Windows Phone Game Review: World of Rabbit - The Dig

World of Rabbit - The Dig for Windows Phone

World of Rabbit - The Dig is an interesting, well animated adventure game for your Windows Phone. It's really hard to put your finger on what type of game World of Rabbit is. It's part time management, part adventure and part strategy.

You are tasked at managing a rabbit population that will dig deeper into the ground to create burrows that generate energy and food as well as rooms for rest and entertainment. As you generate energy you can build more levels. As you generate more food more rabbits become available.

You use your entertainment and sleep areas to keep your rabbit population happy. World of Rabbit is a game of balance, management and patience with a bit of addictiveness added in for good measure.

The game screen layout has your food and energy counters up top. In the center is a rabbit skull that will pull up the options menu that includes a tip section. The first level, the surface, shows your rabbit count. The first sub-surface level is where your rabbits appear. There is an indicator showing how much food is needed to generate the next rabbit. There is a profile button (the television set) that will take you to your Barking Seed profile page that will hold all your game stats, scores, and gaming friends.  There's even a "shout out" feature to send your gaming friends a message.

World of Rabbits game screen and profile page

At the very bottom of the gaming screens is your room/area creation controls and the amount of energy needed to dig a little deeper and build a new area.  Again, you can create energy, food, entertainment and sleep rooms.

When you first launch World of Rabbit - The Dig, you are carried through a tutorial that will walk you through the first handful of accomplishments. You'll start by moving your first rabbit into an area to construct an energy generator.  From there you'll build enough energy to build a food area, which you will then use to build enough food to generate additional rabbits.

Moving your rabbits from area to area is accomplished by tapping/holding on the rabbit and dragging them to where you need them. As the rabbits generate food and energy, icons will appear in each area that can be collected (tap on them) towards building new areas and rabbits.

While the rabbits do a great job generating energy and food, they can get cranky when overworked. A smiley face emoticon will appear above the rabbits who need to spend some time in the entertainment area. A Zzzz symbol will appear when the rabbits need to spend some time in the sleep area. Once the symbols or icons disappear, the rabbits are good to go back to work.  If you wait too long to get your rabbits in a good mood, they'll form a picket line and go on strike (you'll see picket signs saying they won't work).

World of Rabbit - The Dig is an addictive game that has you juggling your rabbit population constantly to make the rabbits happy and productive. While the game does have an addictive quality, it lacks a help section to help define what the end game is. The pop up help sections that appear in the early stages of the game helps, but the game really needs a reference section for beyond.  Each new level brings a new set of animations and backdrops but it's hard to pick up on the ultimate goal of World of Rabbit beyond digging as deep as you can.

World of Rabbit - The Dig

My only nit with game play is that every now and then as I'm swiping up or down through the various levels I'll pick up a rabbit inadvertently and send them to new areas. The game is challenging in that you can only move one rabbit at a time but it can mess up your timing if you move someone by accident.

World of Rabbit - The Dig does have an addictive quality to it and managing your rabbit population will keep you on your toes. One minute they are happily working, the next they need a nap. Rooms are limited in number (a FULL sign will appear when you max them out) so you'll need to spread the little guys around.  

Oh... speaking of addictiveness, the game play continues even when you are away from the game.  At first I thought I was seeing things but every time I came back to the game my rabbits had  been rather productive in my absence.  Not sure how this is accomplished but the result is that you'll face a lot of work when you return to the game collecting food and energy, sending rabbits to the entertainment area and sending them to take a nap.

All in all, World of Rabbit - The Dig is a fun game for your Windows Phone. I would say it's greatest weakness is the lack of a help section with the game's strength being the animations. In between you have an addictive, entertaining, fun time waster of a game.

World of Rabbit - The Dig is a free game for your Windows Phone. You can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Windows Phone Game Review: World of Rabbit - The Dig


This game, and WOR Dusk, is available for Symbian;  I didn't even bother to download it to my N8 even though it was free, with no ads.  But then I saw that it was available for WP, so I decided to go ahead and download it just to see what it was about.
I didn't have a lot of time to explore it, but it was not bad from what little time I spent with it.  Will have to give it another shot.

Checking the website the other week it claimed the game was now available for Windows Mobile 7.5...
Played the game for a while then, and I'll probably get back to it later. I have to say I loved the silhouette artwork and the psycho rabbit animations.

I downloaded it a couple weeks ago. For a free game its pretty great. Really nice art direction and like the reviewer said, its pretty addictive. Once you dig down to 10 levels you open up a middle command like mini game that you can share on a worldwide leaderboard.

I wish all free games were this polished

i have a feeling this game drains battery. George can you do some tests? Like you said in the post that somehow if you close it and come back to it things happened while you were gone and i've noticed that too. But at the same time having played the game a fair bit today my brain just got completed wasted. Need to test more but if anyone is noticing this it would be interesting to know.

No, it doesn't. If you check your settings - background tasks, there is no background service for this at all.
It uses a very, very, very, very, very, very simple method to make you think things have happened. Each rabbit only has a set amount of productivity per second, each room has a maximum amount of stuff it can acrue before you have to collect it, and the rabbit's happiness and energy decrease over time.
It simply tracks the last time you played, calculates the amount of productivity that would've occurred since you've been gone, fills the rooms with food/power accordingly and updates the happy/sleepy icons for each rabbit. It does this when the game loads - which is why there's no fast-switching/resume built into the game.

Quite funny to see, how WPcentral growed in the past 2yrs! Even the most simple post have 20 times the comments! ;D
Good to see how windowsphone grows!