Windows Phone sees slight dip in U.S. Marketshare

Windows Phone

Nielson has released their second quarter numbers for 2012 and while 54.9% of U.S. mobile subscribers opted for smartphones, 1.3% opted for Windows Phones. This is a jump from Q1 2012 for smartphones (50.4%)and a slight decline for Windows Phones (1.7%).

Nielson Smartphone Market Share

Android still has the lion share of the market with 51.8% and Apple is a distant second with 34.3%. RIM is holding steady at 9% with Windows Mobile pulling in 3% of the market.

Nielson's 1.7% is somewhat less of a market share than we saw last month from Comscore who has Microsoft holding on to 4% of the market. Then again, Comscore's numbers combine both Windows Phone and Windows Mobile shares in the market.

Regardless, both reports show that Microsoft still has some work ahead of them. The slight decline in the Nielson report could be from consumers holding off on the platform until Windows Phone 8 is released later this year. It will be interesting to see how these numbers change once the new devices hit the store shelves.

Source: Nielson


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Windows Phone sees slight dip in U.S. Marketshare



Wait for Mango, wait for Tango, wait for the Lumia 900, wait for Rolling Thunder to kick in, wait for WP8, wait for hell to freeze over. 

What you stated is nothing but helping the brand. If it wasn't the brand would be totally dead right now thanks to Nokia and their efforts soon they will be rewarded for their hard work.

Well you guys should already know. Like I said before WP7.5 doesn't really give you a clear reason to own one I mean its cheap, reliable, stable but the WOW factor isn't there. With WP8 its enterprise ready so carriers can easily sell the platform to enterprises. WP8 has direct X so it can backbone of Xbox's sucess. WP8 also has native Skype, Wallet and other features that make it a must buy. Also don't forget Nokia innovation when it comes to PureView. So yeah this fall there is many reasons to buy a WP8 device and there is alot of reasons to buy a 7.8 device as well. Good things are coming.

Based, I hear you and like others on this board, I do love my Lumia. But so long as Microsoft continues to be its own worst enemy units marketing and let's face it, execution of a cogent and effective strategy vs. Android and iOS, WP will be relegated to the dustbin of tech failures. WP8 is it; after that, it's over because Nokia will be gone by then, and other OEMs will be like, why bother? And don't think that Sammy's intro WP8 phone is going to save the WP ecosystem... The smoking wreckage of one OEM will be enough to keep everyone else away. You know, no one has addressed the possibility of another entity coming to take over Nokia (apart from MS) just to spite MS. I know of three who could....

If worse comes to worse Microsoft will buy out Nokia and make their own Windows Phone. What do you mean by enemy units marketing I dont understand?

Hell freeze over is  good no more heat wave. Mango taste good and we can do the tango after I ate my mango. What do you think?

It's going to keep happening, too, until WP has the support of all of the major US carriers. AT&T and T-Mob only cover 136 milion Americans. Verizon, alone, covers almost 109 million. I won't be worried until after Christmas of next year.

Christmas 2013 is actually a good gauge to see where WP will be at a year after WP8 is out. We'll see.

You are just saying the numbers in such a way that makes it seem like AT&T is NOTHING compared to the Verizon jugernaut...  Leave the emotion out of it...what if I say that AT&T and T-Mobile are bringing Windows Phones to more than half of all cell phone subscribers...?

Problem here is people are thinking small and have blinders on. You have to take in the big picture of the whole Windows 8 ecosystem that is being put into place. WP8 is just a piece of the puzzle. Go back and read the article about 2012 being an epic year for Microsoft on WP Central and maybe you'll begin to see what is still to come. Metro will be everywhere.

well, I do agree that the new ecosystem will be a huge step for MS in the right direction, but it's also right what the opener if this thread said.

We are waiting for a long time to see windows phone getting a substantial share of market. Until now every upgrade or new pho had only little impact in terms of success.

Windows 8 and metro maybe is MS last chance to make WP a success story.

It's not only about how awesome an ecosystem is, it's also about consumers who buy those products.

You go ahead and wait for Android 6. That'll probably fix the android fragmentation.
Also, let me tell you this: Early next year we'll see Android 5.0 and by fall, we'll see Android 6.0
Approximate Android Worldwide Marketshare fall 2013:
2.1 or below: 7%
2.2: 12%
2.3: 38%
4.0: 25%
4.1: 11%
5.0: 5%
6.0: 2%
Note: These are all different OS.

So lets see the WIndows Phone was released in November 2010 and the expectation is it would seem that in this short space of time it would overhaul significantly both Apple and Android phones in the market place.
I find peoples expectations rather odd, I would suggest that with the two dominant players that the Windows Phone is making steady progress. I will be the first to admit that if I looked at the trends for both Android and Apple launches that Windows Phone appears to be lagging but then they did not release into such a strong market.
WP7.5 did help, Lumia 800 then the 900 have helped and WP8 will help. Personally until the WP8 phones come online I expect some small downward blips due to the announcement versus product in the shops.

I'm not waiting, I have my WP and I love it. The most interesting people are part of minorities, while I wish good things for WP I have no desire for it to become the populace phone.

i think this is just following normal pattern since when new things are around the corner there will always be a dip, besides with the previous wait we did see an increase in marketshare for windowphone, the only question now is how big of a jump can the platform make this time

Exactly. The same thing happens every year with the iPhone as well. When we KNOW that something new is around the corner, people stop buying to wait so they scoop up the next big thing.

We know a new iPhone comes out roughly around September, but with Windows Phone we have no idea. New phones are constantly coming out and when you have devices like Windows Phone/Android you can't determine a single date to wait till really since multiple manufacturers release multiple phones for the platform. WP8 is not a new phone, its a new software and based on Microsoft's silence on it many had no idea what to think about it other then that it would be coming to their device since they were on WP7.5.
Also, most consumers (average person, not you or me) doesn't care at all about WP8. They had no idea it was even coming out. They went into a cell phone store, messed with the phone, listened to the rep, and then decided what they would do. 

Looks like MS were too late to the party. Don't get me wrong, I love windows phone and have the lumia 800, but I don't think we are going to convince the masses. The problem is that most people I know who have an android phone, don't even know its android, and just think of it as an "internet smartphone". Windows will never catch up with android, and should just keep going, and producing class products for us that are in the know. I do think we'll eventually catch up with iOS.......

In some ways, you are right. I have bright student in epidemiology who told me she got a new phone and I asked her if it was a windows phone and she said yes. So I asked which one and she told me Samsung galaxy 3....hmm! She honestly didn't know that she had android phone...it was just a smartphone.

Therein lies the problem...
When you put a Windows Phone next to an Android... people will pick Android because of more apps being #1, but also the moving background wallpaper.  It doesn't matter how many squares you put on WP or how big the squares are... average people still see squares.
Android can have a 3D Spider-Man moving head wallpaper.  How the hell can WP compete with Spider-Man!?  Not with a Nokia Phone with a Batman logo on the back that you can hardly see.  People choose from visual looks, first impressions.

I know we don't have all the facts about WP8 yet... but they should do something more with the Lock screen... like the ability to swipe (or lean) left and right to see more info... weather, stocks, scores, movie times, etc..  That way, we don't even have to "unlock" the phone to get access.
WP8 is a step in the right direction, but I worry that people are gonna look at it as just being a bunch of squares.

Spot on buddy. First impressions matter. I've had people asking me, what phone are you using? It looks so full with the boxes, which I believe is somewhat true. WP still has a long way. They took the wrong step by screwing up enterprise customers in hope to gain more regulars with Facebook and twitter integration. They paid for it, learned their lessons. So last hope shall pie in WP8. Enterprise or go home.

To an extent, the pie is indeed a lie :D I'm hungry too .... Gonna get my girl to make me sandwiches

I've had live wallpapers on my android phone forever now and never used them once,,neither have any of my friends,,,sure its a neat feature but its more of a novelty that nobody uses,,and as far as having the lock screen display more information,,,why? That would only mess up the clean elegant look of metro,,missed calls,,text's and emails and maybe the curent weather is all that's really needed anything else would be information overload and that's what the start screen is for.

Well I agree with you on that point. When you walk into a store and you look at windows phone and you look at android the android seeks more interesting. I don't know why windows phones on display show just the stock tiles and nothing more. Hardly anything is pinned to the screen and no interesting tiles or apps are present. Look at an android and it has widgets and live backgrounds and apps all over the place. If I didn't know better I would have gotten an android. Why does Microsoft not set these demo phones up to make them look how they should. There is so much more to windows phone but people will never know that if you don't show them.

I tried to get my friend to get a windows phone. His mom has one, but he decided to not get one (he got a pantech burst). I asked him why he didn't get a WP and he said, its too simple. Microsoft just needs to make it flashier to get people's attention with more customization.

Speak for yourself, she makes me feel good about my phone any platform which doesn't have such users is a sign it's the right one community wise.
Anyway, 10% is the sweet spot hope it never goes beyond 25% at most, heck Xbox was a better system when it was less mainstream.

What's wrong with you? I saw your previous post before it got removed... To say something like that because of a joke involving technology is NOT ok. Go outside, breath fresh air, and get some perspective.

I dunno. well I always social. so maybe that's the problem. well I am popular at school and  don't ever wear geeky like clothig for example t-shirt, shorts whatever geeks wear. But i'm more of a popular tech guy. but I wear  jeans blue t-shirt and a leather jacket to school and going out and I just got my ear pireced :-D

I'm resolved to the fact that Windows Phone will never be a majority in the US, but it will be in emerging markets that matter like China.  Sadly, the US is not a trend leader anymore.

of course it would become one. everyone is will dumping balckberry in enterprise and we will just take the rest of BB's marketshare. and honestly. companies will maybe have to force people to use wp becuase it's basically has everything Windows 7 and 8 does in enterprise

WP7.5 is pretty good for enterprise companies can save moeny by going with Lumia's instead of iPhones. I would gladly switch my corporate to Windows Phones but Bell doesn't have WP7.5 devices. Thats the problem with WP its not available everywhere until WP8

Danny, I *want* this to be the case. I have Blackberrys I want to replace with Windows Phone 8s. However, it's going to be a tough sell. Windows Phone's small marketshare make it a tough sell for corporations. Windows 8 is going to be a tough sell as well. I would have swore that the Lumia 900 was going to boost sales numbers for Nokia and Windows Phone 7 would see a surge Q2. So much for that theory. 
There aren't enough Microsoft stores. There are over 300 Apple stores. MS has under 50 currently. MS needs to push Windows 8 like it's future depends on it, because I think it does. Go for fucking broke selling this shit, MS.

Corporations don't care about marketshare. It doesn't matter to them whether there's Angry Birds Space or Amazing Alex on it. Even if they find one single phone that is secure and controllable, they'll buy it in quantities.
Microsoft has created ultimate power for Corporations by allowing them to install/uninstall apps without user input. Having IT hub with apps, news, etc. is a major way for companies to push their news to users. This all can be contolled with windows tools.
The enterprise sector is largely ignored. Corporations know that people are starting to dislike blackberry. The alternatives: Android can never make it there. Third party apps are required to control iPhone.

"MS has under 50 currently."
Just 21 actually (but more on the way). Biggest concern is that the only way they seem to generate crowds (and sales) is by big events/giveaways that are not directly related to the stores core products (they draw a lot of free Justin Bieber ticket lovers, more than Microsoft product lovers). At some point some MS accountant is going to ask why they are losing so much on the stores if they can't improve traffic).

I am very happy to know that I am one of the few with a windows phone. Its like having a Audi instead of a toyota

While that sounds good and all, you need to keep in mind that low market share is NOT good for Windows Phone.  That means devs will have less interest in developing software for our beloved platform.  Less apps, means small ecosystem.  Smaller ecosystem means smaller users.  It's a cyclical thing, and one Microsoft DESPERATELY NEEDS TO FIX THEMSELVES.

Yes, it needs a little more, but I hope it never gets to be like 50% or something. MS moved mountains to bring Xbox to the top, now that it reached they're getting sloppy, it became too mainstream. Anyway, that's my opinion, I'll get a Firefox phone or something if that ever happens, hopefully it seems like it won't, for a long time.

MS moved mountains to bring Xbox to the top, now that it reached they're getting sloppy

What are you talking about?  Microsoft continues to move Xbox 360's.  They don't have to market the Xbox 360 as heavily as they need to with Windows Phone.  Why?  BRAND RECOGNITION.  That's what Slutdroid and iFruit devices have, that Windows Phone does not.

What you mean by "move" ? If you mean "selling devices", I care very little, what I want is exclusive titles and dedicated shows like they used to have. I have a 360 the day it came out, and I wished they weren't selling this much. I seriously don't understand why people get kicks out of market share.

It's clear that you don't understand economics, let alone business.
Microsoft still get's exclusive titles, just like Sony does.  The problem with 3rd party titles is that they are forced into increasing their marketshare (which equates to MORE MONEY), thus means they need to have their product accessible to more customers.  Not everyone owns an Xbox 360 or PS3.
And if Microsoft were not selling as many Xbox's as they are, we would never see service expansions (i.e. Hulu, UFC, Amazone Prime, etc.) or what will eventually become Xbox Music and XBox Video (to replace the Zune brand.)  And speaking of Zune, do you know WHY they killed the name and the Zune hardware?  Wait for it...  Wait for it... Psst.. It's called LOW MARKETSHARE.

I don't use apps on my games console, it's exclusively for games. Like I said I like it better when it was less mainstream, but hey, that's my opinion, no need to get upset, time to chill a bit.

I'm quite calm.  I'm just pointing out how mistaken your comments are regarding the issues with low marketshare, and how critical it is to a business.  If the Xbox wasn't as popular as it is now, there is no way Microsoft would have the balls to continue forward with their 3 screen vision.  Consumers drive demand.  Demand drives innovation and more products.  I'm not saying MS will pull the plug on Windows Phone anytime soon.  Look how long it took them to kill Zune.

Good for you. I use mine less for games and more for the "apps"... We are all different... Your opinion is no more or less valuable than another's...so you chill a bit

The beauty of the future is that WP8 will backbone off Windows 8. So most likely developers will develop for Windows 8 and port down. As you can see Apple rides the momentum of iOS and mobile which is what they are strong at. Microsoft will ride the momentum of the PC which is what they are strong at. Most likely in the near future they will fuse both platforms they can't afford to loose out on mobile.

I'm not buying the "consumers waiting for WP8" as a partial reason for the decline. That is BS because only geeks know WP8 is coming. Windows Phone doesn't have the mindshare for that much people knowing what's coming down the pipe. "People holding off..." Gimme a break. At least it's up from Q1 2012.

Hold on, wasnt practically everyone here saying the exact opposite when the whole WP7 not getting an upgrade discussion was going on? That normal people dont care and only a small minority of geeks know about WP8? Doesnt work both ways, people are not buying WP because MS has sat on the OS waiting for WP8. Otherwise we wouldnt be missing functionality that the CE core is perfectly capable of providing and did provide in their previous mobile OS.

I don't know. I've only been here a day :).. but the smartphone market is geeky (definitely the android and windows phone section anyway) most business users are fairly well informed too. The current windows phone user base is relatively small, as the article shows. It's not worth the developement cost to keep us geeky fools happy

No it really doesn't. Most of the geeks go to Android since it offers far more things to do when it comes to "geeky" stuff (themes, roms, hacks, scripts, etc). 
The geeks going to WP would most likely be those who just enjoy phones and have secondary ones to feed their addiction (I wish I had the money to do this). 

I think it has seen a dip because of what's happened with windows phone 7.8. I think wp8 will attain a big market share

how do I know? I'm just speculating, but I think it's a good enough product, and with windows 8 comming out microsoft will probably win a few people over with metro

Marcus84, think!  Please! 
WP 7.8 wasn't even announced until June 20th, at which point the Q2 was 10 days away from ending.  The announcement was a non factor at that point...

There was already a lot of speculation that windows phone 8 wasn't going to support current devices. That coupled with the people "holding out" is enough to affect the market share

It has sinked because of people like Mr. Robert Williams for Senior Director of Business Development for Windows Phone! What business developing did he do? No Sprint, Verizon, Virgin Mobil, and Many others. Remember Nokia and HTC practically got the three current US carriers to carry there offerings by themselves. I can't believe many of you here were disappointed he left; I say you look better going than coming. Maybe at one time he developed business somewhere within MS, but he completely failed at WP....good luck with him Amazon!

The problem is... The Marketing!!!!!! Not the phones, but the old folks behind the marketing. Hire new guns!!!!
I'm happy with my Focus S! Not going anywhere.

It's not really to do with marketing.. Its more about carrier presentation. Now this is 300,000 WP on 2 carriers. If you had Verizon, Sprint, MetroPCS and US Cellular in from the beggining you can expect bigger numbers. Still pretty good though keep the momentum going. I would drop the L900 price to meet the Galaxy Nexus

While yes, carriers are a big part of it, the BIGGEST issue is due to the lack of Marketing.  Where is Rolling Thunder?  Haven't seen any new Lumia commericals here in the US, let alone a PROPER one from Microsoft.  AT&T still has their LTE "Road Music" commercial (which ironically shows a Lumia 900 Black device, with a simulated ANDROID SCREEN running Spotify.)
Why Microsoft INSISTS ODM's and Carrier's release adverts for Windows Phone devices, yet MS runs adverts for Windows OS is just stupid.

I seen a few Nokia Lumia 900 comercials up here in Canada while watching the NBA on ABC. Plus they have product placement on several shows. I don't expect MS to kick off any huge marketing campains until WP8. Look Nokia cant do everything they need the same effort from HTC and Samsung which I am yet to see.

True, and I wasn't lumping Nokia into that rant, other than to say where is the rest of their marketing campaign.  Where is HTC's and Samsungs???  I have only seen two commerials total from both of them.

Marketing will help, but only when there's actually product to move. Marketing isn't going to make people change carriers. That's not how your average consumer operates. They choose the plan and service they want, then they pick a phone. As it stands right now, unless you're on AT&T your choices are crippled and they're practically non-existent on Verizon and Sprint.  That's a huge amount of people that are being written off right off the bat.

Where's rolling thunder.....haven't You seen it? Hidden in subways and airports...where people are more concerned with getting through security and keeping up with kids, luggage, etc. As opposed to when there at home sitting in front of the tv with more time to pay attention product advertisements. And putting them in an out of the way spot on a webpage doesn't have much impact. Im on the net all day and clicked on two WP internet adverts simply because I'm a fan and geek

marketing is a big problem! Have you seen any real WP commercials offered by t-mobile like the one for the GSIII? no

That is the biggest issue. I want to be drowned in Windows Phone marketing. I want to not even be able to turn around without some form of WP marketing blasting me in the face. Billions of dollars in the bank and barely any of it is being used on a worthwhile marketing campaign. I want people to recognize my phone as being a Windows Phone and not some awesome variation of Android. It has to Ebola like in how viral it gets. I still have yet to see a smoked by windows phone commercial on tv, what is the marketing department waiting for? These stats can only be blamed on carriers so much, it's the Microsoft Marketing "gurus" who are to blame. They have a fantastic product on their hands that is only getting better, the software guys have done their job. Its now time to market the shit out of this product. The bad press from years past can be overcome. Hell I see Bing more than I see Windows Phone(The Amazing Spiderman anyone?).

For those of you saying it's cool to be in the minority: low market share is NOT a good thing. It only ensures less people will invest time and/or other resources on the platform. I really hope things turn around for Windows Phone. I really do.

Including Microsoft themselves, they won't put the effort into maintaining support for the future of current devices as we've seen with wp7. Not worth the cost if the market share isn't high enough

You're not thinking right if you think thats what I said. They will replace it with something else but stop support for old devices runnning old software (if the market share isn't high enough)

Uh Slayer....if Nokia goes under, after all effort they made to lift WP off the ground, Microsoft IS HISTORY in mobile.

Log off. This is what happens when the internet starts pretending that they have personal interest or funds invested in these companies: they half ass their theories and rant and rave the loudest over the truth and sane. Microsoft crashing and burning if Nokia doesn't succeeds? Riiiigghhhtt.

MS has the money to brute force their way through. I think its more of the OEM's holding back the platform. If you think about it Focus should be one of Samsung's top tier phones why is it only on AT&T and not on every other carrier?

Yea,but how long is Microsoft whiling to burn cash to keep WP going.They are a business and they want to make money not loose it.

The mobile market won't give Microsoft 8 years like the console market did. Also, let's not forget that Nintendo also screwed up after people got tired of the Wii, which allowed Microsoft to get ahead. Granted, it was probably 80% Microsoft pushing forward on the Xbox experience and 20% Nintendo screwing up, but so far you cannot say iOS or Android are "screwing up" yet. Oh yeah, Sony also screwed up with PS3 by not innovating in the console software and essentially copying Nintendo for motion controls. At least Microsoft's Kinect is successful.

What do you mean about the mobile market? Remember WP8 will trickle down from Windows 8 as long as Win8 is supported WP8 is supported

If WP8 doesn't sale, it being connected to all their other services won't matter, they will drop it like a hot rock.BB10 is in the same boat. Brand new OS and very little market share.I want a BB10 or WP8 device,but I don't won't my phone that a pay good money for end up being a paper weight.

And tbh, I'm not sure if WP division (which is inside Xbox division) is losing money, the don't do hardware, and they're not giving the os for free.

As long as its selling and people are buying apps in the marketplace. Its not the biggest source of income but theirs incomine.

They depend on their manufacturer partners too much; afraid of pissing them off like with the surface...new flash, its a dog-eat-dog world out here. I'd there not willing, do it yourself. I also can't believe their going to sale the surface online only! Screw the OEM's that won't build eye catching devices

Why would Microsoft spend all that Money to advertise and push WP7 knowing it cannot be upgraded to WP8 the phone OS they intended to release from the beginning? Imagine if they had 15% market share then made that announcement what kind of impact it would have. I'm willing to bet that when WP8 is released it is going to be marketed very hard by Microsoft along the whole 8 ecosystem.

I for one am glad windows isn't mainstream,I like being different than my friends with android or the yuppie I phoner, wearing beanies with their tight cut off jeans riding fixie bikes.

yeah. I agree with you. being different is cool. well i'm different in my family. I wear stylish closes. while my family and friends doesn't.

This is why I like Android. I can make it any freaking thing I want. Windows Phone? There's a launcher for that. iOS? I have no idea why I would want to, but theres that as well. Something totally crazy and unique to just me? Yeah I can do that to. 
I understand your point about the iPhone (although not so much the stereotype you have of iPhone user's) since its basically the same for everyone and everyone has one. I have recieved a lot of comments about my One X though, more so then I did for the Lumia 900. 

The obvious reason:  Android devices out number WP devices on every single carrier in the U.S.  Sure, you can market devices all day long, but when only one carrier carries six of the eight devices released in 2011-2012 in the U.S. thus far, WP marketshare is guaranteed low, single digit percentages.

I think once WP8 is released and the major OEM's start making stellar hardware to match the awesome software then the big three carriers will start making a push to get the phones known,then we'll start seeing marketshare increase and the gap between iOS and WP8 start to close.

Exactly Enterprise Ready gives carriers a go-to phone for Enterprise esepcially when most enterprises use Windows products anyway. With wallet and more carrier integration I bet they will push more WP flagship products down the road.


Windows Phone is far away from critical mass. Its a chicken and egg problem. The solution is many phones on many carriers but how do you get there? A couple more hits like the Lumia 900 should raise the profile enough and get the process rolling to secure significant mindshare. Its going to be an uphill battle all the way.

I absolutely love Windows Phone, but I am not going to get worked up on this stuff. Microsoft will support this platform, and honestly, they've done a great job already. I am a happy consumer.

I firmly believe that Microsoft will actually do everything in its power to make wp8 mainstream. I think they will succeed. I think they were waiting for this before making a strong push

It's true that WP users have been told to wait for a while. But I've been on the platform since the beginning, and I don't remember there ever being as much publicity and support for an upcoming change. Not for mango or Nokia.

I dont think the dip is from people waiting, but if the whole windows 8 ecosystem takes off as expected, than the phone could easily surpass RIM and pull some shares of the run-of-the-mill Android crowd

My problem with these numbers is the are statistics based on sampling new phone buyers. They are not carrier sales or OEM. I'm sure these percentages have a pretty wide margin for error.

"It will be interesting to see..." blah blah blah. I am tired of these forecasts and waiting and waiting and waiting. I am not abandoning my windows phone. I will get a windows phone 8 device, a Surface and more Xbox's, but I am tired of waiting and the constant affinity towards Android and iPhone.

Anyway, thanks for the chat fellows, girl went for a walk with her friends, I faked a headache so I can play Lollipop Chainsaw while she's out.

Even with seeing these short term dips/pops, the fact remains developers are interested. As a  matter of fact more than all the other platforms. Here is the evidence http://j.mp/Mna8vg. Almost double. Devs are the lifeblood of any OS, and Microsoft's heavy investment early will pay off as long as they stick it out.

Are there any actual numbers associated with this data/the methods they used to obtain such data? I didn't read everything, but what I did go through didn't reveal anything. 
Ontop of that, this still doesn't mean much. Its basically saying Windows Phone is the winner of slow moving platforms. People who already develop for Android/iOS aren't going to choose to adopt Android/iOS since they already develop for it. This leaves them with very few options since Symbian is dead, Windows Mobile is dead, WebOS is dead, and BB is going to die very soon. That essentially just leaves Windows Phone so of course it would be the next logical adoption. Also this seems to include categories for Chrome and Mpbile Web applications which is strange since an app probably isn't likely to want to develop a mobile web application. 

As WMPoweruser pointed out these numbers are bogus because they would put Nokia Lumia sales under 300,000 for the entire quarter (including Lumia 710 on Tmobile). I don't think the 2nd best selling phone on AT&T for the entire quarter sold only 200K for the whole quarter. 

Here's another issue w/ the numbers:
According to Neilsen's "3 month recent acquirers" data, marketshare looks like this:

  • Android:  55%
  • Apple:  36%
  • Blackberry: 4%
  • "Other": 5%

Considering that "other" is composed of WP, Windows Mobile, WebOS & Symbian, I have a hard time believing that the vast majority of that 5% isn't Windows Phone.
A perusal of the "smartphone" section of Verizon, AT&T, Spring & T-Mobile indicats that they sell zero smarphones that run Windows Mobile, WebOS or Symbian.
So unless one of the smaller regional carriers is sellling a ton of Palm/WebOS devices, that "other" 5% must be virtually entirely composed of Windows Phone.
Yes, it has occurred to me that if this were the case then WP would have better sales than Blackberry and would be deserving of its own category.  However, I don't see the hole in my logic.

Actually, frighteningly, Sprint does offer a Windows Mobile phone, specifically the Motorola ES400S:
It's one of five "worldphones" Sprint offers (ie. CDMA Sprint phones that can operate on GSM frequencies with a SIM card), along with "three" Blackberry phones (the Tour without a camera, the Bold, and the Bold without a camera), and the Motorola XPRT.  At $899.99 before discounts, and $549.99 for new activations, the only people I could possibly see buying them are businesses that absolutely need access to Windows Mobile applications that haven't been ported to Android, iOS or Windows Phone 7 (probably because the vendor went out of business).
Which reminds me: does anyone else find it scary that there are more than twice as many Windows Mobile users out there than there are Windows Phone 7 users?  I mean, I know a lot of people with older plans on Sprint are hanging onto their HTC Touch Pro 2s because that's the most recent smartphone Sprint will let them run without changing to a newer (read: more expensive) plan (it's why I'm still using a Treo Pro on one line), but still...

Yeah, I guess I didn't catch that one.  Therefore it's possible that I missed a stray Palm/Symbian/WM device on one of the other carriers as well.
Still, I think my point stands:  There's simply not enough non-WP "other" devices on the market right now for the lion's share of that 5% to not be WP.
So I'm not sure what the deal is.

cmon people, it has everything to do with the apps and the dual cores and high res screens we dont have (well I use my 4s more than my WP so I got all that). Its superficial but it matters to people. they cant do lineups of a windowsphone with say the S3 or 4s and say we have the hardware plus the superior OS. Maybe Windows 8 phones will have that but theres no evidence of it so far. Rumor has it since the new iphone isnt a new design, it will be out as early as August but probably the september/october time. Undercutting WP8. Further bad news.
Also WPCentral probably shouldnt do anymore BB stories. We all know their situation, but compare marketshare. Every fan of WP wants them to die so we can take their spot. 2 years later and it hasnt happened.

Did you read about WP8. All that hardware goodness is coming to WP8 plus more carrier and OEM customization. I think that was the biggest problem with WP7.5 is that Samsung and other OEM's wanted to differentiate themselfs from the competition. WP8 should address that issue.

yea. I agree with you. but they won't do that in hardware. maybe they will. maybe Samsung will do a different material for Wp s3 and a difference size or a galaxy ace plus design for a mid range phone or for a HTC Wp one X a difrent size and a much better processor 

I think they are going to reuse the Galaxy and HTC One X designs thats why HTC and Samsung can quickly push WP8 out in the market while Nokia is working on a phone from the ground up. Samsung no excuses they have a sucessful Windows laptop brand they need to start using the laptops to sell WIndows Phones unless Google is paying them off.

dude. RIM is dying and i would be likely that Wp8 is kill RIM in every way. don't be that mean. I'm trying to stay calm. just tooken my meds

Its more about "POPULAR" apps or what the average person thinks is popular,,,if all of a persons friends have the same app and they don't then they feel left out.they want to fit in with the crowd and right now the windows crowd is very small.

I think WP is going down and the rats are leaving the sinking ship as seen yesterday when another top man left their developer team. There is just no chance to compete with android or the new IPhone coming with just ugly boxes to show.

No, market is growing. WP is growing slower...not shrinking. Android has 20:1 ratio of devices. Its a numbers game. If OEMs could push out that many WPs, market share would go up. WP8 has deep ties to Win8 so its asinine to assume or predict anything right now. MS has to know they better market like their lives depend on it. ;)

Blame the Galaxy SII & SIII and HTC One. These phones were just too tempting for folk to hold onto their upgrades. Its understandable for those who can tolerate Android. WP is playing catch up, but now Wp8 is bringing the hardware, it won't take long for the same peeps to come back.

Xbox changed the game Xbox Live was a huge selling point. Lets see if Skype and Windows Phone can attract alot of people. Just being able to call out using WiFi in another country I'm sold.

I always knew that WP7 was the last runner and had a small market share, but seeing those percentages really puts it in perspective. I love my phone and it's so sad to see that so few people are getting to experience the awesomeness of WP7.

Ms gave away phones via the smoke by windows challenge and the numbers still suck? I'm worried, might have to return to android. Can at least root to the newest version easily.

They'd have to be running that promotion 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make a dent with size of the numbers we're talking about here. Come on.

I usually concerned to these kind of things, but now I just don't care anymore. I was so dissapointed to the hosts of Windows Phone booth at WPC that didn't show loyalty to their dedicated customers. My loyalty to them is fading as well.

I still will check WP8 and see if they improve my wish list of features before I purchase one. I'm not gonna blind buy anymore like I did with WP7

Nothing wrong with the phone but there are marketing dinosaurs in Microsoft who need to be put out to pasture. And replacing them with other dinosaurs within Microsoft will not solve anything.

I think people don't understand it will take a while to grow no matter what.  These aren't the early days of smartphones anymore, and what's "in" (iPhone and Android) are getting free sales because that's what most people have.  It is hard to take market share in significant numbers quickly with any platform, especially a new one now.  MS is in it for the long term (See Xbox) and is bringing their entire brand together with Metro and integrated services finally, which is the goal they wanted for some time, but didn't execute on it properly until after Apple and Google got their mobile strategy moving.  So yes it will be a slow uphill battle, but WP8 is really the first generation they will have the ability to bring something to the market that is fully on par both with hardware, and feature set, and is already showing big signs of huge thins coming in the integration side that other platforms don't have or don't do as complete.  (SkyDrive, Smart Glass, Xbox Live, Music, etc.)  Remember, market share doesn't mean slaes numbers.  WP is selling more devices each quarter, but it is not gaining market share because it is not selling a higher percentage vs. the iPhone or Android so it doesn't gain %.  We'll see if Microsoft's plan to unify the brand, give developers and users more of what they want, and a serious run at marketing will pan out come this holiday season when it all drops.  Lots of things are lining up, but it's anyone's guess how the masses will take it in once it's all available.

WP8 has something WP7 didn't; Windows 8. Better everything all around a sparking much more interest from OEMs. It's gonna be slow going but slow is better than nothing. :)

getting a phone because its the "most popular" its stupid reason.
if someone got a Windows Phone and it works good... why would it suck or be a bad phone only becasue it doesn't have a good marketshare? anyway i only think people should stop being idiot and go outside the basement and see and care about more important things than stupid marketshare, its Microsoft problem, not mine, as long as they deliver good features in windows Phone OS, im happy.
I will surely get a windows phone 8, because it willbe even better than 7 and 7.5. hopefully more carriers around the world support it, and sell it and market it. so it will help to the "sooo important marketshare"

Dude, market share is what determines the longetivity, sustainability and support of a product. A lot of people carry essentially their lives on their smartphones, and they want that ecosystem longetivity to prevent wasting time re-entering data, subscribing to services, etc.

But it doesn't affect you personally. I moved on from webos and palm os and windows mobile without a hitch. People are way too invested into the income that other companies make and let it alter their user experience

Do these numbers seem strange to anyone else? I'm scratching my head and wondering how can the phone be #2 on AT&T's sales list and hold the #1 and other top 10 spots on Amazon and still one show such low numbers? Something just seems odd.
Has Nokia or AT&T come out with any actually retail sales numbers for the phone?

People are missing the point of buying a phone here - this isn't a social movement that you need to be convinced to stick around. If you visit WPCentral, chances are you are a well informed user that genuinely believes in this OS. But that's not the point, if you don't like the way the OS runs or the fact that you can't tell your friends that you have a quad core in your pocket then don't bother because you'd be happier in the Android world. Technology, you see, is used to make life simpler and easier - the smarter the technology, the more incentive to use it - I feel Windows Phone really does that for me. It links to what I want and gets me where I want it to, without getting in my way and I especially like the vibrance in this OS, it just is the choice I have made - if you don't feel this way, then this phone isn't for you and instead of crying about market share, you should just leave and enjoy Android.

So if I don't feel the same way you do, I should move to Android? I like the logic in that.
Here's the deal, some of us have been supporting the platform since day 1 and are feeling a bit disappointed. The market share correlates with how long a platform will be supported. If it keeps shrinking, yes, you get to keep enjoying your phone but don't expect that your platform will grow. Remember webOS? I recall people saying "screw everyone else, my phone will continue to work." I wonder how many of them still have a webOS phone...

With the all the excitement regarding the Galaxy III and the anticipation of iPhone 5, and Windows Phone not having any new flagship handsets that have come out since the Lumia 900 and HTC Titan, and a lot of vagueness about the future of Windows Phone 8 and what handsets will be using it, it's no wonder.
Exactly the same thing happened with webOS. They relied on a handset that was a year old then announce devices that didn't ship till a few months later. But by then people didn't care and technology moved on.
Windows is a fantastic platform. Let's just hope Microsoft gets over itself and give this platform the attention it is due. 

Yea. I Agree with you. Samsung, nokia, htc, huawei, zte and lenovo would likely release more wp8 phones monthly. Especially huawei Now. but they will not do flagship then few months later new phone is announced. The OEMs would just release mid range phones and low end. Then at the beginning of spring ( in nz and autumn for USA) they would anounce their high end windows phones. Make sense to do this.

I don't mind being w/ the few people that happens to own a quality product like a WP. The important part is what I'm experiencing while using as such. Having an iPhone, and a Tab and a Lumia 800 really made me realize how beautiful WP is, and how great of a phone maker Nokia is. Even if WP dies just as many people wanted it to simply die especially those saying "i love WP but.." then rant a thousand words after that I just dont care. If you love Android or iOS, then go on then. I aint missing a great experience by having my Lumia. People are so insecure much, trying to prove they chose the best and picking otherwise is so futile as if a lot of people are going to die if they won't go their way or choice. Too many people really ought to get a life.! In charts and ratings WP is so far behind I guess, but in real life- it's really that loads of people that are so far behind in terms of confidence and are so filled w/ insecurity. They won't sleep better at night till they have all of the people pick the same choice they made. That's what really is sad and pitiful.

Well said, Sam_1024! I purchased my radar because it is a tool for me and it does what I want. I used to have Samsung Vibrant and the phone is so so. When I update my OS to froyo the phone turn to so so into a crap, and I'm waiting for WP8 to come out and I have several friends that wants to get it too. I like the Microsoft ecosystem and you can't do that with Android with only the phone.

I want to see windows phone 8 crush RIM in the market. Which is pretty likely becuase companies and comsumers. Will definitely like the 3 screen tech and others stuff. And for companies will likely adopt windows phones for people. They maybe can get use windows phones only in their company that would be cool.

Remember high customer satification ratings, developer support something down the middle there is something wrong and my guess is that its at the retail level. Get a dedication section for Windows Phones. If you walk into Gamestop your going to see a section for the Xbox, PS3 and Wii. You dont see that at a carrier store you see Android and a iPhone and somewhere in that Android section is a Windows Phone. Until that is fixed its not an even playing field.

Well every wp coming to the us including huawei wp and ZTE's combined with Nokia's 6 wp. Maybe 3. 3 htc's. And two Samsung's likely 2. There would be 13 windows phones or 10 so that is way enough for one section. For just wp.

For all of you who are feeling scared that this OS will die. Relax. This is too important for Microsoft to fail. This is more important than the Xbox. This is critical to they're existence. Im confident that you will see a different Microsoft after this fall. The publics negative perception will change dramatically about them. When metro is basically shoved down peoples throats people will be exposed. That's the thing that was missing. Hundreds of millions of people will be exposed. And this is in a few months after release. Windows phone is a critical component of the Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft will invest billions of dollars for this to succeed. This is more important than Bing and Xbox. A phone is something people are exposed to for a significant part of they're lives. Its the most personal experience you can have with a piece of technology. This experience shapes alot of your choices for which services you stay with. And in this case many Microsoft services are depending on wp8's success. There is no room for failure. Im confident Nokia will prevail. Android is strong but remember that most people with an Android phone do not have a strong attachment to that ecosystem. Most people in the world have a low and android phone and do not care about the OS. The ecosystem will come together and people will love it. 2013 will be the year windows phone reaches critical mass

George or anyone have any idea how windows mobile did in terms of sales , I bet WP has higher sales but lower market share than windows mobile yet they kept releasing phones......wp8 will increase windows phone market share but will not over take iPhone or android.... but WP will eventually get like ( just a guess) 18% with iPhone getting 27% and android having like 43% and black berry I believe will stick around with like 8% .....that's my prediction for 2014.....know you guys decide if that will be considered a success.

This is just like the XBOX when it first came out. Now look at it... The cool thing about WP as others have been saying (though some arnt grasping) is that the support will trickle down. You have Windows 8, tablets (Win 8), and Xbox (updated dashboard) or Nextbox. These products have and will have millions of customers. For a dev to not support these products would be foolish.  WP8  ties into this ecosystem. What that means is that all that support going into Windows/ Marketplace will be in the same Marketplace on your WP8. Word of mouth is key here. Just like the Xbox. It was alot of word of mouth that got the Xbox on its feet. Once the Marketplace really opens up and people talk about the ecosystem/support Im sure WP wont have a ruff time selling. Of course marketing doesnt hurt either.

I'm all in, but I'm so ready to hear some positive news for a change. I really like Nokia and windows phone os

I've owned an iPhone and Android devices. I even like Android for being what it is: a strong, flexible alternative to the iOS empire. I own a Kindle Fire which I love and I have Jelly Bean running on it.

I'll also admit that Android makes a strong first impression. But that taste turns sour quickly when using it as a mobile phone. Its a cluster**** and getting data that matters to me off of it is a chore. I need my phone to be simple, direct, powerful, and fast. Windows Phone is that platform. It is the best day to day companion I could possibly ask for.

I would love for Windows Phone to succeed on the grand scale but honestly it doesn't concern me that much that little Susie wants an iPhone instead. Apple is on a hot streak that im convined will end eventually.

I prefer Microsofts ecosystem. I want for nothing. My setup would make the most hardcore Apple enthusiast envious. But the reality is that it doesn't have the flash. Its hard to sum up in a few words what makes Windows better. Hopefully with time this will become clear to people and things will balance out. But if it doesn't I will be fine. Microsoft will be fine. Lets enjoy what we have and let the mainstream do what they will. We know better.

I think especially in Europe one problem is Nokia as they had extremely bad publicity over the last few years. They closed one plant after another, tricked governments by pulling out subventions and then moving to the next country where they did the same.

WP flagship has ruined its brand name, people in Europe are not buying Nokia anymore just because of the brand.

In addition Nokia is not cool, MS is not cool, but people want a cool device

I don't believe im these statistics. I think the growth of the marketplace is a big indication to the growth of windows phone.

The real question - was marketing for WP7 so bad because Microsoft is inept at it or because they are waiting for WP8 to make a real punch? I'm hoping for the latter.
As for marketshare - I expect WP8 to finally make real inroads in the market, I mean come on: finally some decent hardware (HD screens, multi-core, NFC, SD cards), enterprise features, native code for cross-platform portability, Windows 8 compatibility and ecosystem. If current limited WP7 made it to 4-5% in many markets, a fully featured WP8 will get to 10-15% at least.

Its not microsofts fault.  People.Are.Idiots.  They are sheep, they dont like change, they dont like innovation, they like what their friends tell them to like, they like what they have had for 3 years, they get locked into the ecosystem.  I thought the Windows phone 7.5/Nokia marketing was good, but you cant win people over by having something good, you win them over by consistantly being good and waiting for them to realise

Seams there was a Nokia WP commercial every half hour watching tv.Those adds did very little to sway people to go by a WP.

I couldn't give a shit what other people think about Windows Phone.  I chose it because its the best for me, not because sheep tell me to do something.  I obviously hope the market share increases as that means more people, more apps etc, but other than that, they can stay on iOS or Android, I dont care.