Win a Samsung ATIV S Neo from Ting and Windows Phone Central! (US only!)

*UPDATE* The winner of the Samsung ATIV S Neo from Ting is htatc! Congratulations, and enjoy your new device!

If you're looking for an alternative to your current carrier, and you haven't checked out Ting, you should definitely give them a close look. With no long term contracts, overages, or penalties, Ting offers you the tools you need to take complete control of your account, your usage and ultimately, your bill. You can buy a new or used device directly from them, or bring your own Sprint device and activate it on the Ting network!

We are partnering with Ting this week to give one lucky Windows Phone Central reader a brand new Samsung ATIV S Neo! This Windows 8 device features a big, bright display boasting 720x1280 pixel resolution, 16GB of internal memory, an 8MP rear camera and 1.9MP front camera, and a removable battery. Ting currently has the ATIV S Neo on sale for $422 (down from $469!).

To enter the contest, head over to the Ting website and look around. Just for doing that, you'll get a $25 credit to use for select devices or service! Come back here and tell us what you like about Ting, why you'd use their service over one of the big name service providers, what looks intriguing about Ting, etc. We want to hear what you think! We'll pick a winner next week and post it on the blogs, so make sure you check back.

As for rules, there are only a few. The contest is only open in the US, as Ting is a US service. When you enter, please be sure your email address is correct on your WPC account, otherwise we can't contact you and you can't get your prize! That would be a total bummer. Also, one entry per person, please. Keep it fair for everyone. Ok, that's it! Get to entering!


Check out Ting and get a $25 credit!


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Win a Samsung ATIV S Neo from Ting and Windows Phone Central! (US only!)


Ting will never be a magor player. Its annoying to know that every txt or mg may cost you more this month than last month

It's everyTing I am looking for in a cell plan.  My family has had nothing but issues with AT&T and I have been looking for a new company with no long term contract.  I'd like to switch devices more as new ones come out but I find it harder to as my bill is extremely high with AT&T eventhough we don't use them much.  There is also service through Ting in my area.

How exciTing!  haha.


PS.  The "Check out Ting and get a $25 credit!" link isn't working for me.

If you want to switch devices more often a cdma carrier isn't the best choice. Better off with a MVNO that uses att's network, same coverage, lower cost.

Looks like a pretty decent alternative to the big red V... Might be tempted to try them out after I break the shackles of my two year contract.  Would probably save me around $50-100 a month.

Looks like I could save a ton of money but the market price from my old iphone 4 is very low and they don't offer any lumias! :/

We would love to have the new Lumia 929 (which is rumoured to be coming to Verizon), but for us to have the 929, it would have to make its way to Sprint, as well.  It's not a huge leap for a manufacturer to go from supporting Verizon to Sprint (technologically speaking), so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that 2014 might bring a Lumia to Ting.  :)

Psst! I know you guys operate out of Canada. You should invade Bell's network and force them to let you use their towers. Politely, of course. :D

Haha.  We'd love to offer service in Canada, as well.  Unfortunately, that hasn't really been an option just yet.

As an American, though, I always thought most of the major wireless carriers were pretty lousy.  But I think the Canadian carriers definitely decided they wouldn't give up the title of "World's Worst Wireless Carriers" without a fight!

I like the "bucket" pricing model.  This way you don't have to guesstimate your usage, and either pay through the nose for going over, or get cut off.  Pricing seems very fair, and it would feel good to only pay for what you actually use.

Looking at their website and the fact that they are a CDMA carrier so you can't use unlocked gsm phones with them which also means you can't use your phone abroad with local providers pretty much renders Ting absolutely useless for my needs.


Hey John!  The Ativ S Neo is actually a CDMA and GSM device, so we can easily unlock it for you for international use.  The HTC 8XT, unfortunately, is CDMA only, though.

The fact that they give you a credit towards your early termination fee with another provider is a FANTASTIC idea and shows they really do want your business. Very cool!

Also they're a sub division of sprint? Sprint is the worst performing network and has the worst selection of phones- being cdma instead of GSM, you can't just use whichever phone you want either. So you're locked in to a lousy selection.

I like Ting's awesome web dashbord, it's not cluttered like the AT&T one I currently have to look at. Their mobile app is also stunning too. I like that you can bring your own device too.

A very interesting concept that lets you choose the "size" of your minutes, text msges, and data. I love the concept! Not sure whether they offer LTE though..

I actually love it. My favorite thing about it is that you actually get to make your own plan instead of having to buy from premade plans like on Verizon. The best is that if you use less than the amount that you paid for, you only have to pay for what you used. Also, I love that you can use your existing phone or have the ability to sell your phone and buy a new one. It is an awesome service that has great potential. I would love to use it, but I can't afford to spend a few hundred dollars to drop my contact right now on Verizon.

Powerful Ting sponsors the Joe Rogan Experience and Dan Carlin's podcasts. That's enough to make them ok in my book.

Pricing is pretty agressive. Would prefer more WP options but they have some serious Android handsets.

I will be switching next year to ting when my contract is up but I don't know to much about using a Samsung phone WP as I've been using Nokia phones for years, so to win this phone an be able to try it out would be amazing. For me !

I could save money over AT&T but they have no LTE service where I live and the lack of Nokia Lumia phones is a killer for me too.


So for me the cost savings doesn't offset the items I would lose.


I HATE US only! The other day there's was this special hour where you could ask Barack Obama all kinds of stuff through Twitter. I asked him if he wanted to think about buying The Netherlands to make it the 51st state of the USA. Only for these kinds of contests. No reply of course. I hope he wins the Ativ and finds out it doesn't work.

I like how you can bring unactivated Sprint devices to their service. They run on the Sprint network, so you get the same coverage, but for a price more in your control. I wish Sprint didn't hate Nokia, so Ting could get those devices, haha.

Where is the coverage map? It's nice to know WPC have female writers, in fact this is the first time I've acually looked at a writers picture.

Pricing is good and device lineup is decent. I'm just a bit concerned about the coverage. Spring isn't a big hitter around here with only 3G coverage.

I love that my hometown (not that large) is already supporting Ting 4G LTE and the fact that they're supporting Windows Phone right out of the gate!

I have looked at Ting's website and I would have to say it is nice in its simplicity and usefulness. I am amused by their rate "sizes". I also like very much how you can customize separately your voice, text, and data usage to make a combination that is just right for your needs. That is very much against a one-size-fits-all unlimited ideal, which is great! Compared to the big 4, I don't believe any of them offer such customization. Having been on Sprint for just about forever, I am familiar with their coverage and quality. It is pretty good for my area. And last, but most certainly not least.....they have Windows Phones!!!!!!!

Love the savings calculator and the fact that IF you don't have a Sprint phone, they will help you sell your current phone.

Great idea and great prices on Ting! Sounds like a good thing! If I could only win the Samsung Ativ S Neo, I would just want to sing!

I like the concept and could see saving $20-30 for one or two of my family members accounts. Not a bad selection for a start up and the fact you can bring your own and have them help out breaking your contract is a bonus.

While I like Tings bucket plans, knowing it would save me $40.00-$45.00 a month, the ETF offering for other carriers, not being able to purchase other phones like my Nokia, nor being able to bring my phone over is an immediate no deal. If I were in the market for a new carrier ( just switched from ATT after over 10 years to TMOBILE in August) and selection were better, it would definitely be a viable option.

I checked Ting's site out. I found the site easy to navigate and the info I was looking for was pretty easy to find with out needing to search. Nice simple and quick to the point.

I compared their rates to my current Verizon service (I have unlimited data now), so as the data rates were higher (3gb was like $60, I use more than that for $30 a month), the voice and text features were a *lot* cheaper than I am paying with Verizon. They use the Sprint network, it's good but,not as good as Verizon's coverage is. Just accepting their max data and about the rates I pay with Vzw, it would of lowered my payment by about $30-40 a month. Not too bad.

If I won the phone, I would for sure give them a shot and give a solid test of the netwok before canceling my current phone (coverage and data speeds are important to me). If the coverage is good enough for my needs, then I would buy another phone for my wife.


I'd love to check it out...and really see if I would lose anything for paying a lower price...

With so many carriers out there distracTING you with their uninteresTING phones and their limiTING and sTINGy plans - aimed at profiTING themselves and bankrupTING their customers, it's interesTING to find a provider who is outsmarTING the competition by uncomplicaTING cell phone service.

I will be counTING on TING to be single-handedly instigaTING a revolution where people will be defecTING from their current providers, celebraTING and summersaulTING in the streets!  I am anoinTING TING as the disTINGuished winner and predicTING great things in their future!

It may be cheaTING, but I, for one, will be parTING with my current provider.  If you haven't noticed, TING is really resonaTING with me!

Whew -- that was exhausTING!

-- and how arresTINGly adorable is Michelle Haag ;)

I've known about Ting for quite a while after Phillip DeFranco mentioned on the daily PDS. The thing I love most about Ting is that you only pay for what you use. The most unforutnate part being that, since they're running off of Sprint's Towers you can't use a 920 with 4G. Otherwise, I wouldn't still be with AT&T.



Sounds like they could really save me some money.  I like that you only pay for what you use. It really makes more sense. I will definately keep them in mind. My only concern is coverage and quality. I agree that there needs to be changes in the US wireless arena.

I have actually looked at Ting before. I have been a fan of WP8 for a while but was waiting for virgin mobile to maybe get a device (was hoping for the htc 8s at least.) In the end someone from the forums site here in wpcentral pointed me towards Ting but in the end i decided to not go for them. The data prices is what would have made my bill skyrocket to a regular carrier plan so i decided against it. Now i have a nokia lumia 521 on tmobile (the wifi calling sold it for me)

Now things that i liked about the TING SERVICE.   

This is a good 2nd phone for anyone who wants to have a seperate line (for any other reason) or if you are someone that doesn't use a whole lot of data. 


I only have to pay for what I need... Not what someone else says I need... I don't think it gets better than that. Of course there may be someTing better, but with a free device, it would have to be really better!

i was looking for a solution for my son.  he is getting to that age where he need a phone, but he does not need a smart phone.  all the other pay as you go services are expensive or have features hat we dont need.  this could be it.

I think that the ability to add or reduce the usage according to my necessities is the best feature that they have. Freedom to choose!

I'm looking to go back to Sprint after a 6 month experiment with Verizon, and this post has perfect timing.


The website—wow. Simple, straightforward, and I love how it's written. Smart, personal, yet not precious. Major, major points right there. And it looks like that sharp wit and helpful service carries through to their customer service. The fact that they run on the Sprint network seals the deal for me. I'll have five bars at my house, and if I ever have an issue, I'll be able to talk to someone who's as clever and informed as the website is.


Sign me up!

The variable tier service month to month is pretty cool. The price of the phones aren't to shabby either.

They're already profitable with the users they have and their pricing tiers are an as needed basis, so if you go over your current "plan" it just rolls over to the next tier w/o overage charges.

That in of itself is awesome.

It sounds like an awesome idea, but when I figured my personal usage as a one phone owner it would actually cost me more per month then I'm currently paying. I can't see paying more and not even sure if I'd have 4G LTE.

To be honest, I was going to come back with some emotionless answer, but seeing the price if their service, and the very welcoming business I can honestly say that the BYOD plan is amazing! Going to try it for a month and will be back with a full answer but so far it looks like a very tight knit company thats very pro consumer! Thanks WPCentral, hope it all goes well!

most large companies really don't care about the little guy.....Seriously, how can a company have computers run everything, then charge you for things no human has to bother with? and no method to work around it (Looking at you AT&T)

On the surface, Ting does appear to be different... will have to look into it. And covering part of the ETF is freaking awesome.

This was a great contest, as it served to advertise the service well.  I'm already looking into switching, as I tire of the following trends among the big phone distributors:

1. Contracts.  Nothing says we cannot stay competitive day-to-day like making your customer legally obligated to you.

2. Smart Phones.  I love my smart phones.  I don't love phone companies ridiculously asserting (over-and-over) that they somehow have the right to make me pay for a data contract just because I like to use a phone that will sync my calendar and contacts with my computer seamlessly when I go home.

3. Penalties for Overuse.  What is overuse, anyway?  Just charge me at a fair rate for what I use (which Ting appears prepared to do).

Overall, this seems like a breath of fresh air.

Ting is certainly got the idea when it comes to flexibility. I like the choices they offer across all brands and platforms unlike other No contract carriers. Much better quality selection and plus the Samsung Windows Phone looks awesome :)

What I like best about Ting is that my monthly cost is charged by buckets of use. The second best thing about Ting is that it now carries Windows Phone!!

I would love to move away from my current plan to something more reasonable. Just browsing the website, which is layed out nicely, though a bit excitingly blue, i could save $1000 a year over my current family plan. That alone has me salivating. 

I'm heading off to college soon, and that means I'll probably be paying for my own data/smartphone. Luckily, Ting provides me with everything I need in an ISP: off-contract phones, PAYG service, really cheap prices, and employees that actually listen to you instead of those who are forcing phones into those who don't want it just for the revenue. This is perfect. And why not support another Windows Phone OEM?

Their network is continually growing, they offer a lot of options in terms of bringing your own phones or buying one of theirs. I love that they put up the price comparison and how much you would actually save by using them. This is something other carriers really don't care to do. Ting is transparent and I love that about them.

we have three lines on Ting right from 4 that we had before (my phone was water logged and I could not afford another) when I called to cancel my line they had it done in 15 minutes. In the 7 months we had Ting we never had a bill that was over $150 for and never had any signal issues either. We highly recommend Ting to our friends. Things that I like the most are: 1) no talking machines, when you call you DO talk to a Real Person 2) actual email confirmations by real people 3) low cust and no no sense BS 4) Support people that know how to talk noo tech to regular people among others. JM2C

One tip tho, if you do open an account at Ting, make sure you start with the XS plan and let it grow from there...

Ting appears to be what carries should aspire to be like now. You get what you want and not unecessary fees like from AT&T and Verizon. Prices are to the point and not overdone. Accidently went a few MB over your limit because you thought you were in the safe zone? Paying a few cents sounds much better than $15. Also, you have freedom with your device and carrier. You're not stuck for a few years with something you end up hating. Life isn't easy. So don't make it harder by wasting time with other carriers. I'd gladly tell Ting to shut up and take my money!

Nice. I'm very impressed! I have been itching to get out from under a contract commitment and I think that this Ting just might be what I need. And since I can bring my current Sprint phone - then, what's the risk? Although, I am concerned about keeping my current phone number.  But, hey, for saving money every month, I'd just about do anything. :-)

Ting is very affordable for a college student. As a college student on a budget, every dollar counts. The thing preventing me from switching to Ting is their high price for a WP8 phone. An Ativ S NEO would make a great addition for me and my wallet, and may convince others to switch over to WP8.

ah yes, Ting. I was actually looking into them before going with Ms. Magenta. But unfortunately I didnt have the monies for a Sprint phone outright nor do I have one lying around. I like them overall though. Theyre one of the very few that don't give off that sense that they're just trying to nab your money. This is how all carriers should be.

Nothing witty - I'm now on a grandfathered VM $25 plan, just ordered my Dell Venue 8 Pro, want to complete transition away from Android to Windows 8 (Phone and 8.1), this would be a great way to do it. T-mobile would be next choice (using minimal talk plan), looking for web-connection primarily.

One of the best things about Ting is they only charge you for what you use. Instead of overage charges or ridiculously high rates, if you need more data or texts, Ting automatically upgrades your plan. They make it easy to change your plan, and if you need help you will talk to an actual person who wants to help you rather than a robot.

Not sure if it can compete with StraightTalk, Virgin Mobile, or even Aio. However, all competition is good


And by the way, the ting website complained about me visiting with IE 11 Metro!

They can't save me any money, but then again probably no one can. My average data usage on my account is 70GB.

The ability to bring your own devices is a great features. The large selection of devices available is quite surprising for this kind of carrier. The prices are very well done compared to the competition, I would save around $50 switching. The voice coverage is much better than expected especially compared to Virgin or Boost Mobile. Seems like a carrier to definitely check out. Interesting that the carrier would pay at least some of your ETF. Truthfully until the carrier reaches the coverage of AT&T, it would be hard for me to switch.

I always liked Ting's approach, pay for what you actually use, move between tiers if you use more or less. I was never close to the minutes limit on other carrier plans, with data it's very rare that I use more than 1 GB, so I'm never close to my limit. so I'm always paying for something I don't use, that's what Ting solves.

In fact, if they had WP devices a year ago I would have switched back then now that they finally do it's one of the better options

I have a son who uses a ton more data than phone minutes and whaty I like about Ting is that I can calculate the right balance of data and talk so i'm not paying for what he doesn't use. The BYOD feature is intreguing, but limited, but hopefully they can expand it in the future. They seem to have a decent selection of devices, even used ones. 

I'm definatly going to check them out further!

I would gladly move from Sprint to Ting...I'd save a bunch of money, and have all the benefits!  Pick Me!

I've been hearing about Ting for a while now from a YouTuber who sings their praises, and I'm tempted as heck! I was just worried about having to get a device at full-price (I'm on Verizon, so I can't bring a phone), so this would midigate my hesitations!

the no contract pay for what you use model is great and they are clear up front of what you can expect

Love the idea of MVNO's - it makes ordering phones easier for those who don't need to "hold hands". They'e also got a great selection of phones (albeit, not as wide of a range of global capable phones) but Ting would be a great idea for an area that has great Sprint coverage! Plus, and MVNO that has WINDOWS PHONES! And a larger selection than my current carrier, at that!

Ting will go well with Bing on the new Ativ for me:-) Looking forward to a different kind of WP8 phone. I do love my Lumia 521 though:-)

Get the phone or not, I am already planning to switch to Ting once my my contract is up with Sprint in December. In fact, I was visiting this site today (though I am a long time reader) because I was researching the Samsung Ativ . Like everyone else, I am intrigued by the tiered plans for voice calls, texting and data, making it very easy to customize a plan for my family of four. Their reputation for support is also a positive. The clincher for me, however, is the company's attitude. Reading about user experience on Ting's website is enlightening and take a look through the blog and you will come away impressed. This company really is trying to do something "different." To get an idea of what I mean, take a look at the blog and read the recent articles on the Nexus Manifestos.  When a company blogger jumps in his car and takes a three hour drive to find a sim card to see if they can get the new Nexus to work on the Ting network--and whole-heartedly supports the notion of non-contract, inexpensive phones for its users--I want to be a customer of that company.

Seems very interesting, but currently my plan is cheaper for unlimted usage across the board. Will keep Ting in mind if i decide to switch carriers

I am a long-time T-mobile user, but I am using a Sprint phone as a backup on Ringplus. I have been very impressed with my coverage on the Sprint network and the low cost compared to my primary phone. I was not aware of Ting, so if I can get the Sprint network without the ads inserted by Ringplus, I would be one happy camper.

Here's what I find interesting. I like the pre-pay only the estimated amount of usage. I like that voice, texts, and data are billed seperately. I like that you can bring your own device.

Here's what I don't like. Coverage is on the Sprint network (minimally good voice coverage, not good data coverage and no 4G where I live). Because it's Sprint, I wouldn't be able to bring my Verizon device over to the network.

All in all, I wouldn't change right now. But the business plans looks like it has potential. I would consider adding it as another phone if needed however.

I would gladly use Ting!  It's about time to add a line to my AT&T account for my son, but I'm not in the mood to pay big bucks for a plan that I don't see being heavily used.

Being a minimal caller and texter, and nominal data user, this would be perfect!


Ting puts my old sprint android phone to use for my daughter. I already had the phone and the service makes it.a cheap alternative to a contract plan. The graduated rate plans means I only pay for what is used. Since it uses Sprint, the service is great in my area. Would love to have an Windows Phone like the Samsung ATIV S Neo for her to use instead.

I like that they seperate all 3 services. I never come close to my minutes or text message numbers on my current provider. I figured it out and with my current averages I would save around $30/month.

I have a friend that I told about it a few months ago, and with him and his wife being on it he is saving almost $100/month.

I have not switched because there are some places I go a few times a year and I need to check the service, so I am going to activate an old sprint phone when I go on the trip in about a month and see how it does.

I do like how they help you estimate your usage so well.  Most other places just make a lot of assumptions!

I like the fact that they don't penalize you for bringing your own device.  Also, it is hard to say forsure, but it doesn't look like they tag your phone with their branding which makes it annoying to resell and looks ugly.

Nice work Ting.

i like there rates and i would choose them just to give them a shot wouldnt hurt  there coverage is in my area  No! Ting does not charge any additional fees for domestic voice roaming this is a great feature i like this i like em great website and i like how they tell u about everything compared to where other dont

I would use Ting.  I have had much success with regional carriers.  Why not go with a company with mor personal customer service and great prices?