Senior User Experience Designer for Windows Phone, Arturo Toledo leaves Microsoft

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Arturo Toledo, a Senior User Experience Designer for the Windows Phone Design Studio who chose to leave Microsoft last month, has announced plans to finish the Windows Phone Design Series.  Toleda is set to turn the series into a free e-book.

More good news is Toledo plans to stay involved in Metro for the future, I guess we can't get rid of superb talent that easily?

The 31 “Weeks” of Windows Phone Metro Design series focuses on providing developers (and enthusiasts who are just starting on the Windows Phone development path) with resources to ensure app UIs follow suit and create a fluid Metro experience for consumers. One thing we here at WPCentral understand is that our readers (and the community as a whole) favours a complete Metro experience.

Should this series finally become available in free e-book format, it'll be the bible for Windows Phone developers. Exciting times ahead. For now we'll leave you with our no-so-famous Metro meme.

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Senior User Experience Designer for Windows Phone, Arturo Toledo leaves Microsoft


This is how I read the article title from the homepage, "Senior User Experience Designer for Windows Phone Arturo... woah, what is Windows Phone Arturo? WPCentral is about to knock it out of the park with this news!"
"...Toledo leaves Microsoft."
Shouldn't there be a comma in front of tha-- oh."

Interesting that top Apple designers never leave, but they always leave Microsoft after 5-7 years tops. I guess they can't stand the endless meetings. Notice that Microsoft has no equivalent of a Johnny Ive with his own design studio.

Is your statement fact or made-up?
When the average retention time for yournger professionals being  18 months there really isn't much to be done.
However, it does also provide an advantage where you have a fresh set of eyes looking at things. When you have this advantage innovation thrives.
Maybe Apple is / or will have some of the same issues that other large tech companies have with innovation. When you have a company full of people who've been there for twenty years you loose the edge that made you sucessful in the first place. A perfect example of this is Cisco. 

As a Microsoftee, it's sad to see Arturo leave. One of the company's biggest assets, in my opinion.