Nokia's Monday Announcement: Nokia 808 coming to the U.S.

Nokia 808 with Pure View camera

While Microsoft took center stage yesterday with the Surface tablet, Nokia had an announcement of their own to make. We briefly mentioned this with speculation that Nokia might be a party to Microsoft's event but quickly learned that these were two separate events. Even though it doesn't deal with Windows Phones, we felt the need to come full circle with things.

Yesterday, Nokia announced that the Nokia 808 with 41 megapixel Pure View camera will be released in the U.S., unlocked, through Amazon.com. The 808 will run $699 and will be compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

There is still some speculation that we'll see the Pure View camera make the jump from the 808 to a Windows Phone later this year but for the time being, Pre-orders for the Symbian phone should begin later this week. You can sign up for notification here at Nokia.com.

Source: Nokia Conversations


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Nokia's Monday Announcement: Nokia 808 coming to the U.S.


Not sure why WPCentral has been picking up Nokia/Microsoft/Windows Phone stories so much slower than other tech sites. Step it up WPCentral.

It's interesting they would launch a product like this after just re-entering the U.S. market successfully with a Windows based smartphone.  I have no idea what they are thinking.

They are thinking... We have a warehouse full of these things and our stock is tanking. Any $ is good cash at this point. Its direct through amazon only, so there should be little to no branding type confusion as only ppl looking for an 808 will be picking one up.

From the article:  "Even though it doesn't deal with Windows Phones, we felt the need to come full circle with things."
As in, they mentioned last week that Nokia was having an event on Monday.  Rather than let it hang out there, they mentioned what the event was.  For those, like me, who don't follow their mobile news anywhere else but here, I can appreicate this short article.
Reading is good for you!

Nokia response says elements of Pureview will be in future Windows phones. Have a feeling it will not have as big of a sensor.  Hopefully will still be as good (and have the same audio) as Ive been putting off a new phone for a Windows Pureview.

Seconded! I thought I was the only one. Now if only they could port the Symbian way of frugal power usage too...

It may be Symbian (perceived old and slow, blah blah blah), but if MS and Nokia can make the WP software work with variants of this tech, then I firmly believe Windows Phone will have a USP that won't be bettered for years, if at all, and a serious plus point for the OS.

In case it didn't show, I'm quite excited for the future once PureView is successfully implemented.

I am eagerly anticipating this technology in a Lumia. The zoom feature puts it above all other camera phones. If it looks just like the 808 I would be fine with it.

I wish they would recess the camera area a tad.  That dark plastic/glass cover is going to get scratched up big time like the chrome strip on the 900.

Well Symbian OS is Linux-based like Android, so probably... Somebody would have to develop a custom ROM that would give you the three buttons virtually, though, as Symbian doesn't have them.

Well, anybody who owns a l900 and is supporting WP and Nokia, should be hoping it does well with the financial trouble Nokia is having right now

I'm a Lumia 800 user and a Nokia N8 user. The Nokia Belle version of Symbian is good. The 808 processor is almost twice as fast as the one in the N8. I for one hopes the 808 is a success, it certainly is the best camera phone by far. It's not a bad smartphone either.