Snapchat Unofficial for Windows Phone 8

Get your Snap on: Snapchat (Unofficial) now available in the Windows Phone 8 store, but looks rough

Although we know third-party apps like Swapchat and ChatSnap are coming to Windows Phone, for those of you who want Snapchat really bad, it looks like an app called ‘Snapchat (Unofficial)’ has beat everyone to the punch.

The app is available for Windows Phone 8 users only and indeed, we were able to login and send ‘Snaps to be people and have them received. The app is also free, meaning besides the potential security risk (we don’t know the developer), there doesn’t seem like much to lose.

Head past the break for some screenshots, the download link and our thoughts!

For those who don't know by now, Snapchat ( is a service popular on the iPhone and Android that allows users to send "expiring" photos to other users--either friends or strangers. Gimmicky is a word that comes to mind, 'sexting' is another.

While we've been able to integrate fad apps like Instagram into our lives, Snapchat still seems silly to us, but we know there are many of you who want this for social reasons. So here you go!

Of course with an app being free and so rushed, we can say this is not a very polished app. That is the UI is rather bland (though at least it’s Modern looking) and there doesn’t seem to be many features on board, like push notifications—meaning you have to manually check for new ‘Snaps.

You can add text to photos, in theory, but the keyboard doesn’t pop up to allow us to enter info. Other users have complained of exception errors when they try to login as well.

Regardless, “First!” is first and Snapchat (Unofficial) is just that. While it may not be the prettiest or most polished version, it technically works. Kind of.

Pick up Snapchat (Unofficial) here in the Store for free. Windows Phone 8 only.

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Get your Snap on: Snapchat (Unofficial) now available in the Windows Phone 8 store, but looks rough


At the end of they day we got snapchat. When the better versions get here I'll buy and download them but until they are here I'm not complaining. They could be here tomorrow (not likely) or they could take 2 weeks plus, but can now snapchat now sooooo. lol

Yeah...I can wait.. I'm looking forward to Swapchat, the app screenshots featured in your article last week, looked amazing. Plus, the logo for this is Ghostbuster's logo. Who you gonna call!?

Quality vs. Quantity This platform will continue to sputter along and never gain momentum as long as shitty apps keep being released. There are many official apps, but just not enough. I've been a supporter since day 1 WP7 Samsung Focus, now Lumia 920. I keep telling others that the apps are coming. They are, but too slow and too late. They get released when the popularity has faded. Examples wwf, which still sucks, draw something, temple run, and still unreleased pinterest, paltalk, instagram, etc. This is what sells!!! I'm still waiting for a banking app PNC, American Express, and TD Ameritrade. Whenever you contact these companies to see if an app is available, they think you are talking a foreign language. Come on Microsoft!!!!

There's two categories though of apps: tent poles (major services, brands, etc.) and fad apps.

Every one you mentioned are fad apps. That's not to say they don't matter--they do. But there are ton of official, major brand apps coming (including one tomorrow) that I think matter just as much. 

Things are changing though and TBH, so long as we stay ahead of BB10, Windows Phone is the clear third and will keep growing.

Ya know Daniel,, that was really encouraging.. It made me feel good, and fortified my hope.. I think you're "beginning" to be a OK dude... Lol.. Anyways, official app tomorrow??

PNC uses HTML5 for their online banking, so accessing it through the browser is a full featured service. If you're not into that, try Pageonce. The app provides a basic overview for your accounts and can access a majority of institutions.

Do you think Microsoft should make all the apps themselves?

They can't force companies into developing apps for WP. What they can do is advertise, educate and make development easier... they are doing all of that.

Companies won't make WP apps until more people use WP... people won't use WP until until they have more apps, quicker. A vicious cycle, that you should have been aware of from the beginning. As a self proclaimed WP supporter, you should know the risks.

I'll wait. Any app out too early like this is risky for other apps on my phone. Been there, done that before. So I'll wait.

i tried to send a pxt to a  group of people. (of my desk at work) and it only sent to 2 people when i selected like 10

You can't discount the importance of "fad apps". I know of quite a few people that wouldn't buy a windows phone just because of instagram and wwf availability. There are too many unaddressed flaws. I am glad that the platform is growing, but I think it should be growing faster. They really need to market to kids a little bit more also. Kids are the future, and right now you are not "trendy or cool" unless you own an Iphone or a Galaxy".
I love my Lumia 920. I have convinced a few people to switch, or try it as their first smartphone. Most of them like it. The ones that don't like it seem to be those that are entrenched in their iPhones. I have nothing against apple. I owned 2 iPhones, ipad2, and a 2009 MacBook.

I use PNC Mobile website. Unfortunately, HTML5 is good, but it is limited. You cannot deposit checks. I have been using Pageonce. Its good. But still not the same.
I have a friend who uses TD Bank. It doesn't display properly when viewing the mobile version. The desktop version works. But its still a pain in the ass on a 4.3 inch screen.

Someone put their own time & effort into this app. Personally I thank them. We live in a World where instant gratification seems the norm. Let's be patient WinPhans!

Although I think this app (and the concept of Snapchat itself) is atrocious, you have a great way of seeing the positive in it. Yes, someone did put plenty of effort into this. Let's at least give him a smidgeon of credit for being "First".

My guess is that Rubino can appreciate an app / social network that shares good photos. Personally, I have no use for an app that has auto-deletion of photos as a main feature. No one that sexts me has a need for them to quickly disappear.

See, I thought it was all about that as well. But it's becoming clear to me having seen my girlfriend and her mates use it that this is actually used as a new way to communicate. They send quick stupid things like, a picture of a cake they're baking. Or perhaps a snap of a few people together on a bus or hanging out in a garden.

It's not a picture that's meant to last so no one cares about how they look, it's a casual sharing of a moment that takes the "picture says a thousand words" saying very literally. Not every picture on our phones needs to be saved forever, if you look through your camera roll I'm sure you're as guilty as I am for having crap photos that you never need to look at again.

If it's not on Windows Phone, or it sucks on Windows Phone he hates it. As soon as its here on the platform you see a sudden change in tone. It happened with WhatsApp, happened with Instagram (he even posts regularly on Instagram) and it'll happen with snapchat.

With creating accounts, if you try a username that's already taken, it then thinks your email is taken too if you try and use subsequent usernames, so you have to use a different email and try a new username. There seems to be a keyboard bug too if you use the front facing camera, where you then have to tap ont he text then outside it to get the keyboard to pop up, you can't turn the flash off, and it stretches images when taking snaps on my L920 and you can't find your friends using the app either. Overall it's a very rough app, but obviously it's the first one out there. Looking forward to see what Daniel Gary and SRC Apps can produce.

How can SnapChat truly use "expiring" photos when each mobile OS has the ability to take screenshots?

They can't truly expire, with other OS clients it does let you know if someone screenshots your photo but I don't know if WP8 alerts other senders (iOS, android) they've been shotted or if this client tells you someone shotted you.

I know what the intended use and definition of "shotted" is, but I can't help but think that there's another meaning to it...

If I download this, make an account, and then delete it for the newer snapchat apps, can I still use my same username/ keep my friends?

There isn't. Thus it's kinda annoying that you have to add one by one and ask friends for usernames...

lmao this is hopeless, sorry. I've tried two email addresses to sign up and apparently they are used, despite never ever using SnapChat. basic functionality dev, and you goofed it!

This happens when your username is taken. For some reasons it registers your email. Luckily my name along with some numbers after it, is very uncommon. I know a lot of other people were having this problem too

People don't realize that this is the initial release of this app; it will be improved as future updates are released. If you choose to complain about the Windows Phone platform, get an Android.

installed ...created account.....took pic....sent to my wife....she received it and sent me a pic back.... received pic....opened pic with no issues... app worked perfect... yes its a basic app no flashy design but it does the job! if you need a snapchat client this works!

I think that this is indeed a very early version, but it seems to get to work done :) Most sceptical I am concerning the app name, it is too close to the official one and might result in take down notice . However, concerning the notes in the wpcentral article about on not being able to trust security of the app because the author is unknown I would like to comment that it is not a valid argument in my opionion. Myself, I would not trust the other unoffical apps any more, as the security is ultimately in the service backend, and SnapChat does not have a very good track record in handling security in their offical apps (on e.g., Android) very well. In some cases, unofficial apps might handle the security aspects even better.

Used it a lot today with friends.
The good: setup account works albeit being annoying if you have a common username. Take pictures and send works. We can screenshot and they don't get notified (tested out with friends on iPhones). Can input text although also not great.
The bad (I hope the developer reads this because it's what needs work): needs integration with fb to add friends. Push notifications would be great (live tile?). Not needing to login each time would be wonderful. And apparently pictures come out stretched vertically (according to iPhone users) so that fix would be nice too.
Great job on getting a working app there. I expect great updates and for this app to be bomb in the future. Also maybe change the name? PicSwap? Idk.

I Have also had a play around with this app after much hype from friends on ISO.  It apears to work alright, might take 2 goes to send a photo though.
It drains your battery like a B@#$%
....still havent got any nude photos my mates tell me about lol

It is working fine for me , a bit rough but im happy it works ! hopefully this inspires more developers to create competition for this app or even a couple of updates which keeps us logged in and allows us to get notifications , maybe even the app to run a bit smoother , but overall cant complain ..Be happy its here and this is just the beggining!