Weird device shows up at Nokia press event--probably just ID badge

What is it?

We're not sure what to make of this but over at BooredatWork, they have two photos of some odd gizmo. The little screened gadget is evidently being held by Chris Weber, President of Nokia US, at the T-Mobile-Nokia event for the 710 last week. Now at this point, we could just say it's maybe just a fancy LCD business-card, an electronic badge or some type of mini-media player and be done with it, but BooredatWork says this about it:

"...we got a  brief sneak peek at a little 3-inch Nokia Windows phone pocket tablet like device. It got 3-inch display, with no apparent physical button. No idea on specs or what the device truly is as we only saw it briefly, but it is a Windows phone based device " [Emphasis ours]

Now we're not sure why they think it is Windows Phone based (we're waiting for a response) but assuming that part is true, it is certainly a strange thing. Not only odd, but it doesn't make much sense either--Windows Phone is a bit small for a 3" screen, unless we're talking about some type of changes coming in "Tango" which we've heard has support for "smaller screens". Right now though, our Spidey sense is telling us this really isn't anything Nokia is working on but perhaps just an electronic badge/media player. See the image below:

Electronic badge


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Weird device shows up at Nokia press event--probably just ID badge


Well I'm sure the CEO has a couple of products that were never meant to see the light of day as a sold item.
I mean, what would you do with a bunch of cool doo-hickies that no one else has, maybe show them off a bit?
If anything I think it could be tech-demo device showing that something can be done. Maybe a WP media player but that would seem odd since Zune devices are no more, also since Nokia doesn't make media devices. 

lol its just a promotional lcd, you can get those online from promotional swag company. you can program it to say your name, or display images... they even have pens with tiny lcds that scroll msgs.

Yes it could be some pointless promotional thing but remember that patent Microsoft got of those slide out phone but instead of a keyboard it was a simple controller and a small LCD screen so my fingers crossed its something to do than that haha

I'm going to guess that you are right that it is just a fancy badge, but also that maybe someone told someone that it was running on Windows Embedded Compact and then said that that is the same base OS as Windows Phone and someone took that and reduced it to: "it is a Windows Phone -based device".