Pick up your free copy of Halo Spartan Assault for your Nokia Lumia 1520

Halo Spartan Assault

Did you pick up a Nokia Lumia 1520 yet? If so, you’re probably aware that one of the perks was a free copy of Microsoft’s Halo: Spartan Assault for your new Lumia 1520. How do you get it? How about going skipping to after the break and downloading with the special link for all you Lumia 1520 owners.

Halo: Spartan Assault is easily one of the most impressive games available for Windows Phone. Your game syncs with the Windows 8 counterpart, so you can play and progress across all your devices. We’ve got the link you’ll be using to access the game for free on your Lumia 1520. Hopefully you enjoy playing on that beautiful, 1080p display.

The game clocks in 716MB for the download and will usually ask for a little more space to install after that. So make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network before you start download. Don’t forget to read our review of the game.

Want it? Get it in the Windows Phone Store today. Again, that link is for folks with the Lumia 1520. It shows up on Daniels device, but won’t install on my 1020, duh. If you want Spartan Assault for other devices than the 1520 go get it.

Thanks for the tip Cesar R!

QR: Halo Spartan Assault


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Pick up your free copy of Halo Spartan Assault for your Nokia Lumia 1520


Before you guys tell me.. I know that's the Lumia 925 in the picture. Dan is traveling and can't take a pic today and mine doesn't come till next week! #dealwithit :)

Me too! And that's how I ended up with an unlocked Lumia 920. My contract expires in August next year and either T-Mobile will have a Nokia or even another device on par with the best(and at least 32gb) or will be tapdancing with AT&T for a while.

there are post here talking about wanting a 925 with 32gb of storage but finding that they are exclusive to other network, i find that problem too here in the UK, is it possible to get that chip put into the 16gb and then flashed to current firmware or is the pcb layout around that area different? Maybe you could do this as a feature.

Sam, do you think it's possible to find a proxy trick to make WP store think my device is a 1520, and then i can get the game for free? O:)

AT&T & Amazon sure making it easier to get that Phablet.
I'll play the waiting game, fingers crossed that it comes to T-Mobile in all its 6inch glory.

For now I'll find solitude in my Xbox One.

Game looks beautiful on 1520 wow your missing it and so easy to play on that big screen very proud owner of the Lumia 1520.

The 1020 came with free camera case when purchased from MS's store???
That being said, I wouldn't mind free stuff like this for my 1020 either :)

Exactly the same situation, I thought now I'm ready to spend 6.99 cuz play it on big screen would def be worth it

I don't see how this is any indication of pre-orders. It's simply an incentive, just like any other.

Definitely. Iwork= better buy a WP, cause there is 0 productivity on those apps.
I bought the pages app so I could write a paper on the go, terrible compared to Word on WP. Opened it once, used it, realized with horror that id wasted $6 on nothing, deleted.
at least halo is fun ;)

Microsoft store had a free case 20 dollar gift card and the halo game att had 20 dollar gift card and the game since pre orders they already had it planned since day 1.

Depends on when Nokia releases an international version. I don't think ATT will be doing higher storage ones... That being said, it supports up to 64GB expansion, not sure what you need the 32GB base for (well, unless you need ~85_90GB space ofc)

It's expected in Norway January 16...with 32GB and built in wireless charging. Why? Because that's what Nokia really made. Just because it has expandable memory doesn't mean it's ok for AT&T to rape it.

The media is a bunch of BS❕ Last week the media says that WP is trailing way behind iDroid, which has hundreds of thousands more apps than WP... WP gets two popular apps and now the media is reporting that WP is closing the app gap.... Just shows you how stupid the reports a month ago about WP not having enough apps were, and just shows you how petty fans of other platforms can be.. Although I'm glad that WP is getting these positive reports, because they can dramatically help persuade the average sheep like developer to support WP, if WP was so far behind yesterday how can 2-4 more apps be "closing the gap"❔❔ It just pisses me off because WP should've been getting more respect, and recognition, before these few apps were available.. Just goes to show you the BS dynamics of the market, and how one wrong move can make or break you.. You being Microkia...

Thanks. But I guess at some point there has to be a pivotal moment that makes everyone give in and finally admit WP is worthy.. Jesus,, it's like being jumped into a gang.. You keep trying to prove yourself, but they keep jumping you, but when they see that you refuse to give up they finally respect you, and welcome you in.. I guess Apple is the Crips, Google are the Bloods, And MS is the Hells Angels... BB is the South Park Mexicans.. Lol❕

I understand your frustration but seriously, when millions and millions of people can have X app BUT windows phone, it is a big deal when we get it and it really is closing the app gap. Be happy WP is getting positive press...i sure am!!! - proud 1020 owner

No, you don't understand my frustration, because that has nothing to do with what I'm talking about.. I'm not talking about the specifics of whether it is, or isn't closing the app gap, or if these apps matter, or not.. That's besides the point.. My point is about peoples unwillingness to accept new things, give credit where credit is due, and plainly just be reasonable about the reality of a given situation.. It's really not so much about WP, as it seems... It's about those $tupid, f$#%@$#, dumb a$$, %$&&$#@@$#$%&%%$ douch bags❕.. Lol❕

It's because they're big name apps and many people would not be willing to move platforms without them. Sure, WP has some nice apps by small developers that plug the holes but it's the big name apps that bring across the numbers. The gap is closing due to the launch of these 3-4 apps because there isn't so many big name apps missing from the WP ecosystem anymore. It's now becoming an OS where people can switch to without having to make significant amounts of compromises in terms of the main apps they used to use on other platforms. The total number of apps is not important in bridging the gap, it's the top 25 or so apps on the competition that is. If WP can say we've got the top 25-50 apps from the other platforms then there'll be few people complaining about a shortage of apps. These few new apps over the past week have brought that number down of missing apps considerably.

You're 100% Correct.. But, it still doesn't justify how unfair of a shake WP got without these, let's say two apps.. But, you're right, and it just goes to show how petty, and uniformed, the media is about WP... WP had unofficial versions of these apps months ago that are better than the official versions... We should call it closing the name brand gap, not app gap, because anyone who actually did their research, and was willing to give WP a fair review, would've proclaimed the app gap narrower on WP a long time ago... The reality is that if WP Lost the unofficial versions of Instagram, and Vine, but kept the official versions, the platform would actually digress❕... Now, when I start seeing the media talk like that, and give credit where credit is due, then I won't make points like my original point... Nevertheless, I do understand the significants of official apps...

I hear ya, it has been quite annoying to read such bad press when alot of it comes from, like you put it perfectly, the unwillingness to accept new things. Believe me, I still cringe at the "there is no notification center". Ugh, its called a start screen and it works perfectly.

So true! What bothers me about the whole thing is that Android got INCREDIBLE leniency when it was a young OS. If I had a $1 for every time I heard, "Android is new, give it time," I'd be ordering a private plane right now. But if even one app goes without an official presence on Windows Phone, everyone thinks the platform stands no chance. It really is frustrating.

Just to play devil's advocate: when android was new, the mobile OS landscape was still forming. There weren't any set "rules" or expectations as to what a mobile OS should offer. Each one was still experimenting. But now the market has matured and people come to expect certain basic features from a mobile OS. While I'm a WP fan/supporter/user, it pisses me off to no end that it took this long to get a basic feature like orientation lock and we still don't have an option to adjust ringtone and media volume independently. These are very basic features that can literally be found on every other mobile OS. It doesn't seem too ridiculous to expect those to be present in WP, especially considering it's already experienced multiple huge updates (mango, WP8, etc.)

Now, you, my friend, I extremely agree with... Excuses, excuses.. And, I especially hate excuses coming from sheepish WP fans, which I'm beginning to see more, and more, of.. That's coming from THE biggest WP fan IN THE WORLD❕

Do you really want these narrow minded folk to enjoy WP? I feel like they don't deserve it...and also, i just love being the underdog :)

Just ordered It, its arriving Tuesday, only need to unlock it to use on mobile, anyone has a suggestion who to use for the unlock??

I downloaded it just fine on my 1520 for at&t in the U.S. But what I don't understand is why we still don't have the NBA Game Time app in the States. What's up with that??? But its available in the U.K.??? You think it would be available it the country the sport was played...

Would love to install Halo & hopefully my 1520 pre-order will finally arrive before the promo expires.

I didn't know I could get this for free for my 1520! I was just about to buy it when I chanced upon this article. Once again, WPCentral saves my day! Muchas gracias.

Same problem. Just got my lumia 1520 and happily retrieved this article to find the link. But no matter which market I select, it always says it's not for my device or region

Same Problem Too. I'm living in UAE and i just bought the 1520 global version, but i can't download the game, i even try to do it through SD installation but stiil same issue.

same thing on mine.  tried to talk to chat support at microsoft store but that was about as productive as asking my dog technical questions.  scratch that, at least he gives me cute quizical stares instead of pasting information from some chat diagram.

anyone figures this out, please let me know.  that's a $7 app i was counting on getting for free.