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Acer still not committed to Windows Phone 7

Acer has been one of those on again/off again OEMs in regards to Windows Phone 7. They have a very strong  history with Microsoft, having released numerous Windows Mobile devices in the past and are one of their biggest OEMs for laptops and tablets.

We spoke with Acer's Dac Nguyen, Product Marketing Manger, Smart Handheld Business Group about Windows Phone and the prospects of Acer releasing some devices in the future. A few months ago, they spoke positively of the OS and there were even rumors that Acer had already been working on a phone.

From what we're told, Acer is still developing Windows Phone internally (they certainly didn't deny it), but as of yet have nothing to announce and seem still keen on Android (they released 11 Android phones in the last year). So like Asus, they're another OEM who is playing with the hardware and OS on an engineering level, but not officially developing any consumer product just yet.  We suppose once Windows Phone gain more momentum, they'll be ready to commit and bring devices to market quickly, but until then they're sitting on the side lines.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I honestly think OEMs are just waiting for the big Mango update or w/e, they're not ready to jump into WP7 quite yet and since they know updates, big ones are coming soon they're not going to put out a 1.0 device now and then lose future sales.It's quite simple really, OEMS want to sell new phones, if all the current WP7 devices will get the 7.1 or 7.5 (whatever the version ends up being) updates for free then there's less incentive for OEMs tell sell newer phones.They'll wait for 2nd half 2011 when all ore most of the updates are out and then do another batch of phones with WP8 which probably won't be given out for free to everyone, maybe for a small fee at best like what apple does with the iTouch updates.
  • I dont think thats it, android phones to an extent do get updates so there's no great difference with WP7 phones getting updates, that alone doesnt account for the seeming lack of interest as any phones they produce will be in the same position as well. I think the simple fact is they dont see a huge market yet and dont want to commit resources to producing a phone for a smaller market when those same resources could churn out another android phone and target a larger user base, especially when they are seen as second string behind the likes of Samsung and they need to maximise their investment. Acer and Asus would probably struggle, like LG as they wont be the first choice for users unless they produce stellar hardware, which is another area they probably feel WP7 is lacking and makes them less competitive, they only have a few areas where they can differentiate their devices so the draw just isnt there at the moment. If and when WP7 starts to count its users in the millions, has added hardware capabilities and the OS has added more functionality they will probably be more inclined to make a device.
  • This I agree with and is the impression we get from talking to them and other OEMs here--wait and see till WP7 nears critical mass.
  • This is why its so important to have Nokia commit to use WP7 as their primary OS, and hopefully they release at least 1 amazing device this year, hopefully around the 2nd update. Only thing I fear is between the first update and the second there wont be any real WP7 news which wont help drive sales that will attrace more OEM's. MS needs to step up the advertising, of current WP7 features and nearer to the update, the additional features coming. They cant repeat last year where after MWC all basically went silent till release.
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  • I didn't even know they make phones. They're usually known for making cheap laptops
  • They actually have a lot of phones and had them all on display here--but they're mostly in Asian markets. Their laptops aren't that cheap--in fact I write 90% of this site on one (Timeline 1410)--you'd have to pry this thing from my dead hands, freakin' love it.See their Iconia laptop, pretty interesting:
  • The problem is if the OEMs keep playing the "wait and see" game the platform will fail. If they're in they're in if they're out they're out but they need to get up and say one way or another. Most of the WP7 handsets out now range from ok to pretty good but none are flagship quality that you can stand next to a Droid or iPhone and get the same reaction from the public.