SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 is...almost out

File under: Whoa, completely forgot about that...

Last February, we got a gander at SPB's Mobile Shell 5.0 and then , never heard about it again. (See out hands-on video at MWC).

Well, today that's changed as SPB has finally re-announced the extremely popular UI replacement for Windows Mobile (and Android and Symbian...wait, whuh?)

Some of the key features mentioned are

  • The first complete 3D mobile phone interface, offering an extremely fast and natural user experience. User interactions become much more intuitive in a real 3D environment.
  • Single place to access all smartphone features: combining traditional widget based homescreen and application launcher via stunning 3D homescreen.
  • Fast switching between screens with a single gesture.

There's no date on when you can buy it and unfortunately, SPB seems to be aiming at OEMs and carriers as their #1 customers. Lets hope they didn't cut our the end-user!  Stay tuned...and check out that swipe at HTC Sense in the video. Hello!


Reader comments

SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 is...almost out


I'm kinda surprised none of the big OEMs or OS makers haven't snatched SPB up yet. Just think how cool it would be if MS grabbed them and put them to work on a slate UI running on top of CE7!

Someone over at MS should get their checkbook out.

I think MS is better off without this, not impressed with what is basically another UI based on a sea of icons where you are constantly jumping in and out of applications, here given the fancy name "widgets". Doesnt seem to be more than a graphical showcase and not much function to really improve your experience using the phone.

True, it's just a example, I do think someone will snatch them up at some point though with all the good press they get. Or just copy all of their UI ideas to some extent.

Nice video. That hand model really has something to add to his resume!