Themes customizer tool for Windows Phone released [Homebrew]


Last week we mentioned how Windows Phone Hacker was working on a homebrew hack to allow you to customize your Start Tiles on your phone. The trick only requires a developer unlocked device (no interop-unlock) and some patience to get your phone to look the way you want. Overall the trick looks simple enough and could be a great way to kill afternoon. Features include:

  • Customize any tile (system or third party, including Marketplace)
  • Use your image as a background for the tiles
  • Use an accent color for overlay transparency
  • Import themes
  • Export themes
  • A bundle of joy with easy personalization ;)

There's even a tutorial video to get you started on your project. Head over to Windows Phone Hacker for the file and more information and maybe jump into our forums to start sharing your creations!


Reader comments

Themes customizer tool for Windows Phone released [Homebrew]


To be honest, i personaly think this is completely unessasry and doesnt even look good. Windows Phone is sexy as is from the default theme options, this is just doing to much and is killing what makes Windows Phone sleek and sexy, simplisity. But obvcourse, not everyones going to do this, nor do you NEED to do this. But thats just my opinion bout that haha. Have a good day and God bless =].

Well, I'm sure any customization on any OS is unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. But it's nice to just have the option. It gets a little boring looking at the same two background and 10 accent colors.

Microsoft should make this officially available and supported without needing for developer unlock. This adds an array of customization options without hampering the usability. Giving the consumer choice to customize goes a long way in getting popularity and loyalty (think Android fanboys)