Samsung Huron leaked, an upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 device for Verizon

Look here. This just might be the first smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1. The leak comes from @evleaks and is of the Samsung SM-W750V, which is also known as the Huron. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the SM-W750V, but it is the first time we’ve seen a render. Details on the device below.

Notice the capacitive back button and search button? Right, they’re not there. All we see is a dedicated hardware button for the Start screen. Not surprising considering nearly two months ago we saw a screenshot of Windows Phone 8.1 with on-screen buttons. Edit: Or as Zulfiger points out in the comments below, the back and search button may appear when pressed like the Samsung Galaxy S4. This does look remarkably similar to the Galaxy S4. 

Windows Phone 8.1 on-screen buttons

There’s not much else to learn from these renders. The device, from what we understand, is destined for Verizon Wireless here in the United States. The display is 1920 x 1080 on a 5-inch screen. Although recent data from AdDuplex suggests it’s a 4.3-inch, but that could be wrong. The device is expected to be a high-end smartphone.

We’ll start prodding around and see if we can find any more information about the Huron.

Source: Twitter

  • Wait... physical button?   SOLD!
  • I prefer the current capacitive button
  • I prefer physical. Lazy to reach out to the power button while you can just hit the Windows key
  • Kinda agreed with you ;)
  • i kind of double tab the screen
  • +1 love that feature
  • Exactly. I never use the power button anymore.
  • What's a power button? Wait, didn't my grand father tell me about those... Lol jk
  • Same. I got so used to it that I try to wake up my tablet that way ;)
  • I notice that the Surface wakes up from the capacitive Start button.
  • Don't have that on Asus T100 which is both good and bad apparently.
  • Is this a GDR3 feature or a Lumia feature?
  • Lumia only, it's part of Glance screen.
  • Loved that on my LG Optimus 7 haha
  • Same! I really miss physical buttons...
  • You could hopefully like the Lumia just double tap the screen.
  • So, you're all looking for a physical key in the front rather than the physical key in other potential ergonomic location? Where Nokia has the power button is perfect for how you hold the phone. Power on with one hand instead of two. I just don't understand some of you. Plus I hate Samsung for not supporting WP and for serving plastic,shit on a plate and watching the world eat it.
  • Rather? No, also. Physical buttons are superior       and you really need not hold grudges..
  • I use one hand on my 8X, and the power button is on the top.
  • That requires a marvellous physical feat. On the hTC.
  • I usually rest the phone on my pinkie and use my thumb at the top. Could probably do that with a 5.5" phone too. I'm 5'7", but big hands...
  • If you'd been bothered to look at an ATIV S you would see that the power button is also on the side so you can switch it on one handed, oh and most Nokia Windows Phones are plastic as well. What the hell do you think polycarbonate is!!
  • There's a difference between "plastic" and polycarbonate.
  • You keep believing that then, the rest of us know there is no difference!!
  • Yes polycarbonate is plastic, but you're being a bit facetious. You know he means that Galaxy/ATIV plastic is inferior to polycarbonate.
  • At least their batteries are removable and have physical buttons which are a plus unlike other manufacturers Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • +1520
  • I hate.  Hate.  HATE.  capacitive buttons.  Physical all.  The.  WAY.
  • Amen!
  • Absolutely gorgeous phone: award winning design and quality of SG4 with WP. Samsung know how to produce top end phones.
    Can't wait to be released outside US. As proud owner of ATIV S that's the phone I've waiting for.
    Excellent work Sammy!
  • You're kidding, right? Right!?
  • Not everyone likes square bulky phones with massive bezel (bar 925). I happened to be one of them. That's way I think SG4 design is perfect. Of course WP makes it special.
    Many people seems to think that phone quality and phone support are linked. Samsung proved that's not the case. Hope that it will change.
  • Oh yes and this piece of plastic is top quality for you... this shit desing is the reason because Nokia has 90% of the WP market...
  • That "shit" design is the reason it's dominating the Android market, and quite a chunk of the world market.
  • Oh yes that's why people go for a wp because they want the same Android shit from Samsung..this is another pathetic plastic terrorist attack to good design & buid quality from Samsung
  • will yall leave sammy alone windows need other phone makers , plus samsung sells a hell of a lot of phones and they advertise to, if sammy does good it will be good for windows phone. example I dont have the s5 but plenty of friend do, and I love being able to turn channels on my tv with the phone. I so miss my window phone but the phone I have now has that function as well. I hate android but having sammy do good will help us.
  • I use the Oscar remote for my Samsung TV to changes channels. It's a free app.
  • When Nokia was nowhere to be found, Samsung supported Windows Phone with WP7 devices like the Focus, which I quite liked. I'm a Lumia fan now, but I get frustrated when I see self righteous Nokia WP fans attacking their Samsung WP brethren's taste on phones. Just stupid.
  • I prefer that over a blocky phone that has no removable battery and a physical home button Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Only reason Samsung is dominating is price and marketing. Their design and build are cheap, tacky and ugly. One of the main reasons I left Android to move to Windows Phone was the much better build and quality of Nokia. Sure they could reduce bezel and weight in many cases, but overall their phones are so much nicer. I am continuously amazed that some people actually like Samsung designs.
  • Their design and build are cheap, tacky and ugly.
    I beg to differ. The ATIV S Neo has a better design and build than the Lumia 925. It also offers a larger, clearer screen than the 925; it has the expandable storage the 925 lacks; it has a thin bezel and not the chunky bezel of the 925; and finally has the large and removable battery the 925 lacks.  Oh, and Samsung made the device available across numerous carriers in the USA, not just a single "exclusive" for AT&T. Towards the end of the Nokia phone business, before Nokia discontinued it and sold it to Microsoft, Nokia phones were embracing lots of Samsung technologies, including AMOLED screens. Samsung bashing in such a context is silly.
  • You have some valid points. I personallly would like to see Samsung bring a unique design for their windows phone line and improve produc support and help wp get into the main stream, but thus far it seems as if they're just appeasing MS. I respect you decision to carry a Samsung wp because as I stated above, I was an early adaptor of all 3 of the original Focus series WP's from them.
  • Very precise points above by brmiller1976.
    That's way I will stick to my ATIV S(until next version). Rock solid phone. For 14 month of heavy usage (businesses and personal) not a single issue.
    Just work. Full stop.
    Put a smile on my face when Nokia users talked about plastic phones. Quite amusing.
  • @ivo_apo, there's plastic and there's plastic. Nokia phones are artisan devices, crafted with skill and care using the best materials (not much of a fan of the 925 mind you, much prefer their unibody devices). Samsung phones use cheap plastic wrapped around tech wonders and it just ruins what are otherwise amazing devices.
  • Nokia phones are artisan devices
    Good grief, man.  Nokia phones are Qualcomm SKUs, made largely of commodity components, assembled in China.  Just like most other smartphones.
  • *like any other phones, or electronics* FTFY. Even plastics has different grades. Nokia uses much better plastics
  • I don't care where they are made or what is inside them (well I do, but not in context with this discussion); fact is to me they look great, soemthing I cannot say of most Samsung devices. Sure that's not the only factor in buying something, but it is important and it was the point I was making above.
  • For batteries, screens, memory and many many other components Samsung are the go to company for many firms (including Nokia). And as you say they had their devices available on more carriers than Nokia, that comes with their size and power. They also make some of the best TVs, cameras, fridges, laptops, hell even tanks (yep) on the market (though a bit too much of the glossy going on). So i'm not bashing them for the sake of it, I appreciate they cover many markets and are the leader in most areas they compete. However, for all that their phones look tacky. It's beside the point that that they have great screens, good batteries, thin bezels - sure they do many things better than Nokia - but they ruin it (IMO) with cheap plastic backs and front-plates. Front-plates aren't as bad but black would look so much nicer as a contrast again the screen itself. Sure you can get a new back for some of their phones which is great (another plus over a Nokia), but you shouldn't have to. It's just their finish, the final step at which they stumble and where to me Nokia, Apple, Sony, even HTC pay that little bit more attention to detail and make the product desirable. Samsung are too nerdy, they put in the best components, they make the best performing phones and I can see why many geeks would love them but they just don't have any artisty and thus fail to make their products luxurious or desirable beyond pure tech specs.
  • I agree with you that the Samsung ativ and galaxy 3 and 4 are great phones built superbly... But Samsungs other phones are incredibly cheap and crappy and slow!! Honestly put the galaxy discover or the ace against the 520.
  • Nice point, I'm comparing Samsung's top devices against Nokia's - and still find Nokia's far more pleasing. Going down the range and you can see Samsung going cheaper and uglier. Nokia go cheaper, but they keep the good looks. The 520 is still a nice looking phone (if a bit bulky), the 720 to me is one of the best looking Nokia phones, nicer than my 920 just as it's so much skinnier. Compare that to any Sammy phone in those price ranges and they fail way more so than 920/1020 vs S3/S4/Neo comparisons.
  • Samsung didn't invent OLED technology.
  • I agree.
  • You do realize that their are more android devices right? HTC is a good manufacturer that rival Apples iPhones in design Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • You are comparing the GS4, a money maker, vs the cheapo crappy devices that bring in market Let's next compare the 1020/1520 with the 520...because that's what you are implying here.
  • You've gotta admit that it's just another borring looking phone. When I here the name Samsung I think grey. 
  • Its a requirement from Microsoft to have a dedicated camera key.
  • Holy shit you fucking fanboys. Stop. I'm a proud Lumia owner but I don't go bashing around other companies. Its really idiotic. Pardon the language but you guys are so fucking obnoxious
  • ROFL   Can I buy those "awesome Nokias" on Sprint?  Nope. Where's the 1520 for Verizon?  Nowhere to be found. Can I get the 1020 on T-Mobile?  FORGET about it. I'd rather have a decent Samsung device available across carriers than "award-winning" carrier-exclusive Nokia devices that will never appear on my preferred provider. Incidentally, the ATIV S Neo is a VASTLY superior handset to the 925.  It has a larger screen, expandable storage, bigger removable battery, less bezel, longer battery life, and costs less.  Oh, and it's available for both CDMA and GSM. I wouldn't get too snippy about Samsung's offerings.  A successful ATIV series is a good thing for Windows Phone, and helps free us from Nokia's POV that "there is no carrier other than AT&T."
  • I have said it many times and I will say it again: F*ck carriers, f*ck contract, buy unlocked phones like everywhere else
  • A lovely sentiment, except that: 1) CDMA networks -- which are often the best option -- don't have "unlocked" devices and don't work with "unlocked" devices; 2) Nokia, as part of its carrier contracts, doesn't sell US-compatible "unlocked" devices directly to consumers. If Windows Phone wants to make headway stateside, it needs every OEM it can get, and it needs every device on every carrier.  Like 'em, hate 'em or not care about 'em, Samsung is an important part of that.
  • +1 a reason I don't have a windows or even get a windows phone is carrier limitation plus contracts are for fools. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • If your talking about Verizon Nokia phones yes square and huge bezel (928) cause the 925 is the smallest of 920 family. Samsung sucks for not being unique HTC makes beautiful phones (HTC 8x HTC one). The 920 is still the only phone with a happy face and its still one of the best looking phones around and heaviest.
  • I agree ivo. I owned a Lumia 920 for 13 days. It is built like a tank - and does not need a case. Since I have yet to break a phone in the 20+ years I have owned them, I will risk a lighter phone. It's about options. Some people LOVE the Lumia line, and get rabid when someone else doesn't. Others are a bit more pragmatic and remember competetion is good for consumers.
  • I would never trade thin bezels for nokia apps.......
  • Exactly, not everyone likes a brick as a phone!!
  • I agree, but Samsung has huge branding recognition and acceptance and anything that will help sell WP at this point is a good thing.
  • If Nokia sells unlocked phone directly in Murica, I bet Lumias would be selling like hotcakes
  • Hey don't fault them. They got their nose up Nokia's butt. I had a 900, 920, 925 they all had a horrible battery life. My ATIV S Last all day. I actually just used my Tmobile jump and traded my 925 for a note 3. If Nokia had a 1520 variant with 32GB plus memory card slot I would've got a Nokia. This exclusive BS is really helping them. Still I love the feel of both of my Samsung's. I guess I buy what fits my needs and not what some people think is best. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I hope that's /s because it looks like the same phone as galaxy s3. Even worst is the name "Huron" might as well call it the Samsung SOS (same old shyt). Seriously its like they're not even trying.
  • Samsung phones are garbage. I had the Samsung Focus (WP7) and my girlfriend has the Samsung ATIV S. I've since upgraded to a Lumia 920 and my girlfriend gets so mad her Ativ takes crappy pictures. The phone is buggier than my lumia. I had two samsung focuses that both died due to faulty microusb ports that wouldnt charge the battery. I've also had several samsung monitors and tv's. Every single one of my company monitors eventually had dead pixels or rows while one would only show reds. The samsung TV we have has faulty component input jacks. I will never buy anything Samsung again. Their shit is nice but quality simply is not their forte.
  • This garbage is why people choose Nokia for WP. I have no respect for Samsung. They just took the S4 and slapped a Windows button on it. Very creative!
  • Some people, including me, like Samsung's design. Got tired of Nokia's constant square polycarbonate shells. The Galaxy S4 looks awesome and I hope this device would be even better. Only worrying thought is that the render lacks a camera button
  • Im holding a GS4 in my hand as we speak. Its garbage. Plastic all over the place, quality sucks especially the buttons! Even a light bump by an empty(!) deo sprayer managed to make a small dent! Design srsly its hideous if it wouldnt be because of my contract I would never buy this phone. Srsly its trash. Only + is the display.
  • While I personally don't like Samsung's design, it's clearly popular. Look at the sales numbers for GS4's and GS3's when compared to Windows Phone. ;) And don't hate on him. While you guys disagree on phone design, you both love the OS contained within, and that's what matters. That's the beautiful thing about Windows Phone: you can shop around for the hardware that best suites your personal style, preference and budget, but rest assured you're getting the same buttery smooth OS as everyone else. Apple, as we know, gives you almost zero choice, and with Android, trying to shop around for different hardware also means you could end up with any number of different Android configurations... Indeed, rejoice that Samsung is adding this to the Windows Phone line-up. It could very well drum up a customer or two, only building on to our ever growing Windows Phone family. We should unite because we love the OS, not divide because we disagree over hardware. :)
  • Just because Samsung floods the market with this shit...sorry this is PURE SAMSUNG GARBAGE
  • We could only hope to sell as many WP as those"junk" Samsungs I'm all for Nokia but in todays high end specs....we have one so we could use some more high end phones to choose from. Gs4 sold around 40 million pieces that's awesome
  • Speak for yourself.  I have a 925, a 928 and an ATIV S Neo, and the ATIV is my favorite of the bunch. Nokia's overemphasis on aesthetics and lack of focus on key features like expandability and removable batteries is a key reason why Windows Phone has lagged in the US market.  The other reason being that Nokia has made most devices "carrier exclusive" and thus hard to buy. I'd rather have a future of "Windows Phone everywhere" on Samsung hardware than "Windows Phone, only at AT&T" on Nokia's pretty-but-largely-crippled hardware.
  • I agree - Im on Verizon, and desperately need a new phone - ive been waiting for the Icon/929 since November to no avail.  If this phone made it to market first, id get it in a heartbeat.  Lets see which one comes out first.   That being said - if Samsung releases their current hardware running Windows Phone on all carriers, its only a good thing for the WP ecosystem, and I cannot comprehend how you idiots on this board do not see that.  If Samsung sells 40 million Android devices, whats to say that 5 million of those people are as frustrated with Andriod as I am, and want to try something else...........well, there it is, on the display, right next to the GS4, the ATIV, running buttery smooth windows phone.  Person tries out the OS, sees that it has most apps they need, thereby adding users, and market share to the platform.  Its a win-win for the platform.  Now, all we need is HTC to release the ONE with Windows Phone on it..........that would be a sexy device - take my money now.
  • The trouble is that a big part of the Windows Phone community is the Nokia fan community -- they want what's best for a now-dead brand, rather than what's best for the ecosystem.  Anything that threatens "Nokia's" position is going to get strongly negative feedback -- whether it's from Samsung, HTC, Huawei, or anyone else.
  • Which makes no sense. True fans of Windows Phone should want to see new devices and want to see competition among the OEMs. I don't get this hatred.
  • Well let's hope WP gets so big we can fight over design at some point, cos Samsung product ugly, cheap plastic phones and deserve the scorn ;-P Sure some people might like their phones, but then some people like Uggs, there's no accounting for taste. But choice is good and it's good Samsung are continuing to support WP even if it is with these phones.
  • ^^ Agreed!
  • Exactly, I didn't buy my ATIV S for the design or the materials it's made from but the OS it runs. I just see butthurt Nokia fanboys that can't stand a company that creates devices for two different operating systems. Get over it, I bet if they focused on Windows Phone and dropped Android and Tizen, then you Nokia fanboys would be behaving like hypocrites and praising Samsung.
  • Absolutely - having choice of hardware and still getting the same fast and efficient software is a huge plus. Regardless if one "hates" one company's hardware or simply prefers one device over the others, we at least get a consistent set of choices.
  • Forc3 said: Im holding a GS4 in my hand as we speak. Its garbage. Plastic all over the place, quality sucks especially the buttons! Even a light bump by an empty(!) deo sprayer managed to make a small dent! Design srsly its hideous if it wouldnt be because of my contract I would never buy this phone. Srsly its trash. Only + is the display. Forc3 - How long do you plan to keep this phone, forever? Most phones are disposable anyway. Granted, this is my viewpoint, where we (virtually EVERYONE I know) get a new phone every 18 to 24 months.