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Goodbye Nokia

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Goodbye Nokia

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From Nokia to Microsoft

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Windows Phones

Nokia Lumia 635 for AT&T and T-Mobile available for pre-order at US Microsoft Store site

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Microsoft teases possible launch date of a green Lumia or successor to the X

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Nokia pulls HERE Drive and Transit apps due to installation issues

HERE Services

Nokia has pulled the updates for HERE Drive and Transit due to some issues consumers have been experiencing when attempting to install the latest versions. We covered the releases recently with the new features and pricing for all Windows Phones. What's interesting is Nokia has stated that it will be offering its collection of HERE Windows Phone apps to all smartphones.

The error displayed on the store is that both apps are no longer published. We'll keep you all updated as to when the apps are once again available to download. Source: TwitterThanks to everyone for the tips!


Reader comments

Nokia pulls HERE Drive and Transit apps due to installation issues


Had this issue since this morning around 730am pst time.  Had two notifications to DL update, but couldnt even download.  THen both transit and drive were not in the store. 
Yet i still have the tile count for updates. 

I got the update for everything else. Then I uninstalled drive. Then I could not reinstall it. Then I got lost today...

My Nokia drive was crashing as soon as it started after the update on my 620, so i uninstalled then installed again from the store (before it was pulled). Working great now.

Why didn't they put the old one back up while they fix the new one?? If I had attempted to upgrade and it failed, I'd want to at least revert back.

I'm suspecting it's because MS doesn't allow it... they have lots of restrictions on what you can and can't do.

Agreed. Nokia/Microsoft lost at least one potential customer over this. My friend went to AT&T to get a Lumia 820 last night, but he couldn't download HERE Drive+. Turn-by-turn navigation is really important to him, so he went for an iPhone instead. Somewhat petty, I know, but this is what is happening out there as a result of Nokia's mistake...

SE US as well, works better than Google and Lexus in car navi.
I've probably put 3,000+ miles on it, never led me astray.

Funny how things work. I hard reset my L920 (no good reason) and after restart, uninstalled all unnecessary apps, including all Nokia apps that are now Here apps, thinking I would reinstall them, as fresh installs. As I know now, Here Drive was nowhere to be found. I thought maybe because it is still in beta and that is why I cannot find it anymore, but now I see it may be because they pulled it. Does anybody know if the Drive app can be uninstalled and reinstalled, even though it is in Beta?

Yes, you can re-install Drive whenever you like. I do it all the time because I grow tired of there outdated maps...but got to look if something changes.

That's what I meant by coming soon. I think there was an article about it on here. Seems there was some other new features, but I forget what.

Hope to get it worked out soon. Here Drive was my most reliable drive application, and now I don't have it.

I got Co-Pilot a few weeks back. They give a 2 week full out trial and its not half bad. I eventually bought it because it is that good. Might be worth checking it out in the interim. You might just like it as I did.

I got Co-Pilot a few weeks back. They give a 2 week full out trial and its not half bad. I eventually bought it because it is that good. Might be worth checking it out in the interim. You might just like it as I did.

Co-Pilot is easy superior Drive. You could argue that you pay for them but there app is so cheap its like its a pro tool for free.

Hi everyone, this is Pino from the HERE team at Nokia. We have found the bug, fixed it and we are testing now the new build. All the apps will be available for download again anytime soon.
For those who asked, yes, we thought about all the possible solutions, including republishing the old version. But the one we opted for is the best compromise.
Thanks for your patience.

I'm not lucky, I've reset my Lumia 920, had fun with gears for 1 day, then I found that I can't download here drive !! Hope it will available soon

Yes receiving the error: 80320011 here
At least the old one is working nice, but not let me update at all.
Hope they fix this soon