.
The 925 is think and appealing and I think people will like it over something like the EOS regardless of function.

If you want what the "other guys" are doing then go buy what the other guys are doing. If you want what the "other guys" AREN'T doing, buy NOKIA. If you are worried about the "overall good of the platform", I'd say the platform is doing just fine. Your half assed attempt to defend your opening comment just further indicts yourself as a liar. You say you want one? Like hell you do. If you really want one that bad then why are you wringing your hands, crying about how it just doesn't look like all the other really cool phones out there? This isn't hate mail, by the way, this is I smell BULLSHIT mail.

Yes, i found you; the reason that people hate online forums!  Thanks for revealing yourself.  I never said I wanted anything other than WP or Nokia but the reality is that other people do.  And those other people are the ones that we want to give WP a shot.  I want WP to grow to more than just a cult following.  I agree; the platform is doing better than ever and with new phones/features/etc it will continue to grow.  I don't feel any pressure to defend anything and I am not sure where you think I lied but whatever.  I am a long time WP user and I am sure that you are too; we are a passionate bunch of people which has helped the platform grow.  I have owned multiple WP phones and would love to add another Nokia to that list.

I am sick of hearing this argument. Heard it so many times on the 920 release. Yes, some people put cases on slim phones making them bulky. But the fact is, the phone is slim to start with.
What about cases for the 920 or this EOS(why is it capitalised, that's a Canon thing, I thought it was supposed to be the name of a goddess..) I suppose you'll say it doesn't need it? Neither does the iphone..my friend has an iphone5, caseless, treats his stuff like crap and it's fine. While people mistake my 920 for having a case on it when it's naked, and I baby it because I don't want marks on the shell...

Anyways, back to EOS. I understand why it has the bulge. Just not a fan of how they did it. The big circle just looks really out of place. Perhaps it's better in person though. And definitely shutter. A lens cover that only covers the lens, and not the front element wouldn't be too useful..

So ugly wtf... I wish It was a bit more thin than the 920 so you could get a case to even out the bump

If it were red I might be aroused. Please give us some cool colors Nokia. I don't know if I can give up my red 920 for some boring black or white color.

Conspiracy Theory:  Since this is a "very" controlled leak...Does anyone have doubt that Nokia is leaking these themselves?

What other way to start leaking stuff right before WWDC?  Every news site picked this video up!  -and I'm surprised that Gizmodo, Engadget, and the Verge has this video out before WPC...-not that I'm complaining...But it's getting a lot of attention now. 

It's marketing without spending a DIME!

Otherwise if these leaks were unintentional, I think we would be getting some rougher images/and not this video here.

Oh you mean someone taking a unit out of the controlled facility and out to a grassy area, laying it in the grass and taking pictures of it? Yeah, security it too tight for that to happen.

No...I mean Nokia themselves are actually leaking this on purpose...especially since WWDC is around the corner.  Go read on other articles and you will see.  I'm not the only one that has stated this before.  This is very controlled -meaning we are seeing leaks each day and building hype.  Its a cheap and maybe good marketing strategy, especially if all tech sources are writing about it  -not to mention that the EOS has been anticipated ever since Nokia went all in with MS. 

I'm not that naive to think that if this was unintentional (by a random person who got their hands on a testing device is behind doing these leaks) as we would most likely not be getting these kind of  leaks.  Usually leaks come out in renders of the devices -days right before they are launched.  Rumor has it, it won't be another month before this launches. 

I dunno. I just find it weird that we have seen leaks each day since what, Monday?  Doesn't that strike you odd?

This is a low-volume, brand-building product, a state-of-the-art statement to get the media writing and tongues wagging about WP. This is not the market-share building Lumia some tout it as being. Other, cheaper products will fill that role.
Regarding the MPx count. Even on the 808 you are not actually supposed to be using the 41MPx mode unless needed; rather, you use the 5MPx or 8MPx Pureview mode to take superior photos (correct geometry, good sharpness, proper colours and good dynamic range) at reasonable file and printable sizes.

im not a big camera buff, but thats really cool...not a fan of how the lens sticks out, but i guess to a photographer they would just use a case to protect it.


That lens cover should be outside the first (protective) glass...seeing as how this thing protrudes so far I think it will get scratched up over time from stuff in pockets, surfaces it's rested on etc (i.e., I don't think it's recessed enough). What is the point of having a mechanical cover if it's behind glass anyhow? What am I missing here?

for those that keeps whining about "OH... EW UGLY, IT HAS THE CAMERA HUMP".. stop cryin and GO KICK SOME ROCKS!.. this will take NOKIA / WP8 to the NEXT LEVEL whether you like it or not!

Now we just need Microsoft to start rolling out updates. Come on Microsoft. It would be nice if it came preloaded with WP8.1, which I know is not going to happen. But EOS, is a beast :)

I'm torn. I'm a filmmaker who is always taking photos, but I've never fully acclimated to how my L920 feels in my hand. Yes, i love the 920's cam, so it's a tradeoff. I recently played with a friend's L925 and loved how it felt in hand. So, now we have the L920 dims + an unsightly bulge. The photos from this thing really need to kill for me to consider this as I've been thinking of downsizing to an 820 or 720.

It's a tradeoff dude... You can't have a 41MP sensor and expect the phone not to have a Quasimodo's hump. This is a freakin phone with a 41MP sensor that does outstanding oversampling and lossless zooming for crying out loud. Has anyone not seen what the 808 can do? As a photographer, I do not care if it has a hump...all I care about is what the sensor can do. Seeing that you are a filmmaker, go to youtube and look up my good ole friend Christopher Westerholm and check out his 808 videos. You may be surprised to see what the 808 is able to do.

You're a film maker? Glad you cleared that up because I thought you were a pussy. Do you seriously think like that or did someone pay you to write that comment? Someone with an Apple tattooed on their lower back? Maybe an ugly assed robot.

Optical focus? Lumia 920 have that... And I hope they shrink that bulge down a bit. even if they shrink about 1mm it's something

Judging from the very first (yellow innards) leak a couple of days ago...it looks like a 2000mAh battery---the same as the 920. 

It looked tight fitting in there, so I bet they had to keep the battery small so it could fit with the massive sensor. 

Does anybody knows if they will present THE REAL NEXT FLAGSHIP as usually in september? I want to buy a new phone but 920 and his brothers are from past generation and this Eos I dont like, its a very good phone for taking pictures and thats is, not for me.

That doesn't look like a lens cover. It looks more like a mechanical shutter. Which would allow the camera to take better stills.

is it me or did i notice a change of aperture there , (If this is the case i could accept not having OIS ...)
Although i'm scared no solid  mentioning of OIS yet om EOS.

For those complaining about the bump..snap on a wireless charging cover. bump is now nearly flush. smart engineering by nok actually. I bet they anticipated majority of owners adding a cases.