Debunked: Microsoft's Belfiore: "Some problems" with AT&T Lumia 900

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A supposed earlier correspondence between Microsoft's Joe Belfiore and Aamer Khan denoting "problems" with the Lumia 900 is evidently erroneous.

Belfiore has sent out a Tweet, in response to our own Rafael Rivera, noting that the account referred to in our earlier post is in fact a fake:

Any alleged FACEBOOK message from me that claims anything is wrong with Lumia 900 ... also a fake. :)

The Lumia 900 is a Nokia phone in AT&T stores.. the launch date is Nok + AT&T's news to announce. Not us MS folks. Sorry!

So while we still don't have a Lumia 900 on AT&T and no firm date is in place, let it be known, we now know nothing more nor nothing less than a few hours ago.


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Debunked: Microsoft's Belfiore: "Some problems" with AT&T Lumia 900


Lol, Sounds like he pissed someone off at att or MS and now it was only a fake account. Sure.....

So the 'real' Joe uses Android then. Well at least he didn't jump ship yet compared to all the other senior MS guys in the WP division.

Where does it say he uses Facebook for Android? I seemingly looked everywhere and the only trace of using something was the Graduation pics where he uses Windows Live

For we know he might be using Facebook for Android to see how the WP FB app fares in terms of features and quality.

Glad Rafael is a smart cat.  This kind of crap is ridiculous.  Also, the original message from the fake Joe was completely written in Engrish.

So, he's "been using one for weeks and it rocks" while us mortals don't even know the dates.. nice, real nice..

I just went back to iPhone a couple days ago, still like some features on WP7 but iPhone def still the superior phone. Maybe in a few years, WP will catch up with their marketplace and the marketing needs alot of work.

If I had to guess.. I would say you are one of the many troll accounts created to put down WP. I bet a simple IP trace would prove me right.

Or he could be a grown ass man with his own opinion that has nothing to do with some conspiracy against a hunk of plastic....it truly isn't that serious

Hey TonyDedrick i would agree with that comment lol but ive seen that same post from same dude in over 9 articles if he likes the iphone thats great lol but if he was just a grown man with an opinion i doubt he would spend his time at wp7 site bad mouthing winphone lol

It doesn't really sound like badmouthing. Just sounds like stating his opinion. He gives some credit to WP. Clearly, its not his complete cup of tea. There are some hangups I still have with the OS and I have no qualms expressing it. Doesn't mean I'm badmouthing. 

I played with a couple 900s the other day and it seemed like they were ready to roll. Not sure what's taking Nokia and AT&T so long. Although camera performance did seem rather mediocre so maybe they're trying to improve that before release.

I love this site, but what I do hate is how any rumor is quickly reported trying to be the “scoop”, when in fact, most are deemed false and there is a follow up article. It’s crappy reporting and amateur at best. I wish this site would not report the rumors, unless they are 95 % sure. Otherwise , you’re just like any other 1000 blogger sites out there, but without the credibility, reporting crap! 

At least they report them as rumors and ask us to take them with a grain of salt. It's still much better than wmpoweruser. They go rumor crazy over there!