Windows Phone "Tango" emulator gets unlocked and demoed

Good old Jaxbot from Windows Phone Hacker has managed to get his hands on a pre-release version of the Windows Phone "Tango" emulator (build 8731, which is earlier than the shipping 8757).

In addition, he's gone an unlocked the whole thing making it available for others to download and use. But for those of us who don't want to bother they can just watch the above video walkthrough demonstrating the few changes that are present in "Tango" (most of the changes are under the hood). Things like voice-notes in MMS or the location-icon detailed earlier though are nice little changes.

All in all, not too much to get excited about but if you want the emulator, head to Windows Phone Hacker for more info and the download links.


Reader comments

Windows Phone "Tango" emulator gets unlocked and demoed


When scrolls to the bottom of the Settings menu (4:20), it shows "SIM Applications".  Could that be SIM Toolkit support given that SIM Toolkit is used in many of the countries targeted by the lower-spec Windows Phone devices?

I got (carrier provided) SIM applications on my Lumia 800 today. It's tied to your SIM card (my phone is unlocked carrier free, while the SIM apps on my phone all come from my network carrier)

When are we going to start seeing some builds of 8.0? Has anybody checked stats from dude where's my update, or ima WP lately??

The 8.0  or whatever the version of WP8 really ends up being (since WP 7.5 is really 7.10)  Are probably only running inside MS on limited prototype hardware (dual core stuff I'd bet) and not out in the wild where they can install apps that spit out version numbers.
I havn't seen anything passed the 87xx builds for Tango which will probably end up being v7.11.87xx when it's done I think.

One thing I don't get it is, how come videos don't have there own folder, how come it's together with camera roll.. Tango looks nice