Samsung ATIV SE

Samsung ATIV SE image leaked, Windows Phone 8.1 device destined for Verizon

As we get closer to the official unveiling of Windows Phone 8.1 we’ll start to see more and more handsets with the updated OS leak. We’ve seen a few from Nokia and an offering from Samsung. We’ve recently seen Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 630/635 (aka “Moneypenny”). Now today, we’re looking at some images of the Samsung ATIV SE. An upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 handset slated for Verizon later this year.

The Samsung ATIV SE, previously known as the Samsung Huron/SM-W750V, was first seen as press render in early February. Now we’re getting a clearer look at the device. Some noticeable things that stand out? No camera button, a honeycomb like pattern on the front of the device, a metallic looking finish on the rear, a physical Start button and support for an extra column on the Start screen.

Not much else to say here. It looks like a typical Samsung phone and might be considered a little bland by some. While others prefer the understated look of Samsung and this phone is for them.

Specs. We’ve had a hard time nailing down the specs for this device, but this is what we know so far. We’re expecting a 1080p display, but the screen size is either at 4.3-inches or 5-inches. Though we’re leaning towards 5-inches now that we’ve seen the screenshot above. A recent visit to the FCC showed off cellular bands for Verizon here in the United States. That’s pretty obvious now with the gigantic Verizon logo on the front of the ATIV SE.

Is the ATIV SE with Windows Phone 8.1 something you’d interested in? Or are you holding out for other OEMs like Nokia? Sound off below.

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Samsung ATIV SE image leaked, Windows Phone 8.1 device destined for Verizon



Good Job Samsung, the windows version is nicer than the android... Sadly this phone is only for Verizon ? ... What a shame...

Thin light phones that looks cheap and feels like a toy and nowhere close to nokia build quality? no thanks, i will stay with my 920.... 

Anyway if it brings some galaxy people from droid to wp, im happy with it :) apparently you have seen and held this phone?  Impressive job of over-generalizing with no actual facts.  You should apply for a job with the Republican National Committee...

is there a samsung phone that doesn't match his description? I'd say he is basing his opinion on the history of samsung and the image above. The key words in the article is metallic looking. Cheap plastic that looks like aluminium is enough for me to say no thanks.

It doesn't look much different from the S3, the S4 or the S5. So it's not much of a stretch.
I remember a different party suggesting that congress pass a bill based off of generalizations and no actual facts. Maybe you've forgotten "pass it, then we can read it".
I believe that we all would be better off if we kept our fanboy-isms in check, whether that be for smartphones, politics, religion, etc.

No idea, how someone associates another's opinion on smartphones with their own biased political ideology is beyond me.

Frankly, the off kilter remark just makes him look bad.

I just picked up the Lumia Icon and am VERY happy with it.  I must say my first Nokia phone is a nice one!  I'm sure this phone will be nice too, but I think in the end the Icon will be a better choice for most that love Windows Phone.  Good to see Samsung still supporting the OS though.  +1 Icon!

Fat heavy phones with huge bezels? No thanks. Samsung would destroy Nokia if they'd promote a complete product line of WP phones.

Have you ever used an Ativ S? I would not give it for a 920, maybe a 1020 or 925 but that's all. I really like what Nokia did and is still doing for the ecosystem, but indeed, if Samsung wanted to release a killer Windows Phone, they would in weeks. They just won't because they don't care. Their phones are plastic-like (including their Android line) because they know they will sell anyway. And believe it or not, but this exact same plastic is nice looking and not that fragile :-)

I don't think so. Samsung has its territory on android but on windows phone Nokia is the boss. I think you're underestimating Nokia, go to Wikipedia so you can see who has always been the best seller phone maker in history.

But to me it's like the difference when I close the door of my Scion vs. when I close the door on a a luxury car. My door closes and works fine but everytime I use a luxury car door, I have a sense of something well built and solid and when I use my door...not so much.

Hope they won't Nokia bring apps look into Nokia apps n look into Samsung apps their own apps b c who got tha most apps

I would probably agree that Samsung would take some market from Nokia, but destroy? Not at all. Nokia phones have a much better build quality and they supported WP like nobody else would. Even if Samsung had several phones, they just will not support their WP devices like they should. Granted, their material is plastic model cheap, but not Nokia quality either. For now, as long as I stay with WP, Nokia will have my support. Besides, I love my 1520! With the new OS update, I know I will love it even more.


I guess we will have to wait and see how WP8.1 does to bring in more interest to the platform and what Samsung will do to support it in the future. Last thing....I will admit that because of Samsung Android is as popular as it is. Most people I see on a daily basis on public transportation, either have an iPhone or some Galaxy device in hand. Although, I'm starting to see more Nokia phones, too.

there are a number of android makers with better build quality than samsung, but sammy still takes the marketshare. but, if this phone doesn't come to all carriers, it will be a low impact device

True, but I believe where Samsung is concerned, they have added many different features to make their phones standout. In addition to that, aside from iPhone they were one, if not the only Android OEM putting out quality screens on their devices at the time, when they came out with the Galaxy series.

U mean reliable phones that don't need a case, wireless charging better camera and overall build.... Drop a galaxy and see how it compares to a dropped Nokia especially 920 my fav phone ever and I own a 1520 now

+1520 Sidenotes: You love your 920 over the 1520? I love my 920 as well,it was my favorite too.. But the 1520 stole me away like a thief in the night. lol Even without Qi wireless charging..

I don't mind lightweight and thin.In fact these are really great attributes. But WHAT is up with that design?? Every single phone looks the same, and it's not even anything new. A slab with rounded corners. If SAMSUNG did something with the design, maybe they'd have a shot. 

Cause at the end of the day people STILL believe in NOKIA's durability and performance. AND a lot of people buy phones for their looks (not a smart move, but they do). 

I quite agree - this looks way better than that twin-brother of the Band-Aid that goes by the name S5. I hope though it has the same specs as the S5.

Maybe so but with a SD slot this could easily be the Best selling W8 on Verizon. Any android converts will want this. Even HTC is putting one on the new ONE.

Looks good but too bad that physical button wasn't changed to touch sensitive button. It should go to sprint and T-Mobile. Verizon already has that awesome Lumia icon.

Sumsung phones don't appeal to me. Thin, light plastic vs durable polycarbonate with some heft... I much prefer Lumia. That said, I am very glad Samsung is still supporting WP to some degree, as there ate many people that prefer these light plastic designs.

Well, I am a a Nokia Lumia user, I have a 920 and before this o had a 900, I've been in the ecosystem quite some time and I'm just saying that this phone looks better (less uglier) than the s5 and that's all... Samsung is very comfort in what they achieve, call it cheaper but is a light, good screen and well sized cheap phone.. No treat for Nokia but for the people who can't leave their galaxy it would be easier for them to try Windows Phone whit this model.

The android community was very eager with the leaks of the S5 and they thought that this was their android phone, instead is the windows ... That's very nice, don't you all agree?

With ATT hogging all the good phones last couple years Verizon customers should have nothing to complain about with this and the Icon..

True, but if this one turns out to be water resistant like the S5, removeable battery, sd card, etc, loyalty to Lumia could be broken.


Nicer only when it comes to the OS. Other than that, as written in the article, it's a "typical Samsung phone".

Yes, but if the Ativ is water resistant like the S5, has a removeable battery, and has a micro-sd slot, loyalty may be tested for some.

Yeah the sad thing is that if I am holding this thing to my ear then people will automatically assume it is an android. Lumia = windows phone, wear it proud!

Yup! But this is still pretty sweet. Making windows more popular and that's what really matters. But this looks way better then the galaxy s5!

Looks good, only if it has all the available apps in the WP store... I think it'll have a Snapdragon 600, with an 8-13 MP camera...

By the looks of it, it does not look that high end that it'll have a 2K display and Snapdragon 800 or 805..

This is the Galaxy S4 version of Windows Phone? Such a shame. Should have released a Galaxy S5 version.

I'm glad - the S4 is way better looking than the twin-brother to the Band-Aid S5. If they put Snapdragon 800/801 and 1080p in the Ativ SE, that would be fantastic.

Well done Samsung!!!
WP deserves top notch hardware.
Judging by the sheer sells of SG3 and SG4 paying public goes for light, no bezel, thin, extensible SD, 5 ish design.
That's completele opposite (with small exceptions) to the Lumia brickish design language.
Thanks Sammy for showing once again how is done. Hope that MS will taking notes and phone will be released globally.
I have used 920. Moved to ATIV S. Can't be happier to have great phone that just work.

If they put the Snapdragon 800/801 and 1080p in that thing, it will be way better than the S4 and definitely better looking than the twin-brother to the Band-Aid S5, and also it's equal.

Some people don't understand something: you can compare two different phones like galaxy s4 vs Nokia 920( just to give an example) maybe the galaxy is more attractive because of all the things it does, sales are high, all the apps, etc. But honestly when you spend one or two years using both smartphones is when you really learn which one is better. Trust me , Nokia beats down Samsung!

i love my Ativ S, especially since it has a physical Windows Button. Wish Nokia would have a device with a physical button, since double tapping on my girlfriends LG G2 is quite annoying ^^

I would also choose the Ativ S (because the physical start button), but Nokia's support is much higher and I don't like big screens.

How about a simple swipe up from the bottom bezel?

Home buttons are so 2007....

Posted via the WPC App for Android from BlackBerry Z10!

This is a reason I wouldn't want one. Much prefer capacitive buttons (not to mention camera button)

The only physical buttons I want are on/off, volume and camera. Too bad this one lacks the camera.

If the CPU and camera are significantly better than my ATIV S Neo, I'll consider an upgrade, but I'd really like to see it on some other carriers.

Perhaps, but I think its a good sign for the ecosystem to have Samsung phones in it. The more Windows phones on display, the mire likely they will get picked.

Looks like the same as the ATIV S. But I like metallic designs. I hope Samsung makes effort on their sound quality because the S4's audio horrifyingly sucks. I actually were to purchase the ATIV S but aside from the first Galaxy other galaxy phones' audio quality are disappointing. It's such a shame since I really like the Galaxy Phones so I then opted for the 920 and I couldn't be happier

It'll be in the action centre. So a short swipe down from top to view battery percentage.

Well, it's a matter of the OS supporting it too.. No digital audio out (line out), no equalising app what so ever.. And a generally not really functioning Xbox music app. MS doesn't want to get audiophiles on board on their mobile devices, that's for sure. Too bad actually, cause both Android and IOS do support these features. Even worse; Samsung in particular often uses higher quality audio hardware in their mobile phones (wolfson dac's etc) which we can't properly utilise because of shitty MS support of, well, ANYTHING hardware related.

Oh Man. That is awesome. No more remotes for me. I guess I may be replacing my ATIV S sooner than I thought. I was looking at a Galaxy Tab just because of this. Nice Dude!

The lack of a camera button would be a non-starter for me. I REALLY like being able to fire up the camera and bypass the security of the lock screen to get that quick unexpected photo.

Yeup. No camera button, no buy.

Plus it's sad to see how MS is retracting defining design decisions for OEMs. The camera button was there for easy and quick access to the camera from anywhere so you don't miss so many shots.

Few things are more satisfying than the vibration and launching of the camera after holding down the button on my Lumia 925. Or the rumbling vibration of my Moto X after double twisting it to get that quick picture.

I can take photos straight from the lock screen on my Z10 / Q10, no need to unlock anything.

Posted via the WPC App for Android from BlackBerry Z10!

Yeah, It would've been better for them to remove the Windows button and keep the Camera button instead. I like all the buttons on the side. I could live without them on the front.

That's subjective, alot of people must like this design as Samsung sell huge quantities of devices with the same design. This is good for the platform, it gives consumers more variety. I don't know why everyone's so negative when there's an article about a WP OEM that isn't Nokia.

Doubtful people really care about such a bland design, especially since its been the same on Samsung phones the last could of years. Like apple, its the hype/marketing/sheep effect that sells these things.

Is it possible that some people just have a different opinion than yours? I like the way it looks as much as any other phone.

I'm starting to think some of them are being paid to hype Nokia and down other OEMs. It's too rampant around here.

Its nice to bring familiar and different but most people buy because its all they know branding is everything, despite 100 million broken, laggy galaxy from normal wear and tear they still buy them, look at the #1 endorsement lebron James

Nokia are lacking with internal specs. There is no "truly" high-end Nokia phone, where "high-end" implies all available features (including, for example SD expansion) in a thin and light design.

Nokias phones are bricks. For some (me included) this is a good thing, as it means I feel relatively comfortable giving my kids my phone to play with. But the Icon, for example, is wanting for SD and svelteness.


Really, I have a Lumia 1520, which offers: Snapdragon 800, Adreno 330, 1080p display, 20 MP pureview, etc. The S4 has a Snapdragon 600, lower resolution camera, yet it was Samsung's flagship. All of the other missing software wants will come with the 8.1 update. So, essentially, the 1520 outclasses the S4 in hardware, not software for another couple months. Yes, I own both devices. The S4 Amoled is a pretty display though, I struggle to get the right light levels on the 1520 sometimes indoors. However, nothing comes close to the 1520 for outdoor use with the assertive display.

You're comparing to the wrong phone. The 1520 is a phablet, and in the same class as the note 3, not the previous-gen flagship that is the S4. What you really should be comparing the 1520 to (if you want to be fair) is the Note 3.

A phablet is a phone, period. Just a wee bit larger. A phablet is NOT a different category, like a tablet, which is a different category because a tablet cannot make telephone calls, via conventional methods. You can write with a stylus on the S4! Hence, no functional difference. The 1520 vs S4 is a perfectly fair comparison, flagship to flagship, both are the present flagships. The Icon is missing features making it the lesser, and although newest release, not The flagship (it is to Verzon's limitedlineup) That title still remains with the 1520. So, as I said, flagship to flagship (the Note 3 is not one), the 1520 is better. Therefore, your comment that there is no flagship worthy WP architecture is dead wrong. Even then, if we drop the 1520, the Icon's hardware is still better than the S4, a flagship. Are we clear yet that WP does have a flagship?

Again, I could not disagree more on the basis of your comparison. Phablet/phone definitions aside, the 1520 still is a different class of product from the S4, due to its screen size. Nobody IRL looking for a 1520-class device would be comparing it to the S-series, and vice versa.
Furthermore, why are you comparing Nokia's current-gen "flagship" (in your words) to Samsung's outdated last-gen device as if its a point of pride? Even if you want to compare the 1520 to Samsung's Galaxy products instead of its Note products (which, in my humble opinion inherently makes no sense), you should be comparing it to the S5, which is Samsung's current flagship.
i also take issue with your assertion that the 1520 is a flagship at all. I would argue that the true Windows 8 flagship was, and still is, the Lumia 920 and the next true flagship for 8.1 will be the Martini. All the other products only exist to fill specific niches in the market (1020 for camera, 1520 for screen size etc.) and are not major sales drivers, like the Galaxy/9XX series.

Agreed.  The flagship almost by definition can't be a niche device.  That said, I think the Icon, rather than the 920, qualifies as the current flagship, and should be the basis for comparison with the S5, iPhone 5s, and upcoming HTC One 2.

Dear god man, do you read your own words? You cannot call the S5 the flagship: it has not been released damn it. Who the hell mentioned weight as a qualifier for a flagship, limp wristed bitches, get a grip, literally, and with it, a mans hand so a phablet, which is just a damn phone, call it what it is, can grip a 6" phone. Do you bitch about your small prick, ohhhh, its too many grams, ohhhh, help my limp wrist , it's so fragile. Lol. Now, if you can reason, which I think is in the realm of possibility, the 920 is NOT anything near what the 1520 is, 1080p, Snapdragon 800, and who cares about a fuckin stylus, stick it up your ass. Just because a phone is large does not mean its a fuckin piece of paper to write on, ever thought, just fuckin maybe its made for media consumption, hence the 16:9 aspect ratio...didn't think of that, ya limp wristed whore with a stylus up your ass. FUCKER. PISS ME OFF. I bet you got your ass beat all the time in school.

All of this nonsense over an effin leaked Samsung image. You bitches make me want start writing letters in the mail and get a landline. Morons of categorization who cannot see the forest for the trees.


I have to say, this is one funny post.




Calm down man, and take some deep breaths before you get a hernia.

You're getting less coherent with every subsequent post, so I'm going to put this discussion to rest. Besides, you clearly enjoy your 1520 more than you do objectivity, so I don't expect to glean much in terms of intellectual insight here anyway.

Hope those rants made you feel better, though you might want to consider toning it down a couple of notches in the future.

The 1520 is pretty thin, but it isn't light, clocking in at 8.7 mm thick and 209 g.  By comparison, Samsung's Note 3 is only 8.3 mm thick and weighs 168 g.  The thickness difference is admittedly negligible (~5%), but the weight difference certainly is not (~25%).

Furthermore, on "phablet" devices, pen input is really a very important feature (or else, why bother with the phablet?) and the 1520 doesn't have it.  This is exactly my point.  Nokia gives themselves a lot more space and heft to work with, and still can't pull off anything like as complete a feature-set as Samsung does.  (This is to say nothing of the incredible technological advantages of Android over WP.)

It is all well and good to support Nokia -- I do! -- but you must acknowledge that they are simply not players at the high end of hardware.

Weightlessness does not make a phone high end (or even a phablet). You must agree the heft serves a purpose too. Nokia is even known for sturdy phones. Do you expect them to just throw that reputation away? Further more, pen input isn't very important. Many tablets out there don't have pen input. Besides, many people we have known grew tired of the pen quickly and stopped using it. And finally, in what aspect are you giving Nokia a knock, hardware or software? You seem to have mixed up the two.

I am not knocking Nokia.  And if you read my post above, you will see that I like the build quality.  But my point is that all Nokia phones make major specs compromises.  No pen input is a deal breaker to some.  Having pen input is a deal breaker to no one -- don't want it, don't use it.  Giving people freedom is the antithesis of compromise.  Nokia's Windows Phones always feel like a compromise.

Now that the standard has been set, with respect to tech, high-end tablets have pen input (that's one reason why iPads aren't high end anymore).  Period.  They have SD expansion (that's another).  Period.  They have NFC (and another).  Period.  iPads have expensive build quality, and the markup to go with, so they're more comparable to a designer tablet -- not necessarily high end technology, but flashy and a status symbol.

Finally, with respect to heft, it is easy to load up on features if you give yourselves lots of room to do it.  The 1520 is not just heavier, it is substantially larger than the Note 3: more than 20% larger, by my calculations.  So, Samsung gives you better specs in a smaller, lighter package.  Much smaller.  Much lighter.  And they did it months earlier than Nokia.

Look at it the other way: Other than esthetics or build quality, is there any hardware reason to prefer the 1520 to the Note 3?  That's my point.  Nokia makes high quality enclosures, but their internals are consistently lacking.

Nokia does a lot of things right.  I use a Nokia right now.  If the OS dramatically improves, I hope my next phone will be a Nokia, too.  But don't knock Samsung.  Their phones are just as nice and even better in many ways.

1. That you like Nokia does not mean you can't be knocking Nokia. You are. Mind you, it doesn't make us feel bad or see you as a bad person. 2. Please don't ask us not to knock Samsung. We will, if we want to. 3. iPad is high end, almost all tablets get compared to it. 4. Nokia screen is 6" while Note 3 is 5.7" so your size comparison isn't without flaws. 5. We are glad we both agee that pen input isn't a deal breaker for everyone. 6. Both phones are light already, the weight comparison may be mute. Odd as it may sound, some people prefer that 'extra' weight. 7. The internals of 1520 is more than adequate for the job. You might have heard this before but it doesn't make it less true: Windows Phone doesn't need octa core 8gig ram to be smooth. The point on consistently lacking internals isn't even strong. What's the point of putting what's not needed in there? 8. Hardware reasons to get 1520 over Note 3: Fm radio, bigger battery (even if it's by 200mah), better camera (obviously), wireless charging, superior battery life, four microphone setup, WDR audio recording, offline maps and voice-guided navigation, little more screen real estate, etc

Another one with a brain, were starting to turn the tide of these limp wristed whores with stylus' hanging out of their asses and in some cases, ass to mouths, based on my comments. I feel so much better.

Read the response I posted above, it goes out to you too. There will be no technological advantage after the update, like I had already said. I have plenty of Android devices. They all suck memory and my balls.


Boy, I feel better, and to think, I have just hit PhD candidate status, but arguing with you people is just Im- fuckin- possible. Just dumb ass, all over the board comments with no rhyme or reason.

This Lumia 1520 we are replying from begs to differ. People literally beg to hold it. We hear comments like 'Nokia is on fire!' which we take to be positive comments.

Nokia makes great phones.  My E71 remains my favorite phone ever (adjusted for the era in which I used it).  My L920, on the other hand, is rather a dissapointment.  However, great though they may be, they aren't truly high-end.

We have had a different experience with our 920's. It had the best camera phone, wireless charging, a boldly different design, super sensitive screen, enough internals to keep things smooth. How wasn't that high end?

Finally, a NON-LIMP WRISTED MAN, bout time. Amen brother, bring some intelligence to these morons arguing, initially, which means this all stemmed from: a fuckin picture. I wonder, then again no I don't.

Ha I Saw what you DID THERE LOLOLOL ^^^^^^ But still the SAME ol Shape and Design is really boring me to death people carrying their Samasung Devices that look the Same Not like Nokia's. Every device UNIQUE

What? There is hardly any difference between the N9, 800, 900, and the 920. I'm not a huge Samsung fan (although the Focus still might be my favorite phone of all time), but to censure them for design and then praising Nokia is just wrong.

If Samsung released a model matching the Lumia 1020 camera I would consider one, but I would miss a few Lumia exclusive apps, too bad Nokia doesn't release all apps as non exclusive, I think it would help WP if they did

Another case of software and hardware that don't seem to belong together. On Android Samsung can mess around with skins and make the software match their hardware. This is not the case on WP. Until Samsung stops being lazy with their design they won't find succes on WP. Although I suspect Samsung doesn't mind that.

I think it looks surprisingly high quality! The honeycomb and metallic back looks really good, and I think it looks a lot better than all the other galaxy series, and a hell of a lot better than the S5.. Yes its 'boring' compared to most Lumia phones, but I think looks surprisingly sophisticated. Its a real shame about the camera button.. Ot this would actually be a good phone.
Do we know if its actually a metal back plate? Or just a coating? It would be hilarious if the metal design that all of Samsung's android users have been screaming for comes to WP first!

Opinions like that can get you blasted around here! (Nokia territory) :P as a Nokia bummer myself, I'm sometimes cautious praising any other OEM, but I'd love a Samsung windows phone to compare with my Lumias, the ativ S will be nice and cheap soon, i might get one for when my 1020's battery seems older

Get Ready To BE BLASTED Lol.

I actually dont mind what others think myself but if someone comes to tell me my phone sucks i BLAST him for SURE

Ironically, the 920 I use is completely a toy phone, complete with a bright color shell. ATIV S looks much less toy-like.

You mean polycarbonate? The Same material NOKIA uses on their phones? Interesting. Obviously, you don't know what you're talking about.

Really? I've had no issues with my ativ s, dropped it a few times. I guess its that really good cheap plastic. :P

Although HTC doesn't operate here in Brazil anymore, I'd really like them to come up with a new handset. Specifically, a flagship one.

It could be useful for the people that like Samsung, if the phones were 1:1 in features, I would consider. Someone needs to make a flagship hardware device similar to iPhone design, but different to draw the masses

Better than droids phones design good job Samsung i want u too remove your focus from droid and concentrate on WP