Alcatel's rumored Idol 4 Pro may ship with a VR headset in the box

The rumored upcoming Alcatel Idol 4 Pro may be the first Windows 10 Mobile handset to ship with a dedicated VR headset and content, according to a new report. Much like Alcatel did with its Android-powered Idol 4S, German blog claims that Alcatel could be planning to pack a headset in the box, which users could then slot the Idol 4 Pro into for viewing 360-degree content.

Going further, Alcatel already seems to be at work bringing VR content to the Windows Store as well. As noted in the report, Alcatel has uploaded an app called VRLauncher to the Windows Store (opens in new tab) that looks like an echo of the company's app of the same name on Android. The app would provide access to 360-degree content usable with the VR headset right out of the box.

The report notes that there are also various references to VR scattered about the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro's ROM, providing further evidence. However, it's unclear when we might get a chance to see all of this in action, as the Idol 4 Pro has been rumored for months and even pictured, but we have yet to see anything official. When and if it does arrive, rumors suggest the phone will at least be bound for T-Mobile in the U.S.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Bring it!
  • I'm beginning to think Microsoft is going to show this the hp elite x3 and another phone or 2 at the event in October since they don't have any phones of their own this year and are scrapping the Lumia brand
  • Given that their plan is to push and promote OEM phones, you're probably right :D
  • I hope so I would love to see it
  • Or they will show the rumored surface phone
  • Not until 2017.
  • It's possible they'll drop some hints about it, but it's highly unlike they'll do a "full reveal".
  • Yeah, Windows 10 RS (I don't know how many) upgrades (they've planned) should coordinate with the Surface Phone. After all, Surface Phone (dedicated) firmware features should be ready. That's a huge task ahead but highly potent. And this should go head to head with whatever flagships that would be released by the competitors at the time.
  • I agree, and I think they need to further refine the OS anyway - I'm on the latest production build and the ringer on my phone stopped working even when set to 10 - All other sounds like Groove, Notification Banners, even previewing ringtones in settings was all working still. Had to reboot the phone to get it ringing again, and that should never happen on a production build if we're honest. Still love my 950 and the OS, but if they are really going to go for it then get the RS2 features in.
  • I think even if they had a phone ready to go then it would be the wrong time to release it, especially with the idea that it's going to be business focussed. Give the HP Elite X3 time to get updated and give HP some breathing space to try and sell the product and the services that support it. If MS brought out a phone this year it would need to be consumer focussed to not step on the toes of the X3, and I don't think a consumer phone makes sense to them right now unfortunately.
  • If it doesn't show up then, I will consider it vaporware.
  • So far that's exactly what the Surface Phone is. It doesn't exist. And the question is "will it ever actually materialise?". Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cool! Now we will have some apps to demo VR content.
  • Is the VRLauncher only designed for the Alcatel phones. I cant download it on my 950 XL
  • Yes  waht can you expect from a OEM thing ?
  • Often these can become universal. I don't expect the Alcatel phone has any proprietary hardware that would stop the app from working on other Windows 10 mobile devices.
  • Is it actually in the store now? or is this for the launch?
  • Aesthetically this is the most exciting Windows Phone for me. I do hope Alcatel releases this device to other regions as well and not just limited to T-Mobile US
  • Yeah, it should be at least T-Mobile global :D I have a 535 from Telenor, and will shortly have a 950 or XL from Vodafone, but I'd much likely get this as a third phone from a third carrier, if it's price wouldn't be horribly high :D
  • Aesthetically? They didn't reveal the design yet did they?
  • did you try clicking on the links in the article?
  • Alcatel is going all in on Windows Phones. I love it! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft will be buying them this time next year :'-)
  • Now this is interesting! I wonder when it will be officially announced....
  • This better not be exclusive to T-Mobile. You want us to continue supporting your system while you regroup, then make the phones available and usable to all of us.
  • Any proper OEM's planning to go Windows?
  • No OEM gets any bigger than HP!!!
  • Botched launch of their first phone does not give too good first impression. Any proper OEM's that actually sell phones like top 5 coming onboard?
  • Apart from every single Android OEM, of course. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah Samsung NAILED it!
  • Nicely shaping up. HP Elite X3 for enterprise and Alcatel Idol 4 Pro for consumers for now.
  • Hopefully TMobile isnt the only carrier getting this phone!
  • This thing already got past the FCC I'm pretty sure this is the last thing they're waiting to finish and this is quite an unexpected yet welcome surprise. T-Mobile CEO hinted at new phones in September last month but I suppose this may run a little late.
  • I just want confirmed specs. Then be able to hold one in person, but not sure I can wait till after October...
  • This will be cool if they can get as much content on W10M as is available for Gear VR - But at the end of the day they should really open up their app to work with other phones running W10M because there's going to be a limited number of people that want to develop VR apps and content for a single phone running an OS with a small market share
  • Alcatel is a Tmobile brand. I started supporting them to show OEMS that were not all elitist Lumia only buyers.
  • Oh, I think you are. How much more elitist can you be than using the royal we
  • All these rumors about the Idol 4 Pro... lets have the announcement date!!!
  • Hope you don't have to get it with the headset. Probably will be pretty expensive with it. Either way I hope T-Mobile gets it.
  • Windows phones are still a thing?
  • Lol No. But shhh don't say that out loud around here... ;P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Noooooooooo, not just T-M0 go unlocked.