Leave up to 8 comments for 8 chances to win the HTC One (M8) for Windows

Leave up to eight comments on this article for eight chances to win Verizon's new HTC One (M8) for Windows!

HTC is back. Today they announced the new HTC One (M8) for Windows. It's not new if you read Android Central all the time, but it is brand new to us here at Windows Phone Central. The HTC One (M8) for Windows launches with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 and is now available to order on the Verizon website. You can also walk into your local Verizon store tomorrow and pick one up. Or you can leave a comment and win one from us.

To enter, all you need to do is login to Windows Phone Central and leave a comment for your chance to win.

This is the HTC One (M8) for Windows and it ships with Windows Phone 8.1. There's a lot of 8s floating around, so you can leave up to eight comments for your chance to win. You can leave more if you want, but only eight will count for contest entry purposes. One lucky winner walks away with a new phone!

If you're not yet a member of Windows Phone Central, you can register here in just a few seconds. We'll run this contest until next midnight PST on August 26.

This phone is only available on Verizon, so we're going to leave this as a U.S. only contest for now. Don't fret, Microsoft is set to release some new Lumias in the near future. We'll do a worldwide contest for those new devices when they're announced.

Enter NOW!

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Leave up to 8 comments for 8 chances to win the HTC One (M8) for Windows



I still don't like how the bottom of the phone looks. Those buttons are going to be tough to use, but I'll try

I've never been a fan of on-screen buttons. I've not used the system tray on a Windows Phone device, but I am just not a fan of the one on Android.

They make sense as a logical progression thanks to Touch Screens, but I really don't care for them

Yea, the only neat thing about them is how you can hide them to get a little more screen space, oh well its the future, embrace it!

It's not that stupid. But on this device with a design made for Android it just looks really awful. That's for a large part because the screen res 1920x1080 and the button pixels are part of it. Making it a skewed resolution for WP8.1 apps and for the aesthetics of the (start)screen. Remember the Lumia 630/635 has a taller display by 14 pixels to accommodate for this partially.

Also this device is going to go global too. It's not official yet but in the coming days it will be.

On the original video of windows update they suggested this, but it certainly isn't implemented yet, sadly

Android, both the OS and the apps, are made for the onscreen buttons and the difference in screen space because of it. This is not the case on WP.

You do know other windows phone devices have on screen navigation buttons already right? Lumia 630 & 635 for example.

they have taller displays to accomodate them, here the buttons take up space normally allocated to something else.

I have the Lumia Icon and a 928. Going to be nice to have this new HTC and give the 928 to my wife.

Also coming from the Icon & 928, it will take some getting used to this camera, but I'm excited to see the technology

Seems like after some fine tuning and then updating by HTC, the camera technology could actually be pretty cool

Great design, awesome HTC apps, cool dot view case for those who like cases(I couldn't bring myself to cover this phone up), IR Blaster, HTC covering 1x glass/screen replacement if you do happen to break it.... Pretty strong showing

Neither would I, a HTC phone would be the bomb! Never had one

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Really? Didn't know about that feature! I didn't knew you could hide on screen bottons...

They both have a 16x9 screen so the same % is used by on screen buttons. I think it is good to see a device like this, with a Snapdragon 801, suported so quickly.

I would prefer a Black One as the HTC One M7 Black Version.

Anyway this gun metal isn't bad at all  XD

Although I love my 1020, it's always good to have come competition to the Lumia. and to have another manufacturer getting behind WP

Yes, my 1020's age is beginning to show, but once you use that camera: you can't go back. Hope it appears sooner rather than later.

Yes, my 1020's age is beginning to show, but once you use that camera: you can't go back. Hope it appears sooner rather than later.

That's because it DOES. The HTC One has kind of a "meh" camera. Not necessarily bad, but not crazy good either. Meanwhile, PureView devices have REALLY GOOD cameras, tough to beat.

wouldn't mind it replacing my Lumia 928...though the 928 has been bombproof, while the family has their iPhones locked up in Lifeproof cases that obscure all that is asthetically pleasing about those devices...

i love how every iphone user raves about how they have the best physical designs out of any phone - i literally have not seen a naked iphone since the dawn of time.

Never had issues with drops on the carpet. It's the drops on the concrete that I am worried about. My phone fell a couple time on concrete with just a few nicks on the case. My daughter on the other hand cracked the screen on both a 900 and 530 with drops on a concrete floor.

I also haven't seen any M8s not wrapped in a cheap plastic/rubber case.  But most ppl i see use a case.  It's probably the reason samsung has wondered if there was even a point to using metal in their phones when ppl just put a case.

Test post! Sorry guys but when I try to post a comment, my screen goes black for a couple seconds then appears to post as normal but I can't find the post! Not sure what's going on. I did update my phone today with new update if that means anything?

My Lumia 928 has cracks on the plastic at the corners for some reason; I don't even know why. Everybody has a cracked iPhone though.

Tell me about it. My 928 has been put through hell and back. Buttt, the htc one is one of my favorite phones so it depends on how tough it is for me. 

I use to have a Lumia 920... Died in a river a year ago... Now an iPhone 4 and I hate the thing...

Kudos to HTC for releasing a phone running Windows OS.    Nice to have some options out there!  I tried an HTC "flagship" some years ago.  It was a buggy, frustrating experience to be honest.  Still, if a halloween Ogre eats my Lumia, I'd consider any flagship running Windows OS.    

well keep in mind, the HTC one M8 is HTC's baby, by bringing it to the wp, they are now putting its name on the line, I don't think theyd be willing to tarnish it, thats why I'm so hopeful, if theyd of released it under a different name I'd be a little worried but in this case, I'm very hopeful!

Yeah, would be a great second phone. I'd love to win it and then give it away to get someone else hooked on windows phone!

That's the reason AT&T hasn't gotten the 930 yet. Exclusivity blah blah blah :) AT&T was the first to show support for Windows phone between the two. 

Yeah, but Verizon is the largest carrier and it is important for WP that they carry the phones. I'm sure they had to bend over backwards to get Verizon to carry more WPs.

Chicken, and egg problem, for that WP needs to grow more, and WP needs devices with  enough WOW factor to grow!

True but at least they are showing how the WP operating systems is waaaaay more efficient on the same hardward when compared to Android.

The problem is easily solved in Android. I rooted mine and it doesn't have the soft keys at the bottom anymore. I use pie controls instead.

But I don't know how it could be adapted to the WP version.

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No, the nav bar does not consume party of the 1080 resolution. It's an extension of it.

Also, functionally, the minimize option makes it better (in theory) than capacitive buttons.

My complaint is not having a camera button.

Yes it looks stupid when such a great thing is running stupid Android but now it is running Windows!

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Commenting about the on screen buttons - One thing I think that will be a little more difficult/irritating on WP with on screen buttons, is that, on Android, you have a bunch of 'wasted space' above the on screen buttons.  If you miss a litlte high, you hit nothing, and have a fair amount of pixels, before you even get to your first touch icon.

On Windows Phone though, the tiles flow all the way to the bottom, and just a tiny bit of on screen buttons background exists between the button, and the first partial live tile that the buttons have overlayed.  I'm sure I'm going to end up hitting a bunch of tiles just because the buttons are so small. (I am glad they are small though, it's just a difference with static pages of icons, vs flowing pages of tiles.



How is it skewed? The Nav Bar overlays on top of what's on screen. It doesn't adjust the image just to fit in the Nav Bar. Am I wrong?

I actually enjoy the idea of having on screen buttons. If they "auto-hide" that'll prevent the number of accidental clicks I have that take me back, home, or to cortana. This happens a lot, and even more so when I have friends taking pictures on my phone. They have no idea where to go once that happens lol.

YES! I user my phone for lots of media consumption and movies via PLEX and my son always hits the buttons and then freaks out.

that means you still have a chance to win, once you win once you're done -unless your special :)

Plex is amazing. I love the Qloud or whatever app too. It gets the job done when needing just PC to Phone streaming (free vs paid). I couldn't justify spending money on Plex since I barely have anything to stream....

If you open a video using the MS files browser it actually hides the open screen buttons (on a dual sim 630) so it is possible for the app to make them disappear, presumably MS hasn't made that part of the API public yet

As I have said before I too love the idea especiall for media and gaming. But to those people that find the change as a poke in the eye, I wonder is there is a way to lock them in place to make those users happy as well.

My concern with on screen buttons is that they will have lagging issues or there will be occasions where they do not respond properly due to too many apps running...etc....I'm willing to try it but I probably would prefer hardware buttons.

Agreed!! I hate when people assume that just because something is becoming the norm, that we have to love it. No, it may be the norm, and may be the way all WPs will go, but we don't have to embrace it. Just put up with it.

it's not stupid, its not 100% bad, nor is it 100% good, just like any new tech in the world, its a tradeoff.


Hardware has the advantage of always being there and looking better. It also has the con of costing more and making the phones bigger.


on screen has the the advantage of being cheaper to produce, making the phones smaller, and allowing you to hide them when not in use giving more screen space, and the ability to change them as things change (such as possibly changing the search buttons icon to something cortana related). The cons are that they dont look as good (though with the settings that is debateable) and perhaps they may be a little less reliable

in scenarios like the 630/635, where the resolution got bumped up, hiding them gives more screen resolution than past models.

On the One m8... well, the screen is 1080p, it would be 1080p even if it had physical hardware buttons.  Quite litereally adds nothing there :(

it's a very appealing hardware with even more appealing software. This means appealing. appealing is good.

I dion't know why you would say thus is rubish? It is a very nice phone sadly it is missing the dedicated camera button, but, it has a very interesting feature re navigation buttons based on software so that you can make them disappear and the infra red remote serup feature is just great also i must say I quite like the blinkfeed idea. What i would love to see a series of camera comparisons re lumia iphone samsung for example. I like it.

I cared about bezels for about 2 min and then I saw the rediculous hype about them not being absolutely perfect and the giant rants and I gave up caring.

while bezels look nice in pictures, honestly, when i tried using one, I feel like bezeless phones are just harder to use

if they got rid of the htc bar at the bottom and made the sides more like the lg g3 this would be art rather than a metal egg

Art tends to be very impractical. I'm sure there is a reason for that space. If not for the user, than to fit components inside the case. They keep making phones thinner and you have to put hardware somewhere. They can't put everything in the area of the 5" screen.

It would be cool if they could change windows 8 so that the main screen is normal, to the right is app list like before, but on the left is the blinkfeed page - 3 pages total. Nobody wants to open the whole app to see blinkfeed. It should be part of the home screen.

I like being able to change the background color for the buttons and being able to swipe them out of the way.

That's the only way I've been able to convince myself these are an okay idea. Saying that, I'd still love this phone

And some people want all the screen space that they want. Many of the people i know crib about bezel, screen real estate blah blah. I am fine with anything though!

i think for the user theres no benefit in on-screen buttons, its only that the production is slightly cheaper by sparing 3 buttons. in the end, you have some more pixels on your specs than you actually are able to use

"hey, my phone is broke so I'm a legitimate candidate to win this contest"

It goes like this, m8.


I don't have anything to say to you sir, just want to win the phone (2/8 comments)


likewise! but its my lumia 820.. :( i dont want to switch over to any other platform! so yeah htc one m8 windows phone i want you! :D

I'm undecided between a used Lumia 720 or a new Lumia 630. The 720 has glance screen, excellent camera and battery life but if the performance is going to be the same as the 520 that will be pretty unfortunate. The action center lags os much even on the latest build...

well, my hope is there, but you never hear anything about people actually winning things like this. I'm beginning to beleive this is a scam to get more traffic onto the site haha. ... but here i am, slaving away to get all 8 of my comments in.. lol

How many people do you know on this site or any other site? I believe WPcentral posts the winners screen name. I've never won but I keep trying.

As far as I know, they definitely do post the username of the person that wins. :) Hopefully I can get picked too. Wishing everyone good luck! :D

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