It's been rumored and speculated in the past that Acer was going to start playing with Windows Phone 7 and that looks to be confirmed now.

In an interview with Mobilized, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci detailed their plans and reasoning behind the move:

We saw a lot of limitations on Windows Phone a couple of years ago and we moved to Android because of user experience, and even the possibility to be a little more creative from a content offering and so forth is better than on the Windows phone. If we look at Windows Phone 7, today, I think we see the same opportunity you can see on Android in terms of customization.

That's it. No word on where they're at, carriers or what quarter we should expect their debut. Since Acer has had little luck in the U.S., we're skeptical we'll ever see it here. And did he say the same customization than Android? We wonder if Acer has seen WP7 yet.

Speaking of "A" names, we're curious if the folks at Asus have made their minds up yet?

Source: Mobilized; via MobileCrunch