Windows Phone Glitch

What visual glitches have you discovered in Windows Phone?

Windows Phone is an operating system like others available on the market. There are not only issues introduced and fixed in subsequent updates, but also glitches and somewhat humorous bugs to be discovered. There are a handful of visual glitches in Windows Phone, which have been collected and discussed on our forum.

If you look at the above photo, you'll notice that the Start screen sits behind the app list filter. This shouldn't normally happen. When hitting the filter to sort through apps, the list of installed content should be hidden behind the selector itself. It's easy to reproduce (accidentally) by simply swiping to the right as soon as a letter is pressed.

Funny Glitch

As well as the above Start screen glitch, there's the infamous Windows Phone unlock bug where swiping up to override the lockscreen shows the Start screen (regardless as to whether or not a security passcode is implemented) with no way to interact with the display. See the video below for a demonstration.

Think of it as a static image, but you're able to swipe back down to pull the lockscreen back into view. To rectify this, one has to turn the display off and back on again. Then you have instances such as the following:

​Have you come across any humorous visual glitches when using your Windows Phone? Head over to our community forum or comment below to share any graphical glitches you've discovered.


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What visual glitches have you discovered in Windows Phone?



Wish I can say the same, sometimes when my Lumia 920 comes out from the glance screen, the lockscreen comes out glitchy like a computer missing it's video card drivers. My only remedy is to turn off the screen and back on manually.

I got one. But its hard to replicate need lots of apps on your start screen. 1. Slide finger up on screen. 2. Hit start to go to top. 3. Slide finger down as fast as you can. 4. Enjoy a shaky glitch

My 1020 is showing dark spots when looking at dark images in the dark. I know it's common for amoled screens and all but it has gotten worse. i have 2 fairly big spots in the middle of the screen now.

Amoled screens are horrible imo and this is my 1st and last!

This is why I hate AMOLED screens. I wish they would have stuck to the screens they used in the 920. I have never owned an AMOLED phone that did not suffer screen burn in in a short period of time. I text a lot so the text window always ended up burning in for me.

That's not burn-in they're talking about. AMOLED have a some black liquid splash/residue marks that remain after the manufaturing process. At least this seems to be the case with the Nokia Lumia devices. It's visible in the dark on a dark background. It's a hit or miss with how badly "spashed" a device you get. My first 925 had a big one in the middle of the screen and was really annoying when reading in the dark at night. I ended up getting it replaced.

It sounds like MorganRW is describing burn-in. I do have the splash/residue marks, but I rarely encounter situations in which I see them.

That is a perfect description! I had lots of those dark liquid residue marks showing on my first Windows Phone, the Lumia 800 and I thought It was caused by dropping or bumping the phone until my second WP (which is my current driver) the Lumia 1020 showed the same marks straight out of the box! Although it's just two spots at the top of the display. I love amoled screens but this is annoying sometimes when I use my phone in low or no light. I wonder if its caused by the clearblack layering.. Strangely my girlfriends 820 has no such marks and I have never seen it on any other manufacturers amoled display... Phew... I originally thought its because South Africa gets shipped all the Lumias that don't pass quality control.. LOL

I have that problem. I also have the problem where sometimes even after I read a text, it will still show on my glance screen and not go away until I restart my 920.

From the research I have done, apparently IPS screens are notorious for image retention.(burn in) Though fortunately it isn't permanent. There are videos on YouTube that will clear any image retention on your screen.. My laptop has this problem as well though it is minor and doesn't really bother me.

Same here. I think it's the glance screen that's causing the problem because it's the same kind of high contrast and low quality colors look as the glance screen. Normally, you don't need to turn the screen back off and on again, you can still use your phone and after a couple of seconds it gets back to normal. I'm pretty sure it's the glance screen forgetting to deactivate itself.

This is a somewhat regular occurance for me as well, same with the touchscreen sometimes not working and having to lock/unlock again

My two week old 1520 did this first time today. All black and purple colors. Screen off and on fixed it.
Happened after viewing and exiting a picture in Whatsapp.

Been happening on my 928 ever since amber. I'll concur with everyone else that it's probably something with glance.

I found that this happens when using color images in the glance background feature. Use black and white images only or disable the glance backgrounds.

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Calendar in monthly view. Every day that has an appointment or meeting says "nulia facils" or "laecenas sem mattis" or something like that. Lumia 920.

I thought I was the only one with this issue! It bothered me since the very beginning with my 925, but now it happens ever so seldom now.

My 920 has done screen graphics glitch few times, but I never had to restart my phone. Just unlock the lock screen and all colours comes back again. I think it is a problem with screen's refresh rate. Once screen is refreshed, it cures itself.

Has happened to my 620 too. It reminds me of the 256 colors days. It gets back to normal quickly after. No biggy.

That was pretty frequent when I used glance screen on my Lumia 822. Disabled glance and it stopped happening.

I've gotten the lock screen and start screen to look "polarized" and laggy maybe 1/300 times I wake the phone. That's about it. Older handsets had some of the mentioned issues but my 1020 just suffers from this polarizing effect. Hitting the power button and rewaking the phone always fixes it.

I've never had any of the UI things (don't use glance can't stand it)

I get a sound bug where i can't change the volume at all till i reboot on my 920.

If i change the volume from the lock screen it will sometimes decide the ignore volume settings.  I can turn it to 0 or 30 the sound level will stay the same.

I have seen this happen on my 1020 too. It reminds me of the 64 bit video game screens when you pull out the cartridge from the console.

I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this, but on my Windows PC, when I am watching YouTube videos in fullscreen, I can vaguely see either my desktop or modern UI screen in the background. This also happens when I switch from my desktop to modern UI; I can still see the desktop in the background. The YouTube thing is more annoying, though, since it is very distracting to see my entire desktop/UI screen in the background when I am trying to watch a video.

I think i have seen them all. My 920 display had a flickering issue. That becomes easily noticeable when i open games hub. Got the screen replaced. I have like everyone else experienced the unlock swipe issue. It happens when u activate the screen by touching it when it just about to go to sleep.
one recent issue i m facing(after the change of screen) is the startscreen becoming a high contrast and saturation replica of my start screen when i unlock. Stays for only a second.

It mainly occurs on the second screen, where there is that boring column of apps. If you press a letter the alphabet is populated on the screen. If the letter has an app under it then it is hilighted with the theme colour otherwise its greyed. 

I would say its a quick way to get to your apps, no swyping up three times to get to Z. If you press M then M appears at the top of the column.

If its a bug its a good bug for me!


Tons since I updated my 1520 last week. In addition to the one listed in the article, I've found that when unlocking the phone with the camera shutter, the screen is completely unresponsive for five or six seconds, then ALL of the taps go into effect in one spastic, explosive burst. The brightness will adjust randomly even when in a well-lit room. Double-tap to wake won't work half the time and it takes more than a minute before the phone recognizes it's being charged.

I hard reset and the problems persisted for about an hour, but--knock on wood--they've disappeared since.

Well believe it or not I did this when I was young with a Motorola flip phone but it was with a rugged flashlight

At the home screen, swiped from down up at moderate strength, press the back key and immediately swipe down. You will see the home screen stutter multiple times

This bug wasn't there in amber. I was in a habit of doing that for time pass, and had to stop my habit. I reported it on live chat to nokia.

It has always been there since windows phone 7. I turned it I to a game at how many times I could get it to stutter by delaying my swiping down.

I can't reproduce with your instructions, but a simpler way is to scroll down the start screen, scroll up then immediately press home.

Or swipe up on the home screen and press the windows button. It will stutter like sadness incarnate.

I have it once a week if not more. Sometimes when I unlock my phone the colors will be super saturated and the phone will be really laggy.. If I lock then unlock, it disappears.

It took almost 2 years, but it happened!! Not many people have heard about, not to mention seen this. Kudos to you, mysterious 8bit lady. ^_^

I used to have the glitch on my 520 where a dark grey semi-lit screen would persist for a second even after locking the screen before turning black. But Black update fixed that, thankfully.

In my L1520, beside the notorious brightness bug - I encountered a bug that showed the display in inverted colors! It happened to me only two or three times, and immediately solved itself when locking the screen again, but the view was hilarious... Everything looked extremely trippy :)

I want trippy mode integrated into WP8.1!!! :)

If you scroll to the bottom of the start screen and then scroll back up and quickly press the home button, the tiles will bounce up and down. Been this way for ages..

Works the other way too. The momentum of the start screen is not set to 0 when you hit the home key, so it keeps moving.

Ha, that one is pretty funny...atleast when I imagined my phone audibly stuttering like "C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!!".

Only one glitch that's not to much of a boggy on my 1520 when you go to double tap it goes back to glance double tap again works fine strange

I got this alot before the last firmware update because I would just rapidly tap the screen multiple times because double tap was so buggy it doesn't work half the time, so if any wanna see this bug just rapidly tap your screen to wake it up lol

All of it . Also , the scroll bug when bluetooth . Can't scroll the paired devices list .

Every now and then a glitch in displaying colors occurs after unlocking the device; it stays for a few seconds and then goes back to normal. Happened on my previous 620 and on the current 1020.

Both the glitches in the video I've encountered and I've also had one when in the street under direct sunlight. The dark grey tiles get brighten up way too much and go almost light silver.

There also seems to be a light bug in the 1020 that makes the phone seem like it doesn't know what brightness to use. This is solved by switching off the auto-brightness. Still, unnecessary bug.


Well not to mention when the OS decides to restart out of nowhere.

Settings -> display -> sunlight readability (might be what you're talking about). I also got shocked when it first kicked in. But its clever.

Yes I thought it might be that. But it's not. It really screws up the colours. Unless it's meant to screw up the which's particularly odd to look at with dark grey tiles.

Yes it's supposed to adjust the colors to make it more readable in sunlight, that's kinda the whole reason it exists. The 1520 uses a different type of screen that was unique in that it allowed for sunlight readability without adjusting colors.

Yup.. Just as the poster above mentioned. The dark keyboard looks especially distorted. But it does work well to read texts, type, etc.

That last video where the start screen jumps a bunch of times is caused when you tap the home button right after swiping down. Not sure if they mentioned that in the video as I don't have audio on my computer right now.


One glitch I noticed is how chopping the additional options under the "..." under the app bar animate onto the screen. It almost looks like there's a duplicate copy sliding in immediately after each option slides in. Doesn;t happen often, and really only happens with long lists.

And sometimes my lumia 920 screen brightness goes so bright it gives the shaky screen effect on the edges.

yes I have that screen lock bug but I can access all apps normally, in that video he looks like can't do anything but I can

it usually happen when I got messaging appear at top of the screen but I late to tap it


True that nothing is perfect, mine is loading even the in-built apps and sometimes the keyboard doesn't respond at the moment I write!

I've experienced the same weird screen color bug on my 920 as 2 other posters here.  Very occasionally, when I power on the screen, before unlocking, the screen will show up in what looks like 16 color mode.  Also sometimes parts of the screen will just be black but some of my wallpaper will still be there in weird low res, low color mode.  I usually power the screen back off and back on when this happens and it comes on fine the second time.  Unlocking it also fixes the problem.

Sometimes when I unlock my 1520 I have a photo negative look to the whole interface but it goes away after a few seconds pr after turning the screen off then back on

Yup... While using the keyboard,, I noticed tht sumtymes there are issues with touch... I touch a letter but the keyboard writes the previously touched letter by itself... This is wierd,.. I am having this issue since the black update on my Lumia 620..

my sister phone shows 3G connection while my L520 shows EDGE . both use same network provider . is this count as bug ?

When you bring up the alphabet selector on the app list you have always been able to see the app list in behind through the cracks. I don't think that's a glitch at all

i've had both the lock screen one is more annoying but i had the 2nd one a whole lot on my Lumia 900 for some reason after i exited the Facebook app the tiles would take a second to load then start "rubber Banding"

Ever since my phone crashed whilst playing "bridge constructor" it no longer analyses used space and last night after two hours of charging it said the battery was critically low. Rebooting it resolved that issue. But yeah ever since the memory leak associated with the game bridge constructed it's being weird.

Have a Lumia 1020 and 820. From time to time getting the 16 colour / pixilated screen as well when unlocking both devices. Hope this is fixed in an update..

Yes! If you swipe quickly up the start screen and hit the start button hit will take you to the top of the start screen while keeping the momentum of ur swipe causing the phone to have a seizure lol

No visual glitches for me. The only glitch in Windows Phone is that it's not designed with the intention to be used as a phone.

I agree with this...the system to make calls and add contacts really isn't very good at all. Far too many key presses, particularly when adding a new contact. I hope 8.1 fixes that.

I ran into a few, inconsistent bugs. One where I unlock the phone and lock screen continuously flips up.
Another was after I got off a phone call, lock it and place it into my pocket, some tiles are moved around or un-pinned. It's impossible since I need to unlock my phone with a code.

sometimes I get my lockscreen in 16 colors, it's not like that known lockscreen problem, but has to be similar as it happens when I turn on display at the same time it turns off

Only recently my Lumia 1320 has had some display issues. It happened 2 to 3 times randomly. On unlocking the phone, The lock screen and start screen display a contrast of colours. It appears only for 2 secs and vanishes. I have seen other Lumia 1320 also face this problem.

Earlier since the past 2 months I never faced this issue. Some say that the recent updates to settings have screwed it up. not sure though.

Sure! Sometimes when I double tap to wake, I get only the bottom part of lockscreen. Where the glance times is supposed to appear. What's more is the the resolution and image quality degrades to glance quality too. Happens very rarely but has happened 5 or 6 times since August.

On many apps including the official Twitter app when trying to edit profile, when typing in a text box, the keyboard covers the view of what I am typing. Not sure if this is an OS design flaw or a developers need to learn the APIs flaw, but it's annoying nonetheless.

Lock screen Times-out after 5 minute max is the biggest annoyance.

I'd like to see my home screen while on my Qi charging stand for longer than 5 minutes!

Anyone agree and/or find a workaround?

Only issues I have is sometimes when I wake up the phone the screen looks like if a computers has a bad video card drivers so I lock and unlock and is gone. Nokia or Microsoft should come here and read our comments and issues. I thought it was only me with that problem or because I was an early adopter when Lumia 920 came out

It only happened on my 720 amber and still happens with black update. My 1520 works perfect except for the stupid tap and scroll misidentified

None. But am I alone on this.... My L925 since updated to black is super laggy occasionally. Ill click send on a text and it will hang and won't let me do anything. Major bummer when I run my business through my phone and timing is everything. 80% of the time its fine. But this phone has been perfect till now..........

Oh ya... And last night my screen went black.... Buttons kept flashing when I hit power. Full charge. Had to soft reset and it took like 30seconds to work. Hmmmmmmmmmmm guess im hoping 8.1 Preview is a GO on the 2nd so I can clean this OS up

Mine did too... But its doing it 10x more now........ And I have very few apps running in the background. Like 4... None that are labor-intensive.

I have a few of them...

The pictures hub shows 4-5 images, even when it is just 1 image. Also if I delete even 1 of them, all of them get deleted. It goes similarly for Music Hub as well. Just that deleting 1 doesn't delete all of them.

And sometimes it happens like I can't open any third party app like WhatsApp, NextGen Reader etc. All i can use is phone, people hub,etc. It does show the "tapped" animation. Like the tile gets pressed..

The two that were shown above.

And probably the worst, I tried installing Trials Xtreme 3, it was taking too long so i canceled it, but now when I try installing via SD card it's greyed out doesn't show up in the games hub, and worst of all the settings app, takes up ~240mb of phone storage. Like the "other storage" wasn't taking enough space. 

Maybe coz I haven't updated my 520 ever. It still has stock WP8 and hence the bugs...

Wow.i too face all of those problems in my 520.surprised i was not the only one in case of trial extreme 3.also there is a bug in scrolling in Bluetooth paired list although its solved. It has not been fixed in gdr2 and black update as my 520 have been updated to both.

The most frequent glitch I see is the colours are over saturated. It eventually recovers on its on.

I always thought the glitchy scroll(s) on the home screen was included for visual effect ;)

Sometimes when I've overworked my camera and I'm low on storage, the display of my camera has purple flickers. It would appear as if the display alternates between the normal display and purple frames.

If you tap the screen RIGHT as it turns off to go to sleep, it has this blank lock screen, just the picture, that you can slide up and down and see what's under it, and you have to press the power button to actually get back into the phone.

I found a bug!
Scroll down to the bottom of your home screen and with one swipe try and get to the top. While this is happening tap the the back button once. See what happens (make shore you don't have any open apps)

I know the second glitch but not the first one. A glitch I know is when your going to change the theme color. As soon as you open the color selector quickly tap any color and a different color is going to be selected.

About the lock screen glitch: You don't actually need to turn off the display when that happens. Just hit the Start button and the normal lock screen will show up and then you can swipe up. At least this is how it works in my Lumia 920. The other visual glitch I have found happens when you go back to the start screen and if the tile's animation hasn't finished and you long press the Back button, you can see the the animation frozen in the app switcher.

Aaaaand this is my first comment ever on WPC! This site is my daily fix for Windows Phone news since the first day I bought my beloved Lumia one year ago :)

For me its gotta be the one where the start screen freezes......I don't know if I'd call it a "humorous glitch".........friggin pain in the ass is more like it

When I use my lumia 920 outdoors under sun the screen fades. It happens since the beginning. Excessive light/exposure to sun causes the screen to fade.

Does anyone get the calendar app in Spanish when you view it monthly, seen that on my 928 and 1520(which is the international version).