Say hello to AT&T's Lumia 920 in a carrier 4G network advertisement

AT&T has featured Nokia's Lumia 920 Windows Phone in an advertisement, which says "hello!" to the 4G network spanning across North America. The carrier holds an exclusive deal with the Finnish manufacturer to stock the flagship Windows Phone in the US, once the platform launches tomorrow.

We're not just looking at a single Lumia 920 in the video either. The entire 30 seconds is full of Lumia goodness, sporting cyan, white and  black variants. Both the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 have passed FCC, and the former is rumoured to be arriving by November 11th.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Alex, for the heads up!


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Say hello to AT&T's Lumia 920 in a carrier 4G network advertisement


I like cyan, but it gives an impression of having a 900. To be different, I will go with a red to match or yellow to contrast my Surface RT.

Do you notice the landscape system tray? Wonder if it will actually work that way, or just due to the "screen simulated" action. Would be nice to take up less room than the giant bar it creates on the side of the screen in landscape mode.

A great phone on a terrible carrier. Nokia will not see much more progress with this phone then the 900 in the US.
Have this phone on all carriers you will see progress.

One product alone on one carrier, competing against the best; iPhone 5, gs3 note 2, and one x+. And with a terrible commercial like this, Good luck Nokia.

This isn't a Lumia 920 commercial. This is an all around AT&T commercial for there 4G. It just had a Lumia cameo...

You got excited about a network commercial? Nowhere in the commercial does even attempt to mention the phone or operating system. I would think Joe average has NO idea that a Nokia or Windows Phone was even associated with the commercial. They probably think it was an Android phone since it surely wasn't an iPhone.
Show me the Windows Phone 8 commercials. Then I'll get excited.

Why is ONLY the ATT logo on the phone? and why is the ATT logo where the Nokia logo is supposed to be? see the shots of the cyan early on, pause it, the Nokia logo is no where to be seen...

looks like an AT&T ad that HAD to feature the Lumia because it was a Lumia that happened to catch the flip. I had to re-run to get a sense it was a Lumia and there was nothing referring you to the fact it was a WP phone except for the Lumia colors. Yes I am tired of the lack of support from AT&T still "rockin" 7720 on my Focus because of their wonderful support !

"Most cities and towns with 4G"? I'm guessing they are including faux 4G in those numbers.
I would like to see what AT&T makes of this article and this.

Am i the only one that noticed the high school team has a W on their hats and helmets and then a P on their Jackets? WP.... Then the school's colors are all CYAN...
When the girls scream "HELLO" the player's number on his jersey is 11.

Heavy with the hints in this video...

We'll be saying HELLO to WP on the 11th.

This commercial tells you nothing.
It is so unclear what this is about?
It is definitely NOT Lumia 920.
Pay attention to the logos - they were
switched in 920 model comparing to Lumia 900.
The reality is whether it is at@t or Nokia,
or Microsoft - there is NO convincing commercials
on American TV for Windows phones, so the potential
buyers for these excellent gadgets are OUT of the loop.
There are a lot of different YouTube videos that DO
convince, but who is watching them?
Only fans or haters of the WP.
Put a decent Windows commercial on TV,
so ordinary consumer can finally recognize and appreciate this product. I personally own Lumia 900, and I love this phone just like any previous Nokia model I owned for the past 7 years. Nokia phones is the main reason I stay with at@t.

nice to see. There is another commercial that looks like the lumia 900 but it is blank where the windows button should be. The android phones in the commercial have the home button, why edit the lumia?

Why can't they make an elegant commercial when advertising the 920? Maybe with a comment about how good the stabilization is and that it's only on the lumia 920? From an average consumers perspective, I would know which phone that was and would think, "All smart phones record video"........Another for of media bias when it comes to WP; I'm not surprised.

Remember back when the Windows Phone ads were about getting back to your life? Instead this is an ad for how to be rude to everyone arround you.