30% percent of Windows Phones now on Mango

It was just six days ago when we reported that Mango hit 20% of Windows Phones world-wide (17% in the US). The info came via the free app "...I'm a WP7!" which collected the data from its 83,000 users.

As of today, the number has hit 30% world-wide with Windows Phone owners in the U.S. following closely at 27%. The data sample this time is also much larger, with over 93,000 users now on board using "...I"m a WP7!", making it even more reliable and statistically significant.  At the current rate, Windows Phone Mango should hit a 50% adoption rate by October 22nd, less than 30 days after the update went "live" for a limited amount of users. Not bad, not bad at all for Microsoft's big-update.

One thing that is for certain, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can deploy such a large update to scale once Windows Phone gains more market share. So long as the number of different Windows Phone devices stays relatively small (compared to Android), we think it shouldn't be a problem.

Pick up a "...I'm a WP7!" here in the Marketplace to see for yourself, as well as other interesting user stats.. (Thanks, Judge Daniel & TheWeeBear for the tip)

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • These numbers don't sound great to me.
  • Care to elaborate? After 10 months, only 38% of Android users have the latest release. We have 30% after 16 days.Microsoft didn't open the update to everyone, only about 20% initially, meaning the full lot of Windows Phone users don't have access to the update. Not to mention devices like the Omnia 7, HD7s, DVP (AT&T) and Focus v1.4 don't have the update yet.
  • That may be, but I also think the rate should be drastically better. Where does Zune desktop fetch the downloads from? If Microsoft can support 2.35 million IE9 downloads in 24 hours, why can't a couple million Zune installations download and install a Windows Phone update in 24 hours?Update: Source: http://windowsteamblog.com/ie/b/ie/archive/2011/03/16/2-3-million-downlo...
  • Might be more to do with the carriers? Also updating the phone is a loathsome process. If you roll it out in small increments it might be easier to curtail a problem should one arise. Imagine if you said "it's here, download it!" and after millions of downloads people started having major problems or bricked devices.I'm ok with small increments ... plus I forced my update anyway. :D
  • If the carriers are the problem, then Microsoft may want to rethink their update process. Some carriers (especially AT&T here in the U.S.) are known to have ridiculously long "testing" processes. Let them do their testing BEFORE announcing an update rather than having this convoluted update scheme. When two people with the exact same device plug in to get an update and one of them can't update because you want roll out your update in small increments, you've just created a bad user experience. That user is going to remember that when it comes time to buy a new device. You can't have a marketing campaign about your new update if everyone can't update. The average consumer doesn't care about your technical reason as to why they can't update, they just want the update. If Microsoft had a larger market share, this would be a huge issue.
  • Android is not the gold standard for updates. Any comparison to the Android update process is a rather dismal state of affairs.
  • 1. "android is not the gold standard for updates" 10 months vs 16 days is immense, no matter how you want to slice it. what you think its gonna stay at 30% forever? do you understand what growth it? do you think every wp7 user will plug their phone in daily to their computer? a lot of users will NEVER update their phone because they are fine with NoDo and dont care about updates, and are indifferent. thats fine, and itll be reflected in the numbers whether you like it or not. but unwilling update downloaders do not make all of the sudden make the platform update system "bad"
  • Still part of the Denominator. I must say, while the penetration rate for some devices is good, missing their announced target dates without any explanation is not a good performance. Lousy Customer Relations will undue any amount of good performance in a heartbeat. When will they learn!!!
  • what en cojos are u talking about? they didn't announce any date all they announced was fall and so far they are making it. calm down, don't have to be an imbecile about it.
  • The "Where's My Update" pages stated on Sept 27 that the HD7s et al were "in Scheduling", not "testing", "Scheduling", and that this takes 10 days or less.Do the math - they're late.Meanwhile MSoft is speeding up the rollout to all the other devices - something smells bad about this. Why are these Customers being delayed, then stonewalled, while everyone else is getting the "as fast as we can!" treatment.It looks to me like these devices were never actually "In Scheduling", but rather were still in Carrier testing, and AT&T is dragging their feet as usual. Possibly there is a real problem with these phones - pretty bad since the HD7s is the current flagship device for AT&T. I'm afraid one of these seems the most likely since all they have to do to satisfy the early adopters is make the Update available on the servers and let us "Force" the update early - a process they have officially endorsed for all the other phones.If MSoft/AT&T would simply tell us what the issue is, and when they hope to solve it, then the Customer's experiences would be much better. A bit disappointed perhaps, but at least not ignored and treated like Mushrooms.If WPhone is really going to be successful, they have got to stop their bad habits of treating customers like a captive market. IMHO Microsoft doesn't understand that much of the appeal of the other Phone OS's is that they are not associated with all the baggage of bad experience they have had with Microsoft. Remember WinME? Vista? I do, and the money I spent on those pieces of trash. Anyone have a big Fail in their past with Apple? Google? Have many of them like Microsoft has? No, so Microsoft has to treat the Customers BETTER than the Competition in order to establish some faith in themSo THAT is "what en cojos" I was referring to.
  • Keep in mind that some people just haven't tried to update their phone. Some might be running the Mango Beta with complete content, while some may be ignorant of Mango's existence completely. However, I don't think it is fair to compare WP7 upgrades to Android upgrades. The user base for WP7 is extremely smaller than that of Android.
  • The problem is that unless you have a Zune Pass or regularly transfer podcasts or music to your phone, you likely never connect it to your PC. You certainly don't have to. I imagine many Windows Phone users have never even installed the Zune software. That's a huge part of the problem.
  • Still waiting for my Nov. 2011 Focus to get Mango update....my anticipation excitement is waning unfortunately
  • I think a better comparison would be to iOS. The Windows Phone landscape is far less fragmented than Android's.Microsoft and the carriers need to think how the experience is going to look to Mom, not Mom's uber-techy geek-child. If MS & the carriers want to limit the potential nightmare of a problem discovered after mass distribution, why not release the update as is done now for a week. This autodistributes to some and any who do the forced update trick with Zune desktop. If no problems are found, open it up for automatic distribution for everyone else.In any case, a multi-weeks' long distribution process is TOO long.
  • This post seems very timely since Apple just released iOS 5 to ALL compapatible devices today. Google shouldn't be the standard we're targeting here. Apple has clearly set the bar here, delivering the update to millions of devices on day one. Microsoft should hang its head in shame...
  • WTF are you talking about? apple only has one OEM to deal with and that's apple, MS has to wait for the OEMS to provide the suitable firmware to handle mango as well. I don't think iOS5 is going to run like mango is on older devices. we don't need your attitude.
  • I call BS on your explanation. This is from the Official Windows Phone blog:"Within the first hours of making it available, we saw successful updates in every country, on every carrier, and for nearly every Windows Phone model."The Mango update was ready and available, Microsoft chose to roll the update out slowly. The goal *should* be 100% availability on day one. Again, Apple is setting the bar, Microsoft should strive to best them. How long did it take NoDo to reach AT&T customers again??And it's not like Microsoft hasn't tried to set a goal... When WP7 was originally announced they said they were going to control the upgrade process and everyone would receive updates at the same time. They set the bar for themselves, and they have failed to meet it yet.
  • UGH. If you want to do a fair comparison, then yes Google would be fair being that there are various OEMS with their hands in WP7 whereas there is ONE OEM/software for Apple. If you people are going to **** do it in the right toilet
  • They should take their cue on Zune. OEM's wouldn't matter any, as the update per OEM must be recognized by Zune anyway.
  • The guy replying to this is an idiot
  • Because Apple is the ONLY OEM of those products!!! just as stated above by me and a few others. CAN YOU READ!!!
  • However, all WP7 phones must use Zune, just as iOS must use iTunes. (That is, until the iOS5 update).I read English very well.
  • Sorry but I have to agree that this roll out is fail.Tired of waiting. Talk about OEM's all you want to. I bought Windows Phone 7 not Windows Phone Many OEM 7. Not my problem how MS created their environment. Pick one that works please.Take the Microsofty out of your mouth and wake up fanboys.btw...loyal Windows Phone customer for 3 phones now. Very longsuffering. I deserve to **** at this point.Just getting tired.Phone is HD7-s.
  • You could have chosen a different device. You picked one of the models that AT&T delayed the update for.
  • Nice! If they had announced that before they sold it to me, I might have balked.The bottom line is that if the Customers aren't happy, they won't stay with the platform, their Friends and Co-Workers will all hear about that, and WP7 will whither and possibly die.At which point it won't matter whether any of US think Microsoft was doing a good job, or a FAIL. They will have failed in the Marketplace and the WP Team will all be calling their old Pals at Palm asking them for a good strategy to look for another job.What you see going on here is what happens when an organization with a bad reputation for treating its customers badly, tries to emulate the Steve Jobs model of building up such expectations and excitement - does so successfully, but then fails to deliver it to the Customers in a timely manner.Once you get the reputation as a "Tech Tease", nobody will want to date you ;-)
  • OK, my comment was a perhaps a little harsh. But my point is that if you have been an AT&T WP7 customer, and are on your 3rd phone (already!), then surely you know AT&T's history of delaying updates. Frankly I'm surprised more phones on more carriers were not delayed, but I am glad the update has gone as well as it has so far.Yes, easy for me to say, since my HD7 (not HD7S) already has the update. But at the same time I do feel some of the pain, as I try to help friends who just bought the HD7S wait through the surprise that their brand new phone is Mango-less.Meanwhile, I'd sure like to know what "Scheduling" means, and why it takes up to two weeks.
  • Fair enough - and no offense taken. Frankly, I was surprised that AT&T was going to roll out the Update along with all the other Carriers, but for once they ave done so so that's a good improvement! Why just a few phones have been left out was never explained, but ok, just be honest and forthright and tell us what's going on. OK, they did so, but now they're both late and silent.MSoft should be all over this as it gives their platform a bad reputation - which can only hurt them.And like you, I'd like to know why "Scheduling" take 2 weeks, let alone the apparently indefinite time we're supposed to put up with. The only thing from I have from AT&T that gets 5 bars is my BS Meter!Cheers!
  • I am in the same boat!!! I am very tired of waiting for this update to fix a phone that should of had these features from the get go.... I am an impatient person and I think next phone will have to be iPhone so I can get updates faster...I dont need it the first day but waiting WEEKS is way too long!!!!!!!!
  • Right now I'm thinking the iPhone wouldn't have been such a bad choice. With Lion on desktop, iOS5 on iPad, I'm quickly becoming a serious fanboy.
  • Still waiting for my Samsung Focus to get an update. It is aggravating that they announce an update and weeks later no update. I have v.1.3 which was supposed to be released first. Must be some kind of problem with the Focus to delay it. As others have said these are features that should have been on the phone when it was shipped not a year later. I am certainly disillusioned about Windows Phone. Reminds me of Moto Window phone 6 that was never updated. All the hoopla and blah...