343 Industries says they are 'truly sorry' about Halo: The Master Chief Collection issues

The launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One this week has been marred with online matchmaking issues, as well as other problems. Today developer 343 Industries said they will be rolling out server-side updates to the game to help fix those issues, while at the same time stating they are "truly sorry and feel your frustration."

The matchmaking issues in the game even affected our own Twitch.tv "Let's Play" matches on Tuesday night as we were unable to play online as much as we would have liked. Today, 343 Industries said:

"A game as large as Halo: The Master Chief Collection has a massive surface area, and while we made every effort to have the best launch possible for our fans, issues surfaced with launch and we're committed to improving this as fast as possible and get you all into matches. We're committed to improving things as fast as possible so you can have the Halo experience you've been waiting for."

In addition to the server-side updates, 343 Industries will release another patch this weekend to fix some other problems, including one that is causing Xbox Live Achievements to not unlock in the game. How has your experience been with Halo: The Master Chief Collection so far?

Source: Halo Waypoint

John Callaham
  • Yay. * checks rating *. Nooooo
  • Hows my experience you ask? Single player - good
    Multiplayer - lolz what multiplayer?
  • I got into 1 multiplayer match and ended up with 2 jerks on the other team spawn camping so everyone on my eventually dropped.
  • My saves delete them self's in single player and sometimes get a black screen with unstable version multiplayer is not the only issue
  • Only playing the Combat Evolved campaign so far. As of now no issues! Trying multiplayer tonight...
  • Same, after I completed the first mission of Halo 1, I save and quit but the game didn't save.
  • I've played like 30 games now in two days. It's awesome,just have to wait around 1-5min to get to one. Campaign works so smoothly though
  • Just get it fixed and it's not an issue.  I'm too busy playing singleplayer to care.  I am going to suck at multiplayer until I get back into my groove!
  • That dusty old last two gens Halo groove. Time to get back in it!
  • Just started to play Xrebirth
  • Haven't picked this up yet. Looks like a good idea for now.
  • Can't play multiplayer... :-( Good luck 343! Hope it can be fixed soon... :-)
  • My friend and I spent two hours trying to connect to each other and got halfway through one campaign level before disconnecting. I think Xbox Live as a whole was having issues too so that didn't help
  • Sounds like they need to offer a free copy of Halo 5 for anyone who played the Master Chief Collection on Day 1... just an idea 343, feel free to run with it :D.
  • Nah I rather buy it, support them and hope for some more games and live actions. I would be content with a simple armor set.
  • SimCity-esque scandal anyone?
  • They better be sorry since everthing new is perfect on release date X_X
  • Just two words, driver club....
  • Everything new? I think Destiny is the only NEW multiplayer game I've purchased on Xbox One so far that hasn't had any issues. Maybe NFS Rivals too.
  • I wanna see a new need for speed underground with todays space the creation mode would be insane
  • Destiny has many issues with code names like caterpillar, beaver, etc. I've experienced many of them. I was playing a weekly nightfall strike solo and was at the verge of defeating the final boss when I encountered one of the dreaded Destiny issues, which caused me to lose my very difficult gaming session. I even encountered issues yesterday.
  • Haha, yeah, I saw that when I watched a little of the Twitch yesterday xD
  • I'll be happier when I get to play it again. For now the campaign is wonderful.
  • They should be truly sorry for the fact their playlist selection is horrible.  There's no Team Objective, Action Sack, or Grifball.  Those should have been Day 1 inclusions.  All that ever gets selected is BR or Regular Slayer which is just the worst Halo modes.
  • +One
  • I'm stuck trying to get the bandana skull on CE anniversary. Stupid grenade jump! Gonna try rocket launchers next.
  • We need an uncompromised system link mode
  • Humility is nice. There should be no excuse with such a reputable and highly visible franchise, but mistakes and issues do occur. Quality control seems to be an issue these days across all industries and products. What's up with that?
  • They didnt get us WP users to beta test before they rolled it out, like we usually do for ios and droid users. :)
  • What to do, I didn't won the Xbox one! :'( -_-
  • Tried to play coop campaign (is that how you spell that..?) in split screen mode but our crashed three times before finishing the first mission. The ability to resume from last checkpoint after crash is not working either.
  • What coop mode? :/
  • Co-op.
  • I noticed this happening with all of the early twitch streams leading up to launch. I haven't bought and downloaded it yet, but I will once they can get it all stabilized.
  • Glad I waited. I got too many other games to play before I dive into mcc. Hope they have all the bugs worked out by then.
  • What's the big thing about Halo?
  • Halo is the only game which has a better story than every book, movie or game.
  • Epicness that literally defined a generation. Defined Cortana, defined what people think of Xbox. Spawned books, mini series, live actions.
  • Technically the first book came out before Halo CE
  • Read our review to find out.
  • Played a coop campaign level yesterday with a friend, it was fast, furious and frantic. Those bloddy Elite's (especially the cloaked ones) were tough! But we prevailed and saved the day!
  • By the time my son and I get through the LASO campaign playlists, I'm sure it'll all be sorted.
  • I kind of figured this was going to have issues. That's why I wanted to wait a couple of months for them to work out the kinks. I did the same thing with the Xbox One when it was first released.
  • This reminds me of something. http://youtu.be/9u0EL_u4nvw
  • Good so far but haven't tried MP
  • Bring it out on the PC!!
  • Please yes.
  • Doing halo 1 legendary through to halo 4 so haven't really tried mp. Went on with a couple friends but couldn't find a match so we did custom
  • Wouldn't save correctly. Lost all of my progress in Halo 2 and had to restart the game from scratch! Grrrrrrr!
  • I wonder if the people at Bungie are having a laugh over this.
  • Well no as alot of the Bungie team who worked on Halo are now 343.
  • All five of them.
  • Loving this game, gald to hear the multiplayer issues are being fixed
  • For me halo is the saga, single player. Couldn't care less for the multi. For that i got destiny. Cannot wait to get back home and have the game waiting for me downloaded.
  • My boom skull preorder bonus wouldn't install. It just stays in the download queue with the status "Installation stopped". Retrying the installation doesn't change the situation. Has anyone else encountered this issue?
  • I'll see if they've fixed this stuff tonight.
  • Someday we'll play together! And don't forget to comment on our review, darn it.
  • Please understand.
  • I want my $ back
  • I have always been a PC gamer and tried to avoid FPS games on console. I feel like an idiot using the controller but really want to try Halo. Is the secret a lot of practice to be just average playing this way?
  • This is what happens when you don't give out a demo, how on earth can you fully test the system of its not a public beta? I am sure it was tested for multiplayer and I bet the few people that played it had a better time that those of use laying out our hard earned cash.... A nice discount on halo 5 digital copy would be a nice gesture because I will not be rushing out to buy a physical one. Campaign rocks, which is a good job really...
  • Today is Friday, 11/14/14, and I still can't get a multi play game, I just sit searching for a game sitting for 15 mins. Still no MP