Win a Windows Store gift card by leaving a comment on this post

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We need to do more contests and random giveaways around here. Let’s start with one right now. You don’t have to do anything fancy to win. Just drop a comment below. We’ll pick three winners.

What’s the prize? How about a $15 gift card for the Windows Store. As you know, it actually ties into your Microsoft account. So you’ll be able to use the gift card to get apps and games on Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 and on your Xbox One/360.

Windows Store Gift Card

We’ll give out three today. Just drop a comment and we’ll randomly select three winners. We'll pick the winners tomorrow and update the post with their usernames. This gives everyone a chance to drop a comment. Be polite and just leave one comment too! Leave more than one comment and you'll be out of the running. 

If you’re bored, list the app/game you’re going to use this cash on. Look forward to phones, Xbox One games and more in the future! 


And the winners are....

  • jonnyjenks
  • mantugaul8
  • TechZOnline

Congratulations! We'll be in touch via email in the next day or so. Everyone else, keep an eye out next week for another awesome contest!


Reader comments

Win a Windows Store gift card by leaving a comment on this post



WP8.1 for Nokia 928!!!


- I would use the card to purchase a couple of games I have in the trial mode currently.

This is not something u can be proud of. This isn't even a contest. Some stupid guys bribe to have his article at the top of the list for most comments. Wpc doesn't need this. You get 500 comments for articles that are over an hour old in the verge and wmpoweruser.

Ode to the romantic in u.
Roses are red and very nice.
Carnations are pretty and half the price.

I can't buy any app from the store cuz... NO CREDIT CARD! HA!
ok, how about:
-halo spartan assault
-angry birds go(o yeah i haven't played it, stop looking at me like i fell off the sky and survived)
-skinnery themes
-many more awesome apps i could never get.
Thanks sam.

Well it's because of WP that i was able to convince my brother and mother to buy windowsphone devices :)

I'd probably pick up Crimson Dragon Side Story if I won, maybe some Final Fantasy games as well. Oh and throw a bit of cash at the LiveGaming app developer if I have any left.

I was the first one to reveal/leak about Gift Cards before it was officially announced. So I think I deserve this gift. :P

i love you  wpcentral..   this  is the  one and only best place to find   news  for  my windows phone....!!!

regards  from Mexico....




Also, can any of you fine folks explain how to automatically log into to the WPC app for commenting? I have to post from the full site if I want it to log me in... (if that makes sense) :) Thanks!


$15 would be perfect for the Slingplayer app, just got my Slingbox yesterday and installed the app on my 1520, just need to add it to my 2520 now