Acer continues to be committed to Windows Phone 8

Don't hurt yourself to the rush, Acer

While Samsung, HTC and Nokia are all making headway to release Windows Phone 8 devices, Acer has announced (once again) that they are planning a Windows Phone 8 device.

Acer president Jim Wong announced the company will launch six new smartphones in 2013, five Android (opens in new tab) phones and one Windows Phone. According to Wong,

"One of the six models will be a Windows Phone 8 device and the rest will run on Android platforms, with high-end models to be built with Qualcomm's dual-core CPUs and entry-level models using chipset solutions from MediaTek."

We've heard from various sources over time that Acer remains committed to both Windows Phone and Android, offering options to consumers with different needs. Not sure if with one out of six new phones being a Windows Phone is offering options.

And even then, if one Acer Windows Phone sees the light of day it will remain an overseas model with the company focusing on markets in Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

While Acer continues to voice support for Windows Phone, with the company only producing one Windows Phone (the Allegro) it would be nice to see a little more from Acer on the Windows Phone front.  Or would it?

Source: Digitimes (opens in new tab) via: WindowsPhoneDaily (opens in new tab)

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • One! The android market is already flooded with so much crap. These companies are really failing to see the great opportunity WP offers. How about trying to differentiate your hardware with a great OS instead of following all the other sheep.
  • To say the least... at least ONE additional WP device option for us ^_^
  • Don't get excited, you'll only see it limited countries on low-budget carriers.
  • dont worry, i have my Lumia 900... ^_^
  • Acer is one of the only OEMs complaining about Windows 8 and their effort is lacking for Windows Phone 8 as well. It doesn't seem they are supporting much of Windows lately. I could care less, never found their products very enticing anyways.
  • I could care less for there phones running windows or Android. The window phone market is tougher to sell than Android so I could see why they don't want to take a risk on making phones for windows. I could see them only doing it to show there brand is there.
  • What brand? I personally have and will never buy an Acer laptop/desktop/phone Android or otherwise. This is one manufactuer that could go away and not be missed
  • And yet - the Acer Iconia Tab W500 can run Windows 8 like a charm, and thus many people bought it after the release of the Developer Preview. Why would Acer complain if they already profited on Windows 8?
  • They have to go highend or maybe make one for metro pcs,boost,virgin.... Do what Samsung do,make sure they cover the whole prepaid industry.
  • In other news, Acer, just like in the Windows PC realm, continues to be committed to half-hearted, half-baked Windows Phone ideas that fail to inspire users.
  • Seems like Acer is the Verizon of phone manufactures. Both only offer one WP Device. :'(
    & way too many android devices.
  • Weak only one seriously!:P
  • Better than none
  • If it's going to be a half-bake attempt, then one model is way too much! So why bother!
  • Wait until Apple nukes them. Acer has a place in the market. They really should stick with Android and leave WP8 to the pros. MS should discontinue its partnership with Acer all together.
  • ^1k
  • ^2k
  • This is one of the worst articles I've seen on Mobile Nations. How many manufacturers besides Microsoft's bride are committed to WP8? That's right...two. When ANY manufacturer comes into the Windows Phone family it should be welcomed. Especially by a site like this.
  • They make half ass phones/products. Do.not.want
  • Think hard on that birdman. You have Acer claiming to be committed to wp8 yet are coming out with 1 wp8 device (looking to be low-end and for select countries) and 5 android devices and the WP community should take this as a serious effort and congratulate them on it? The device will probably fail with the other OEMs releasing superior low-end devices and Acer will probably blame it on WP as opposed to their poor effort.
  • Am I wrong or LG is still missing.... ?
  • LG stated they where getting out of Windows Phone Business some time ago. Does not mean that they will make a return. Read the WpCentral Article
    Nice to See another OEM thinking about it, but, phone will most likely see more Sales Overseas then here in US. Up against HTC, Samsung, and Nokia..
  • Let Acer have its lover affair with Android. I wouldn't buy their phone even if someone paid me to. Acer won't be missed.
  • No one really cares.
  • I won't recommend/buy anything Acer makes (regardless of OS)...
  • Wonder why sony mobile refuses wp
  • As long as XBox Live is baked into the WP OS, Sony will not touch it because of their PSN, which are direct competitors and PSN is one of the few money makers for Sony.
  • Ugh...LAME! These BS companies think that one is enough, GIVE US HALF DORKMONKEYS!!! >=(
  • If we go by their Allegro WP7 device, this one model they're thinking of producing 2nd half of next year is going to be a low-end one. They can take that one model and shove it up their ass for all I care!
  • Low-end models gave android success. Don't you want windows phone to succeed?
  • Wasn't Acer the one telling Microsoft not to make tablets cause they weren't good at it? Maybe we should offer them similar advice :P
  • Acer=FAIL.
  • ONE phone is NOT a commitment. it's dabbling and maybe covering their ASS to keep on the good side of Microsoft. That is all. Committment would be 2 or more of the 6 phones.
  • Sure, I would like to see a true effort.  Willing to bet that one of their mid-range Androids would be rebranded to WP.  But it gives one more manufacturer with WP in a market where WP may be under served.  If there are Nokia's, HTC's, a Samsung, and a Acer in the same store with WP running on them, that gives a large set of choices and a great overall impression of WP for consumers in that region. Besides, if it is junk, it will make that sleek Samsung and kickin' Nokia's look that much better next to it!!
    On a side not:  Any rumors on Fujitisu offering a WP8 follow up to their really decent WP7's in Japan?  Haven't heard word one....