Alcatel's rumored Idol 4 Pro may ship with a VR headset in the box

The rumored upcoming Alcatel Idol 4 Pro may be the first Windows 10 Mobile handset to ship with a dedicated VR headset and content, according to a new report. Much like Alcatel did with its Android-powered Idol 4S, German blog claims that Alcatel could be planning to pack a headset in the box, which users could then slot the Idol 4 Pro into for viewing 360-degree content.

Going further, Alcatel already seems to be at work bringing VR content to the Windows Store as well. As noted in the report, Alcatel has uploaded an app called VRLauncher to the Windows Store that looks like an echo of the company's app of the same name on Android. The app would provide access to 360-degree content usable with the VR headset right out of the box.

The report notes that there are also various references to VR scattered about the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro's ROM, providing further evidence. However, it's unclear when we might get a chance to see all of this in action, as the Idol 4 Pro has been rumored for months and even pictured, but we have yet to see anything official. When and if it does arrive, rumors suggest the phone will at least be bound for T-Mobile in the U.S.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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