Nokia holding “world premier” event in Moscow later this month; details remain scarce though as to what it is

Nokia has sent out invites to a few Russian Windows Phone sites, including WP7Forum.ru for an August 28th event. The invite, always a good source for clues, simply shows a piano keyboard along with the “world premier” and date written across.

Speculation on the conservative side would suggest the launch of Nokia Music, but that is already up and running in that region. Perhaps a keyboarded device? Maybe but so far there has been zero indication that Nokia would make such a phone, in fact, they have been adamant in the past that they won’t.  And as WP7Forum point out, it would be odd to have a “world premier” for an accessory, though we suppose anything is possible.

One cannot also discount the possibility of another Asha series device, which would have little implication for Windows Phone users. Finally, the device in question could be a Lumia tailored for the Russian market, akin to the Lumia 928 for Verizon.

But at this point, there is little to go on—probably just the way Nokia likes it. We’ll keep digging though for clues.

Source: WP7Forum.ru


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Nokia holding “world premier” event in Moscow later this month; details remain scarce though as to what it is


In which county? All Windows 8 devices I've seen (including my Surface RT) had the Seattle Space Needle as the wallpaper.

I was wondering when Xbox One comes out will we have an update to log in our Xbox accounts on our phones with our Xbox One account???

A bit off topic, but Moscow is the worlds 5th largest city. New York ranks in at number 18. ;)

None of that matters. NYC is considered a major media capital of the world. That's why it is chosen for big announcements. 

The actual population of a city has zero to do with choice for product announcements. It's so irrelevant I can't believe a few of you are bringing it up. It's about media access. No one from major sites or news outlets will fly to Moscow for a major device announcement that has world wide implications. 

@ why this place can't be #Mumbai. World press is interested in anything happens in Mumbai. And they are here already.
This event is for Russia only with nothing or little to do with us.
It's just Nokia wants our attention That's why It's called world premier I guess.
no offence.

Nokia shares it around some. What's the problem? One exclusive hands on review by russkywpfanboy.com is not going to kill this site.

probably Moscow because of new Nokia exclusive app - gaycatcher. Earn $$$ from Putin for spotting and ratting on them

Actually, by population, NYC = 8th in the world and Moscow is 16th.  At least if Wikipedia is correct.
By other factors (Urban area etc.) they all juggle around.
We are so OT...

Actually in Moscow area there is over 11 million people (registered) and with non-reg together over 15 m. New York area there is 8.2 million. But none of this is not relevant, as Daniel said. It's all about how media is involved in smart/cellphone business.

Where's my app just notified me about a new app, but my screen turned off before I could see it. Anybody Know what it was?

But it can't be about a device tailored to the Russian market either. It would be silly to preface a Russia-only release with "world premier". If there's anything truly "worldly" coming, the invites will come.

Sadly, the tech blogger world (and, by extension, the mobile device suppliers and therefore the consumers themselves) is so obsessed with thinness and lightness that I doubt Nokia would dare release a phone with a keyboard akin to the Dell Venue -- look at the undeserved scorn poured on the Lumia 920 simply for being a bit thicker and heavier than the iPhone 5 (despite being far fuller-featured).
I think the piano/RT lockscreen link is a little too obscure and that this announcement will be simply something Nokia Music related.  We'd surely have heard more by now if it was related to the tablet or phablet rumours.

Just to get attention of the world that nokia is doing something.
It's just a buzz for people around the world.
Nothing for rest.. Will check it out. Surely nothing special for us.
And @Daniel why this place can't be #Mumbai. World press is interested in anything happens in Mumbai. And they are here already.

To make it seem special, maybe? If a Nokia Lumia 927 solely for the Russian market is announced, it's a world premiere even if it's just a slightly modified 920...

What a shame they chose a country who is giving shelter to an American wanted for espionage & a place where being homosexual is wrong

Yeah, because the NSA and gays have everything to do with phones..on second thought, the NSA does seem to love tapping phones..

I applaud them for taking him in. Agree with the second point.
Though I can't quite see why you bring it here? I haven't heard anybody complain about one Nokia event being held in NYC, inside a country that does systematic torture and violates international law openly for past 11 years. 
US is unfortunately hardly any different than China in many respect. Actually in espionage they seem to be way worse than Chinese ever believed to be. 

Странно видеть русский текст на англоязычном новостном ресурсе :)

Based on that piano and the Surface commercials with the iPad piano. It's no doubt a tablet. Hahaha That would be pretty funny if that's what they were going for.

Surely it wont be a Lumia tailored for the Russian market, that wouldnt be a world premier?
I hope its to announce that you can now get Lumias in a "Rainbow" of colours and its launched with lots of rainbow flags in Russia.

Even though Moscow may not be 'The Media Center' of the world, I'm sure the announcement will reach every part of the world in 24 hours. In this time and age media is not required to be on site for publicity to ensue.

If they will allow visitors, I'll be sure to attend this event. World premier in Russia... Maybe we will finally be recognized by world's mass media.

Could this Nokia event in Moscow have something to do with the up coming Olympics?  A sponsorship or official supplier announcement?

Everyone's wrong. They're going to hold public executions of all the assholes at Google.
(jk,jk, lol)

Its extremely difficult to get a Russian visa to visit the country. Whatever the event is, i assure you its something localized to the Russian market. Not a wide release like a tablet announcement.

Я люблю Россию. Жаль что много не понимают как круто жить в Москве. What's the difference where Nokia wants to announce their products.NYC isn't the only media city. We should all be happy as windows phone community that Nokia has something new to show us. Я ещё раз повторяю,я очень люблю Россию!!!

Nokia's thanks to Russian carriers for stop selling IPhone and they are all set to promote WP Phones in big time.


ANOTHER Nokia phone.... yea, I know they have to sell phones but, dam, I am getting sick of it. They are phone whores.
Every time a Nokia comes out, it's got a great camera, then 2 weeks later, there is a better camera and again...  Give it a break for a while.
I look over my 928 and claimed to have the best camera like the 920 but, even better and the 925 comes out 2 weeks later...
Think I would prefert HTC who releases 1-2 phones a year, so I dont feel outdated a moth after buying a phone..