Verizon Nokia Lumia 929

Revealed – The Nokia Lumia 929, Verizon’s 5 inch 1080P Windows Phone

Although Nokia had a lot to announce a few weeks ago in Abu Dhabi, one of those devices not mentioned was the Nokia Lumia 929, destined for Verizon. That device is said to be in carrier testing right now and it could be released between Thanksgiving and the beginning of next year.

The Nokia Lumia 929 is a custom phone built for Verizon, featuring a 5-inch 1080P AMOLED display. It’s in many ways just a bigger, more powerful Lumia 928, as it features a Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 CPU and updated internals.

Now, high quality photos of this device have been revealed to Windows Phone Central and we have the inside scoop of Verizon’s flagship Lumia.

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929 – Release date TBD

  • Qualcomm Quad-core Snapdragon 800 at 2.2 GHz
  • 5 inch AMOLED display, 1080 x 1920
  • 2 GB of RAM; 32 GB of internal storage (no micro SD)
  • 20 MP PureView rear camera with oversampling (16 MP + 5 MP photos); Front facing camera
  • Dual LED flash
  • NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Qi wireless charging
  • FM Radio
  • At least three HAAC microphones
  • Data Sense, NFL Mobile, Verizon Tones, VZ Navigator, My Verizon Mobile, Nokia StoryTeller, Nokia Screen Beamer
  • Available colors: glossy white or matte black

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929

Size (hand measured)

  • Height: 136.5 mm
  • Width: 71.4 mm
  • Thickness: 10.5 mm
  • Weight: 166 g

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929

Our source of the images has revealed that the body is similar to the Lumia 928, though there is a metal band wrapping around the edge of the phone to make it sturdier. There is a headphone jack on the center-top and a micro USB charger at the bottom, a change from the Lumia 928. Buttons are said to be ceramic and the LTE radio takes a micro SIM card, which is positioned near the top.

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929

The device is said to be very quick, most likely due to the advanced Qualcomm processor. The device will also ship with Windows Phone Update 3 and of course the Lumia Black firmware.

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929

Overall, Verizon appears to have a winner on their hands with this phone. At 1080P, the display looks fantastic and the smaller size (when compared to the Lumia 1520), means more people will gravitate towards it when looking for a new phone. The high end specs should satisfy most tech enthusiasts and the Nokia build quality should make this a great seller.

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929

Verizon Nokia Lumia 929


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Revealed – The Nokia Lumia 929, Verizon’s 5 inch 1080P Windows Phone



This phone looks sleek as hell !!!! Too big for my liking but nevertherless, I would say no if someone gave me one.

All Verizon phones with LTE must be unlocked as  part of their agreement with the FCC in leasing the LTE band that they have leased.  Search 47 CFR 27.16 for the fine print.

Does that mean it will work 100% properly on ATT?

Meaning, 3g, 4g, and LTE all work like any other ATT phone?

If so i'll be getting one of these, i'd goto verizon, but the mrs. isn't going to give up her 1020 any time soon.

No guarantees. Look in the 822 and 928 forums to see threads about people using the devices on other carriers. There have been difficulties, but I believe they have all been resolved with GDR2. Research for yourself and decide if the risk is worth it to you.

Not necessarily. Different phones are optimized for different bands. I don't know what the discrepencies are between Verizon and AT&T but it's significant from AT&T to T-Mobile, I can attest to this. I had a phone designed for AT&T unlocked and it performed terribly on T-Mobile. I'd previoulsy owned the TM version of the phone and the difference in speed and signal strength were both significant (enough for me to get another phone). Again I don't know if the same applies with Verizon but it's a definite possibility. 

So do i i would take it to Tmobile all the way! and this phone aint big although the pic makes it look bigger its about the same size as the S3 or S4

I hope this will be released worldwide. 1520 is too big for most people.

5 inch is perfect phone and would be a great successor for Lumia 920.

The Note 3 is similar in size to the 1520 and Samsung sold 5 million in the first month of release. Obviously there is a pretty large market for large screen phones.

Note 3 also has a stylus. After playing around with Note 3, a stylus would be a nice feature on the 929/1520, etc...I can't help but think Nokia is going to have a hard time competing on this size device when there are similar products with more features. A stylus might seem like a nascent option, but on 5"+ phones it almost seems like a natural fit.

Agreed. Same issue as HTC One Max. Larger phone is awesome, but compared to others with a s-pen, the features are lacking. It's what I jumped to the Note 3 for.

I suspect this will be named something other than 929. maybe 930 or 940.

This is a true 920 successor. I think it will outperform HTC One, S4 but still unsure about iPhone 5S. 5S has got a blazing fast chip too bat it does not has Windows :P

If this device would be released worldwide I would hand my lumia 920 to my wife and buy me one of these.  Or if they release a device with all identifical technical specs but with a body like the 920 I would definitely buy it.

My dream device would be a 1080p lumia 920-like (or a little bigger, 32GB, Qi, ...) device with a camera similar to the 1020 but with a smooth performance.

What's with the disformed back plate on picture 5? Hopefully this is just a bad prototype because it's not like Nokia to ship with build quailty like that.

That's the reason i didn't upgraded to 925... Currently using 820.... 1320 and 1520 are way to big....!!!

Too big? Did you look at comparison pic between 929 and 1020? Almost same size. If you look carefully, I think Nokia design has lost some bezel.

Lumia 929 will be the most successful Nokia high-end phone ever.  It easily beats AT&T L1520 in every aspects - size, weight, RAM and inbuilt Qi.  It has combined the best parts of L925, L928 and L1520 into one device.  Nokia should make it available globally.  They will be surprised how well it will do.  Between L929 and L525, WP will make a major crack in the US market.  I'm ready to make a jump from AT&T to Verizon in the coming June.

It is a debatable subject whether a microSD is needed with the expanding use of the Cloud storage.  32Gb serves me fine on my L920 and L1020.  I always have 10-12GB storage left on my phones.  I never felt the need for microSD.  Besides, I heard there will be a 64GB version for L929.  That would definitely void the needs for microSD, as least for me anyway.

I have a 32GB 920 and it's FULL. Streaming isn't reliable in the multiple locations I travel. That's why I purchased a ATIV S I've got over 50GB on my SD card. I'd love to have a large screen SD card option on a Nokia.

There is no debate. After i reinstalled my apps I had 7gb left on my 920 on day 1. Until carriers bring back unlimited data and at an affordable price people will be too overage fee conscious to use cloud extensively. Plus the cloud can be slooooow for larger data transfers.

Unless it just doesn't work for you (flawless in my city and many surrounding states on east coast for me) Tmobile has full unlimited data. So carriers don't need to just bring it back, they need to stop being greedy. This device is a HIT for me, to bad I just got JUMP on Tmobile, looks like ima have to give my GF the JUMP upgraded phone since Nokia is being stingy on Tmobile. Actually I wanna wait to see HTC's offering for GDR3 first, they've always been more reliable for me anyway.

I would like to see the 929 with the 1020's camera (41 mp + Xenon flash) and micro-SD then it would be perfect and I would pay retail and sell my 928.

So that makes L929 perfect- then. :-)  Since you start picking on L929, let's see what else it lacks.  It could also come with a stylus.  Does it have 4 stereo speakers as on L1520?  We need to know more.

I have the 928 and the problem with the Xenon flash is almost every picture I take with it on it gives me red eyes on all of my subjects. And I looked and there is no real good app at removing them in the app store

I'd consider leaving AT&T for this phone. Especially since the 1520 is having it's QI wireless charging pulled. Dumb move AT&T!

Yes you are right. I wouldn't say no to getting one. I love my 620. I had the HTC Titan 1 to begin back in the days and it was a bit too big at 4.7. I mainly use my phone for just that. Texting, phoning, skype, check the weather, quick news read, songza, you get the idea. When I do need the bigger screen I use my Surface Pro. Rarely do I play games on it or watching a full length video. All in all, it's a beautiful phone and I'm sure I could get used to using a larger screen device. Just wouldn't fit in most of the pocket compartments that I have on my backpacks, snowboard cellphone jacket pocket, etc...

I like the looks of the phone. I'm curious to see how well it sells. I like the sloped design to the side of the phone. Lumia 928 was uncomfortable to hold.

How tables have turned! ATT always got the latest and greatest, now its Verizon's turn - at least this time.

I am on VZW right now and will be moving to AT&T during Thanksgiving for a Lumia 1020. It is unfortunate that this amazing phone is coming to VZW though. I can tell you right now that Verizon will stunt its growth by holding back updates and long testing cycles making it a PITA to own it. AT&T offers a much more easier update deployment path to manufacturers while VZW imposes too many restrictions. End result is that the customers end up running lousy S/W for too long without any updates. One look at VZW's WP record is sufficient to know this.

That's one of the reason's I left AT&T, too long for S/W updates. I don't know if Verizon is any better but I'll be giving them a shot with this 929 once it's released.

This was NOT the case for the last update for the 928 or 822. Those phones had GDR2 waaaay before anything on AT&T.

I have GDR3 on my 822 but I don't use GSM so I couldn't tell you. Come to think of it, I'm curious to know who uses GSM on Verizon phones. Do you mean unlocked phones using them on another carrier?

I'm confused by your comment. Didn't GDR2 come to Verizon months before it came to AT&T?

Yes, AT&T gets exclusives on the 1020 and 1520, I believe, and Verizon gets an exclusive on the 929.  This is quite ridiculous and so 5 years ago.  When Microsoft assimilates Nokia, job 1 needs to be killing the carrier exclusives.  Let's have a coherent line of killer phones that you can get on whatever carrier you have.  Enough is enough.

No it isn't. It's quite clear and easy to understand. In short - x20 is the determines the model, higher is higher end. If it doesn't end in 20, it's a carrier exclusive thing, but higher is better, but marginally. But then again, it's getting confusing... why 929 and not 930?... Carriers! (booo)

Agreed. The biggest impediment to Windows Phone growth in the U.S. is the fact that most carriers don't carry most Windows Phones. The exclusivity strategy is so stupid.

Absolutely. Handsets like the SIII and iPhone are top sellers because, well, they're available EVERYWHERE. This is why Nokia has frustrated me thus far. I will not change providers just to get a phone. 

I like the idea of no exclusives. But a big reason for getting an exclusive is to enable a specific carrier to advertise the phone and not lose the sale to a rival carrier offering the same phone. The rival carrier could offer discounts based on money saved by not advertising. It does work for iPhone and Galaxy phones because the carriers don't really have to advertise them. Word of mouth and the news media do more than any advertising could. Nokia needed help advertising the Lumia phones and the exclusivity to the carrier was one way to offset that cost.

AT&T?  No way, they are glacial on updates, and won't support the QI wireless chargers I bought from them.  They blocked the WP flagship phone (1520) from any other carriers, then crippled it, so why stick around?

The Lumia 929 is my ticket back to Verizon.  I've been on AT&T because the phones were better, but Verizon actually has better coverage in my area.  I would have stayed on AT&T for the 1520, but they crippled it so much that the 929 is the better phone.   So, bye bye AT&T.

Damn. No MicroSD and only 32GB compared to the the 1520 for AT&T? The consumer's getting the stick here, that's for sure...

Yeah... There was a report of a 64GB model. If that was true, I would have gone for it in a heartbeat, but 32 is just not enough for me to switch from my 920 as I'll have the same storage issues.

The Verizon 8X came with 16gb, and I have to just watch it when it comes to games. Surely 32gb will be enough for me.

This is exactly what I want, for AT&T, and when 8.1 drops! I've been sitting on an upgrade for 4 months!

I concur as well. That profile pic made me think of the surface as well. Why won't they release a 64GB model though?

I thought the same thing at first but after looking at some of the other photos, I think the angled edge look was really caused by the 'fish eyed lense' effect of the camera taking the picture. It is more pronounced on pictures taken close-up, like the ones in the article.

As a T-Mo prepaid customer, this is likely my next phone. It'll probably come GSM unlocked and will be compatible with T-Mo's LTE and 1900MHz HSPA+. Now...for a release date...

I don't know what the price was for 928. But 920 was only $450 on ATT, which was much cheaper than the international price (same story for 520/521). So that tells me that the carriers must have been picking up some of the phone costs in exchange for exclusivity. That's why with every new Lumia I have a hope that we see a nice price. But I've been disappointed by the prices of the 925 and 1020. So who knows.

Rumored to be $500.  I think that's ... generous, but since it's an exclusive you never know ...

Hopefully the latter, 10.5mm is quite thick, and I'm not really a big fan of the design. However if this had the design of the 925, then that'd be something I'd be very interested in for sure. But that's just my opinion.

I'd like to see this in the UK as well. It would be nice to see a 5" Nokia released worldwide actually. As nice as the 1320 and 1520 are, not sure I want to move up to a 6" screen yet.

Awesome specs. If Nokia produce a global variant with a design more inline with the traditional Lumia language then I'll certainly be dipping in.

No, it will not, Verizon is not a GSM network like T-Mobile, it is CDMA and thus will not be compatible (different bands  and frequencies)

You may want to do your research before advising. Verizon's phones have had GSM compatibility for the past couple years. Remember LTE is a GSM technology and thus the phones have a SIM slot. They are also all unlocked on Verizon due to FCC agreements. The 929 will indeed work on T-Mo.

From the front and side it really resembles Surface, imo. Very sleek.


I'd be very upset if this didn't see an international release. As great as the 1520 looks, it's too big for me and the 929 looks like a much more manageable size, being only slightly larger than the 920 and 1020.


I'd be interested to see how the display looks though, the size of even the medium tiles will be smaller than even on the 3.8" 620 if I've done my calculations right...


Fingers crossed for international version, with a more 1520esque design and multiple colours (ideally cyan). I don't ask for too much really... ;)

That's a great looking device. I wish tmobile would get their act together and pick up a 5-6" 20 MP variant. Though the latest rumor is that they will pass on this round of high end WP. Sucks for JUMP customers.

This will definitely appeal to those who want a smaller 1520. That's one of the things I've seen floating all over the web-- that the 1520 is just too large. I personally love everything about the 1520 aside from the fact that there's no love for Canada at the moment... :(

I really hope they release a high end Lumia with a 4.3" display (I would hope for same processor, storage, camera, 720P screen would ok as long as its a high quality one).

Doesn't Verizon have an upgrade plan like tmobile and att? I may do the same thing, though I'm happy with the 4.5 screen.

So with 32Gb of storage, approx how much of it will actually be available once out of the box and updated?  Anyone?

32GB actually = 29.8 and system will be ~ 3gb with 26gb (.8gb accounting for built in apps, and stuff Nokia adds with black)

I might need to take someone elses upgrade on the plan to trade in my 928 for this. The screen Isn't too big and it looks great!

Daniel, windows phone has overtaken iphone in italiy during the Q3 2013 and you don't covered it's a kinda odd!


Mmm, might have to badger my Mom to use one of her five (!) available upgrades to get this for me. GSM unlocked means I can use it on AT&T!

2 mms thicker than the 1520. And just a little thinner than the 920. I don't find it attractive personally but glad Verizon is getting the phone they need

That's the first thing I thought too. I'd take a variant on ATT that is 7 to 8mm thick since I assume they will remove Qi. 10mm is pretty thick (about the same as my Lumia 900 but I prefer thinner for the next two years of a new contract!)

And if Nokia doesn't release an international version of this, they'll be throwing away tons of potential customers that want a phone as good as the competition but without the ridiculously high height of the 1520.

I want this phone and I want it in Europe, not just as an exclusive to some bloody American carrier.

Sold! Definitely my next phone. I was flip flopping between this or the 1020. not anymore. It is a little chunky but not an issue for me. Would looove to see this in white.

Love it...want it. Really like the edging of the device, similar to the Surface Pro style. 5" is big but the bezel is more used for screen so not much bigger than 928? I want Canada!!

1.  God their logo is so ugly and intrusive.

2. I hope they at least release it in red.  Why only black and white?  Geez.

32gb and Qi wireless charging, those two things make it more appealing then the 1520, throw in the 5 inch screen (which is just right if your looking for a bigger phone) and you have yourself a winner

All these phones pose a problem. I want a god damn new phone every year. I wish we were due for an upgrade every year (all these prepay in advance to upgrade each year just seems far to expensive). I may be totally wrong, but I feel as if these carriers make it way easier and cheaper to upgrade your phone every year if you own an iPhone, other wise drop dead.

I wish I was like that... I still haven't upgraded to WP8, because I want a flagship phone with microSD. Only Ativ has delivered, but it was too big and seemed plastic & flimsy... Also Nokia's support is hard to ignore.

The glass. The way the sides taper from the bezel, narrowing as they approach the back of the phone....This looks like a mini version of the Surface upon which I am typing. Is this the long rumoured Microsoft phone?

No SD? No sale. My 822's internal memory is already ⅔ full without media. My 32GB SD card has > 20GB used. This means that this phone is worthless to me UNLESS they ship a 64GB version OR add an SD card.

Using SkyDrive complete sucks because you can't just share a picture without downloading it first. And I really effin' hate when the SkyDrive folders show a blank grey icon instead of a picture thumbnail.

I have to agree here. I don't want everything in the cloud. I want my entire music collection on my phone. With XBOX Music, if they don't cataloge an album, you can put it in the option for manual entry. A 64GB phine would be great.

Nevermind most people today have meetered data plans limited at 2gb, that really kills the point of cloud storage...

With tungsten flash, but without the camera hump. By April of next year. In red. And in the traditional 800, 900, ... look, not that squarish design of the 929.

I can't believe they just leave out the only thing that would make this perfect, microSD.

I really want to know what size of battery this has.

There's already 2 new gigantaphones, sorry, phablets on the market... It's a niche market, we don't need more! It's hard enough constraining my laughter at people talking on their Notes :P

5" is such a perfect size for me. I still want the 1520. On a side note: will the 929 be an unlocked device?

I'm waiting for the first device to carry WP8.1. These (nice) hardware upgrades don't yet really justify for an upgrade in my case.

Who ever took these pics can't take photos for shit, the pics are pack with glare and the angles are just terrible. How hard was it to use a phone to take pics of a phone, my god a 4 year old would do a better job. The phone looks great but judging by these horrible pics you would say it's not a good looking phone. C'mon Man!!!!

I like this enough to leave AT&T. So tired of their update practices with WP. And now the whole issue with QI charging is making me loath to keep giving them anymore of my income.

No 64gb model like rumored ? No SD card support ?  If there ANY apps right now that NEED a quad core or 2gb (besides a few photo apps) ? Are there any that are due soon ?


it's been discovered that the smaller tiles are just a registry key that needs to be changed, so even the 928 could do it, if someone hacks it open.


With only 32gb it's a disapointment to me, I guess I will stick with my buggy 928 unless I can score one of these cheap with out a contract (keeping my unlimited data)....


Looks like a nice phone but, with out more than 32gb or expandable storage, it does not solve problems I have with my current phones...


Where are the 128gb options ? Come on this is 2013, not 2010....