Rumor: January firmware update for WP7 to include custom ringer support, more...

In our forums, poster MarcMaiden happened to have a conversation with a Microsoft employee who stopped by his work (AT&T). The MS employee, who will remain anonymous, was "...going to a few stores and retailers to see what kind of response we were getting...looking for feedback to send to the developers to know what exactly they should work on."

Marc asked him a few questions about the platform and the answers are quite revealing, namely about that rumored January firmware update which should bring quite a bit of functionality to the OS.

Q: Why isn't there an option to add custom ring tones?

A: Microsoft is working on an application that will be included in an update in January which will allow the consumer to edit, customize, and add ring tones of their choice. This app will also include a user "library" to search and download ring tones.

Q: What about turn by turn navi?

A We are beta testing it right now. again, ETA January.

Not really too much info, but with Copy/Paste, custom ringer support, turn by turn navigation in Bing, Skydrive and possibly multi-tasking support (via hubs), this should be pretty huge. Not yet a member of forums? Hop in and join the conversation!


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Rumor: January firmware update for WP7 to include custom ringer support, more...


VISUAL VOICE MAIL, imo, is in the top 5 most attractive features of the iPhone..... yet I still got the LG quantum (bell Canada) on day one. Two reason.... MS needs/wants to get a much more significant position against its rival, meaning updates on regular basis to get up to "standard" smartphone features. And XBOX Live!!!!!!!

why do people assume its Microsoft's job to create every app they want or that isn't available? Turn by Turn Navi? wtf... are you kidding me, that's a 3rd party app. And telnav map came preloaded, atleast it did on my HTC HD7 and TelMap5 is already in testing to be release. Some people need to research before talking.

I doubt this convo ever happened because any MS rep would have clearly noted that turn by turn navs are 3rd party apps and there is aleast two out already.

They are only making it better, turn by turn built into BING maps makes since. They are competing here you know. But hey its free, so you'll have more choices, pay for TelMap and be happy.

LOL devGOD. Might want to brush up on YOUR facts.

MS was the second in the market with free Turn by Turn Navi for Windows Mobile 6.5 via Bing Maps. Google was the first on Android.

Bing launched with the WP7 platform missing turn by turn. They are adding it, and it looks like they are in January.

Why pay for one of the other 'two out already' when MS makes it for free in a built in app?

Take it easy when you disagree, especially when you are wrong. 8)

I hope they also add little things like multiple calander per account support instead of just one per account. And some other little things people have noticed.