Acer Windows Phone

Don't hurt yourself to the rush, Acer

While Samsung, HTC and Nokia are all making headway to release Windows Phone 8 devices, Acer has announced (once again) that they are planning a Windows Phone 8 device.

Acer president Jim Wong announced the company will launch six new smartphones in 2013, five Android phones and one Windows Phone. According to Wong,

"One of the six models will be a Windows Phone 8 device and the rest will run on Android platforms, with high-end models to be built with Qualcomm's dual-core CPUs and entry-level models using chipset solutions from MediaTek."

We've heard from various sources over time that Acer remains committed to both Windows Phone and Android, offering options to consumers with different needs. Not sure if with one out of six new phones being a Windows Phone is offering options.

And even then, if one Acer Windows Phone sees the light of day it will remain an overseas model with the company focusing on markets in Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

While Acer continues to voice support for Windows Phone, with the company only producing one Windows Phone (the Allegro) it would be nice to see a little more from Acer on the Windows Phone front.  Or would it?

Source: Digitimes via: WindowsPhoneDaily